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To all our readers, we come this week, wilh the compHments of the season, and greet them respeclively with our cordia wishes fojr a Happy New Year. Wouldthat wecould also wish to our beloved Country, a happy New Year, with the hope thatshe wouldbe prospered in all her undertaking! But can wc do it 1 Can we wish her success in the prosecution of a war of aggression nnd conqusst not surpassed in injustice and wrong by any in modern hïstory ? True, we expect our country will be victonous in the field of batile. She can muster into service, if need be, an army asgreat as that with which the conqueror of Europe mnrched to Moscow. Shñ can supply illimifable qunntities of the munitions of war and the implemetits of destruction, and she can find multitudes as brave and as skilful to use them as can be found on the globe. We expoct that on the whole, she will be successful in her warfare upon Mexico. A fetble and pooi nation cannot long cope equally in war wilh one that is strongand weahhy : and it is the great law of nature, that whena contest takes place betvveen the strong and the weak, the formershould ultimntely overeóme the latter. Shoulc General Taylor and all his army be cut offby th Mexicans, an army twice or thrice its numbers and power would doubtless replace the one destroyed. Our country has the power to conquer and to hold a lnrge part of the Mexican territory, and if we may judge from the declarations of the Government, it will be done. One year from this time will probably seo an orea of nearly a million of square miles added to our national domains. Our country, so far as contests with foreign nations is concerned, is unconquerable. But she has foes within her bosom, which may destroy her liberlies, while her manufactures, commerce, population, wealth, and limits, are vnslly augmenting. The Slave Pov.-er. has hitherto grown vüh our growth, and as it has now supreme and unresisted control of the government, we may well suppose that the recent acquisilions of terrilory will be used, as far as possible, for the manufacture of new Slave Sta'.es. In this altempt, there seems to us every reason to believe that it will be succesful. So far as we may jude of the future from the past or the present, we must conclude thai in a set controversy between Slavery and Liberty, the Norih will bo vanquish ed. Once before- on the Missouri ques tioii- the whole North took n noblstand. She atood firm through two sessions of Congress : and it was only by the untirir.g effortsof Mr. Clay, applied privately to individual members, man by man, that she-was overeóme. is there any more virtue or firmness in our northern politicians than there was then ? But our correspondent on the first page hopes well for our country from the influence of the principie of Justice; and he says that its prevalence in the British Nation in a great mensure cffected the abolition of Slavery in all the British dominions. Granted : yet the same "principie of Jus'ice " did not hinder that nation from rejoicing in the horrid butchery of the Sihks and Chinese. The nation, through all its churches, gave thanks to the God of Heavcn for the successof its abominable wickedjiess. The principie of Justice existed ; but its appïicalion by the Brilish peple was partial. So it is in this country. Our fellow citizens are not devoid of a sense of Justice in its application to the6elves or their interests :but in reference to the colored man. or the Mexican, it seems to be scarcely ftlt So like inconsistent childrcn are the masses of'nationsthroughoutthe wovld. But while we thus ex peet thai the Slavï Poweb, for some time to ome,will do whatsoeverit lists, and none shall j „ be able at present to stay ita hand, we have the most undoubting fnith in its nal and complete overthrow. It can be . done by the Free States : bnt we fear ley will not unitedly and successfully ttempt it they are kicked intoaj1 tate of degradütion niuch lowcr than that vhich they now occupy. The overthrow of the Slave Power vill also come through the action of Liberty men. There are now nearly Eighty Thousand of them ; and their intcgrity and firmnes för the past year argue favorably ior their cnergy in time to come olitical opposition to Slavory, in our opinión, will never cease while the curse exisls in our country ; and the Liberty Men will constitute a nueleus, invulnerable in itself, around wliich other antislavery influences will be arraycd, till the whole army shall march on to victory. Readers! Let each of us determine, that whatever else wc; may do or leave undone, through the coming year we will preserve our antislavery consistency and integrity, and give our best exertions to the main pointe of antislavery efibrt - No Slave Laws, and No Slaveholders for Office !05= We lcarn that Mr. Alverson, the Clairvoyant, is delivering a lengthy coursc of lectures to a class in this village. We liave ai tended only on a single occasion. The lectures are delivered by him in the magnetie state, and embrace the history of the universe, going back to the time when the "Gieat PositiveMind" existed alone, and coming down through the creation, flood, &c , to the present oge. Mr. Alverson gives improved versions of parts of scripturo, relates circumstanccs not recorded by the sacred writers, gives the history of the ten lost tribes of Israel, since they were carried into captivily : describes the person of Clirist, size of the timber composing the cross, and explains what passages are figurativo, and what describe faets. He also tells what part of man is morlal, and what is immortal, ar.d describas the staie of the dead, and of the soul in ils pre-exislent state. In short, his field of knowledge seems to be bounded only by the universa. We understand thnt these lectures wil] be published in a few weeks in pamphlet forro; We will not prejude them bofore the time, but f we find any thing in the work worthy of notice, we will apprize our readers as soon as t arffears. It is obvious that a work of this descripiion, purpnriing io supersede by a single glnnce of the mind, the labors of the most learned astronomers, geologist, metaphysicians and commentators, must embrace the most important truihs, or be one most astoundir.g humbug !fl0 By the report of the Sectetary of e War, we leavn that the military force of the United States has been augmented t from 7,640 to 30,000 men. The regular f army under the law of the lnst session, , wlen filled up would amountto 19,998 E officers and men ; but does not novv f exceed 10,300, and nn increase is reconv l mended. Estimated appropriations for ( brtifications for next year 8495,690. - f The number of pension agencies is 44, exclusive of pensions. Number of pensioners, 20,000. The number oflndians removed west of the Mississippi since the last report is 3,434. - Free Press. The report of the Secretary of the Navy gives an account of the doings of the various squadrons during the year, and states that the cstimates of the department are based on the employment of 10.000 seamen in the service ; and the department recommends an increase of the rank and file in the marine corps and the number of warrant officers. Authority is asked to build four sea steamers, to be employed in connection with our squadt rons abroad. The practicability of ihe ' Dry Doek in New York is not doubted, - and the work is urged on the favorable - notice of Congress. A dock at Pensaï cola is also recommended, and other im- provements to increase the efficiency of the yard at that place. - Frce Press.{Lp In our ndvcrtising columns will be found the prospectus of the " Gem o{ Science," work devoted to Phrenology, Magnetism, Physiology, and the developments of Mind generalty. The topics of which it treats are of ihe most inieresting character to the curious ás well as the thinking. It is the only publication of ihe kind that we know of in the West, and has been recently enlarged and improved in its appearance. (Lƒ= Burriü's Christinn Citizen comes to us every week with "lois" of signaturas to the anti-war Pledge. The la-t numher contaïns 139 names from Portsmouth alone, sx being clergymen. Ober!in sends about 200, besids a large number from oiher places. At the present rntc of progrcssion, his nrmy of Pence men and women will soon rival Father Mathews army of Tetotallcrs. ÖThe vote for the candidatos for Senators in this district stood : Lathrop, 3,889: Hawkins, 3,415: Crane, 3,224 : Davis, 3604 : Dentón, 3,978 : Allen, 3,923: Treadwell 665: Lansing 661: Kenny 665 : catierlng, 28.