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Report Of The Secretary Of The Treasury, And Expenses Of The War

Report Of The Secretary Of The Treasury, And Expenses Of The War image
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We learn f rom this report, that the rcceipts for the ycar onding June 30, 1846, we re From Custotns $26, 712,667 87 From sales of Public Londs, 2,694,452' 48 From miscellaneous sources, 92,126 71 Total rcceipts, 829,499,217 06 Add balance in the Treasury lst July, 1845, 7,65S,306 22 Total, $37,157,553 28 The expenuitures during tho same fiscal year amounted to a sum of 23,031, 111 20 Lenving a balance in the Treasury on the lst July, 1346, of 69,126,439 08 The Treasury estimates the receipts for the year which will end June 30, 1847. j From Customs, 27,835,731 00 From sales of Public Lands 3,400,000 00 From the sources, 100,000 00 Frm Treasury Notes and Loan, 10,000,000 00 To i-hich add balance in the Treasury, . 9,126,439 08Tota!, 850,462,170 08 He estimates the expenditures during Lhe same time, at $55,24 1,2 12 09 of which there is ?o be pnid for the Army and Navy. 28.858,209 24. So much for war to July next! Í-Ie estimates the receipts for the yeur from June 30, 1847, lo June 30, 1848, at $32,000,000, and the expendieres during the same time, at 845,781,784 51, of which thero is to be pnid to the Army and Navy, $33,307,271 09. Almost Thirty-three and a half millions of dollars ! It vill be seen iha'tthe governmeni do not expect this war will be ended fcry soon. From whence is the money lo be derived to pay all these vast sums í The Secretary recommends thelevy of a duiy of25 per cent on Tea and Coflee, and also a loan of Nineteen Millioos of dollars ! - On every dollars worth thenofTeaand CofTee which the" Farmer or Mechanic buys, he mu.t pay a tax of 25 cents, to enable our troops to kill Mexican men and Avomen, and olso saddle his children with an untold arnount of debt ; for wh can to 1 1 when this war will end, or ou expenditures f money to carry t on 1 And what benefit will our children deriv from this waste of money 1 No road o canal is made by it toyielda revenue o furnish market facilitas. There are som who point to large accessions of Ter ritory which we shall gain. But wha benefit will that be to ml They wil never help pay the debt. The Southern public lands never have yet paid th expense of taking care of, survey and se ingthem, and these newly acquirèd land neverwil! do itand extinguish the India tiile. - Truc Dcmocrat.(t53 We have rcceivid the first numbfir of the Western Pioneer, or Ilerald of Truth. It is published at Litehfield, Hillsdale County, monthly at 50 cents n year in, by Z. J. Brown. It is devoted to the advocacy of the Botanie practico oí' Medicine. {L" We have received a catalogue of the " Teachers lnstiiute of Jackson Uounty." ït is said tobe the first Asscciation of the kind in 't h State.