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namii ine valué ot new discoveries, or the expt. diency of adopting ihem in praciice. Is it no to the legal profession that we look for refjrm i jurisprudence, neither da we find :he advocate of medical reform among physicinn. Eac deprecatcs whaterpr ii Jound ta nnorate uporeceived opiuniuns &. eátaMislicd usages. HeHcc the opposition wbich medre il men too ofien exhibit to the' usa. of private remedies, wlmtever iheir ncknowledged vnlue. or great efïiciuncy in ihe cure of disease. No medicine has ever done more for ihe relief of human sufTering (han Dr. Osgood's india Cholagocue. The cor:ointy wlffi which it cures Fever and Agoe, nnd eradientps hile from the system, is ncknnwletlgrd ly all. - Do you preíer a specdy nnd iff ciual care. to n einar nnd scientific run of disenso ? Try il,e Chohgogue, nnd the object ia nccomplistied.- Then teil yur suiTering nsighhor whut it has one for you, ihat it may do thesnmo for him.