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Baldwin's Universal Pronouncing Gazetteer

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A cufsory notice of ihis Work watt gi ven ín our nper of the 25ih oí April last. A ddibtratu and irelul examirmiion enablea us. al tlie presen i me, 10 epeak more purticulaily und deciutdly ol s inerio. We have rarely been called upon to expresa our udgment of a wuik whrch deservcs, iu uur opin on, sironger and more utiq lahík"! conímeudaon than thc one now before us. The want of' a ;nndard of geographicul pronunciaüon.. whiefa hould bo entiüed to tbe confidence ol ine'cqíununiíy. by ilsbcing faünded on Ugitimuú auhorilij, un'l ly it cniirt uccurneu, lias bten long ná deeply li-lt by tveiy cliiss ót readers, and. ■pecially, by teachers. This want wo regard us now e.i'cclunlly suppüed. According to the pian of the work, tiie vadee pronunciation of ñames, in lorrijn countríes, ís gven. ns nearly as tlns cm be done, by ineuris ol English letters, exct-pt m tbe case of well kno.wn pl.-icea, as Paris, Xhj.Ls, Lrons. Mexico, &.C., wbidl npjear to have a fixed En'jfltsh pronunciation. For a ful! explana ion ot the plan ot the í'konouncing Gazkttekr, we would icler tiie reader o ihe Prcuce and Inlroiluction, wbich will richly repuy a perusl. ana will b füúnd tull ot enterininiuent untl insirucnon to every one who is inierested in sul.jecis of this kind. AU oui readers, who huve been n danger of having their órgano cf seecli dislocated dy euch Mexican namef s Gtihua&utt, Gúadzlazttfa or GundaUíjura, Oxtca ..r Üajacu, xi be yranfiid to leain tlut the coireií ronu:iciation ol iliese ñames is quite easy ; it is only the icrovg pronunciation wbich is difikult. At tfio sauuvine, the brief tiposnion of the sounds of Spanish Jelters. contninedin ihe íntroduction, exijlamíi the diversity ni ppeliin wlnch we ofton see- X nnúij, in Spams.'i, haVtng preciseJy'tbe sime sound - tí and 'have almust ihe same s-ound. Hency wo li-ive Cordoca or Córdoba. Jalisco 01 Xilisco. The reader wiil fi id tho lijst name, witli those of ihe. other l'rovmces or States, under the head oí Mexico. Uhile upon ihe sul.ject of Mexicon ñames, we may temar!; that Monte rey, oí recent fame, is not to be pronounced MriUeie, ns we often hear il, nor Mon-ter-ree. but Mon Ur-ruy, wiiu the principal accem on tiie lfist syllnblr. Another very important feniurs in tlns work is, tliat tt alone, of uil the gazetieeia or works on geogrnphy with which we are acquain:ed. give ihe adjeciive and npptllation of thc ínhabnani. derived fio.n the ñames of places Wiih innnj of these every one is familiar, as Ncapolilan froiii Nuplt?, Algeiine Irotn Algcs; but there are Oihers about which he best mforined persont might be at a loss. Few of our readers, probabiy, coüld tell whut nn iniiabitant of Aleppo sliotild be called, or of Viennn. The furmer, s he wil lenrn from this work, is nn Alrypiuc. (pronounced 41 ep peen.) the laífer a Vicnncsc. The authors of tne l' G a.kttkek'' Knve, vtry propeily. given these appellanves, only, when théy are sanciioned by the usage of the mos; corred wriies or spenkrrs. Thc Prorouncing Gakktteeu is, necessarilj-, of limited dimensions. so that its price may no e.xclucJe i from our common schools; vet "ii con;ains." to use the words of Professor Hnn. in a 8mall cmpass, a large amount of iniportnnt geographical and statistical inforrnation, accurate in its chnricter, judiciously selecied. and K-ell arranged." The " Gazettker," s necompanied bj n colorcd mnp. cxhibhing. at one view. all the Cannls nnü Railronds in the United States, wiih relerenc-js to a table giving their ñames, length, &c. &c. In conclusión, we would cordially recommcnd Mus work to all who are desirous of prononn cing sirange iiiim's cnrrectly, or of possessinc the most recent satisiica ol ioreign countries. As for thf! teacher, we connot perceive how hr cui poísibly do without such a book. ifhe woulH avoid ihe reproach of beinji behind tlie nqe in which he livea. The Pnnsovsayc. Gw.r.Trr.r.n is ft ongly recommended by Prof. H.rr. Principal of ihe PbHntJélphia Hih Sr-hoyl, Frof. AsTHoií.of New York. Mr. R-.n-pam.. late .S.ipcr intendent of School in the fe'tate of New York, Mr. Mathícw, Superiniendent of Pubüc Instniction in Michigan, ihe Nortk Aíekican Rkview. ihe Prikcetow Revikw, &c. &c- Drt-oit Adverthcr. The PfutffonvciNo Gazetteer may be ohfnined nt C. .Morse's líookstore, Detroit, and Mr. Perry's Ann Arbor.