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Mrs. Malin, Red Cross Head, Resigns

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Mrs. Malin, Red Cross Head, Resigns
Had Served 10 Years; Fund Drive Goes Over Top, Officials Announce

Mrs. Merle T. Malin, executive Secretary of the Washtenaw County Red Cross chapter for the past 10 years, resigned yesterday.
The chapter’s board of directors accepted her resignation, effective July 1, with “extreme regret.”
Simultaneously, the board’s 1951 fund drive chairman, Joseph C. Hooper, revealed that this year’s campaign went over the top with a total of $59,455.80 in contributions recorded thus far. Several division chairmen, he said, are still turning in funds that will swell the amount “well over” the $59,380 county goal.
Acceptance Made
In connection with Mrs. Malin’s resignation, Red Cross Board Chairman Cecil O. Creal said, “The board accepts with extreme regret Mrs. Malin’s resignation as executive secretary of the Washtenaw county Red Cross chapter.
“Mrs. Malin, through her work, has built up the county chapter to one of the most effective chapters in the entire state and all members of the board feel it was a pleasure to work with her. We regard her resignation as a community loss as well as a Red Cross loss.”
Creal pointed out that she took on the Job in May, 1941, at a time when the country’s war efforts and volunteer services were just beginning with a nucleus of the production corps and motor corps under the chairmanship of Mrs. Frederick A. Coller.
Growth Noted
From the beginning, he added, the volunteer services have spread over nine separate fields. In addition, he said, Mrs. Malin set up a branch office in Ypsilanti which now offers complete range of services.
Mrs. Malin became executive secretary of the chapter in 1941, the same year that she received a master’s degree in social work from the University of Michigan.
Mrs. Malin said today that she plans a vacation after July 1. Thereafter, her plans are “indefinite.” She has two sons, now students at the University, and a daughter in Ann Arbor High School.
Hooper today reported that the city of Ann Arbor topped its $37,650 drive quota by $370, with additional contributions still due to come in.
Hits 90 Per Cent
The city of Ypsilanti, however, has met only 90 per cent of its $11,350 target.
All branch city and village divisions made their quotas. Among them (goals in parentheses) are: Chelsea, $1,693 ($1,350); Manchester, $1,113.75 ($950); Saline, $1,019.41 ($950); Milan, $1,350 ($1,350); and Dexter, $1,048.65 ($950).
Of the rural areas, only Willow Village, under the leadership of Mrs. Jacques DeLaurier, completed the drive successfully. Mrs. DeLaurier, however, made up for the rest of her division. She turned in 322 per cent of her quota, or $820.93.
Others Listed
Others in that division and their totals are:
Townships, $4,449.79 ($4,700); Pittsfield Village, $345.63 ($425); Ypsilanti State Hospital, $200 ($250); and East Ann Arbor $141.71 ($200).
In Ann Arbor, the following divisions made their quotas:
Industry, $6,125.95 ($5,000); residential, $7,779.84 ($6,600); University students, $1,131.56 ($1,000); University Hospital, $1,508.38 ($1,350); utilities, $1,465.11 ($1,250); and clubs and organizations, $750.50 ($600).
Other Ann Arbor divisions, and the percentages achieved are:
Advance gifts, $5,697 (91 per cent); business, $6,044.57 (90 per cent); University faculty, $4,354.01; tuitions, $801.50 (91 per cent); and bank booths, $540.20 (77 per cent).

[caption] After 10 years as executive secretary of the Washtenaw County Red Cross chapter, Mrs. Merle T. Malin resigned yesterday. The resignation effective July 1, was accepted with “extreme regret.”