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_- - - -Safes ;.---33. rPiIF. píoceámg figuro is 'givcn to rrprc.aer. itic Insensible l'erspiration. It is ihu ro.i cvaeu ilion tor ilic iinpuruies of üio body. lt will I)C nuticcd thatathick cloudy njfcTt issues fröm all quiñis of ilic Surface, wliicii indicatcs tliai t'ns pergpiration ilows unimerruptedly when wc 1 ëre ili heotth. büt ecases wlien wc are sick. Li'e c:innt ho suïi.iincil without it. Il is tiirown "il ffóm ilio b!.)od and othcr j;iicos of the body. hj.1 i :sn)i Ijv th is iiic.-i.iM. ol'nearly all the im1 püritiéa wiiiiiit nts. The bloqd. by this tncnns on!y, works itsoll pure. The lang unge of Scrip ture is, '-i the Blood ia :he Lile." II it ever lleco mes impuro, it inay bc traeed rJirccLly t the siopp-age óf ilie Inscn&iMo l'erspirntion. Itnover requirca auy interna) medicines to clcanyt it, as il nlways piirifiès itsèlf hy its own heat niidactiDii. :iii,l tliiowa ofl' a'l ihc öffending luwnors. ihroujli ilio Insensible l'erspiration. Tlius we sAe al! thai is nccessary wlïfcn tlie blood is stagnunt. or iniectcd. is to open the pores, andit relieves iiselt front uil impuriiy inslantly. lis own heat and viialitvaro miliicicnt, without encparnclc of rncdii;ino, exeept to open the pores upoii the surface. Th. is we s.o the loíly oí taking so mnph internat remedies. All praoiitioncrs, huwocr, ilirtct tlitür cÜ'iio lo restore ihc Insensible porspírntion, büt it :;wi,is lo bc not alway&the proper n The Thornpsoniah. Tor instancc stcams. the I Jydropr.tlust shrouds nsin wet blankets, tho IJoinopatli stdeulsout infinilissimalp, the . ; I . i . ui) st bleeds and doses us with ii)crcury,and the Iiliistcriii5 Quocli gorgeö us with pilla, pijjs, )lll.H. Td givc sonu' iden ol tlicamnunt of the Inscnsiblè-rerapirjiiiorr, t will Btnlethot thu loarned Dr. Hiwchböckj mui tiie great Boerhaave. aisccrtaincil that iivc-ci!rlt:iii( all we rcceivi; into the stomaeh. passed ofl hy this ineans. In othcr wdnJsj f w-e eat and drink eiglit pounds [cr dny. we evnctlato fivfl jiouiidsof it by the Insensible Pcrspirhtipn. This is none oïlicr than tlie upcd up particles if the blood, ami othti jujees givinppluec tothe ow ond lrch ones. To check this, thercfore, Í8 (o rct:iiu ii: the syteni fiv-eiqhths of all the vinilent niaucrthat nature demanda ahouldlcavc the huily. And even when this is the case, the I.IjoJ is óf so active a principie, that it detcrminct! t'iose particlca tothe ski i, where thcy lorni scabs, pimples, ulcers. and other spots. fjy a svidden tnmsition ironi heat to cold. the porca are stoppciJ, the perspiration ceasos, and (lisoase hegiha at once tu develóle itsclf. IJence. n stoppne oi this ilow of the juices, originales so maiiy eompiniuts. It is by stopping the poree, iiat ovorwhelme mankind wiih coughs, colds, and oousumptions. Nine-tonihs of the world die irom diseasoa iniluccM by a stoppagc oi tho Ivbcnsible Perspi ra tion. Itib casily scen, thercfore, how nccc&sary is the How of this subtle humor to ihe surface. to preserve hcalth. It cannot bc lopped; it cannot be even chcekcd, without inducing disease. Let me usk now, every cundid niitid. whai course scems the most rcasotmble to pursue. to unaton thn pores, after thcy are closcd? VVould you givo pliysic to unstop the pores? Or would you apply soincthing that would do this upon the surface, whcre the clogging actually is? Would not this bc coinmon scnsc? And yet I know of no physician who niakca any external application to clFct it. The reason I assign ïé, that no medicino within thcir knowledge. is capablc of doing it. Undcr these circumstanccs, I presont to physicians, and to all others.. a preparation that hns tliis power in its fullcst oxtent. It is McAL SfER'-S ALL HÉAÜNG ÜJNTMENT, orthc WORLD 'S SALVE! It has power to restore pcrsptr;ition on the feet, on the liead, around old sores, upon the chest, in short, upon aoy art oí the body, whethcr discased ulightly or sevcrely. It has power to cause all cxtcr.ial sores, ecroful ons hu mors. skin discaFCfl, poisonous wounds, to discharge thcir pytr.d matter, and then hcals theni. It is a remcdy that sweepa off tlie wholc catalogue of cutancous disorders, and restorc3 the entire eutiele to itshealtliy (iinctioiis. It is a reincdy that forbids the neecssity of so mnny and dclctcrious drugs taken into the stoniach. It is a remcdy that ncither sickens. giyes inconvcnlciice. or is dangcrous to the intcsiincs. It preserves and defends the anrfaco froin all derangement of its Innctions, while it kecps open the chanticls for the blood to void all its impurities and dispose of all its uselcss particlcs. The surace is tho outlct of iive-ci..hths of. the bile and used up matter within. It is pierced wirh millions ol opénirigs to relieve the intcs,;:tjs. Stop u these pores, and death knocks al your door. It is rfghtfy tcrnied All-IIcaling. tor iherc is scarccly a diseaac, external or iniernal, that it will not bcuefit. 1 have uscd il for he last fourtcon years, for all discases of tlie chest, eonsiunpUoii. liver, involving the utmost danger and responsibility, and 1 declare before Hoavun and iuan, that not in onc single case has it failcd to benefit, when the patiënt was within the rcach of mortal mcana. 1 have had physicians, learned in the profecsion; 1 have had ministers of the Gospel, Judges on the Bench, Aldermen and Lawyers, gen tlcüien of the highesterudiiion and multitudes of the poor, use it in cvery varicty of way, and ihérc hribbcen but onc voicc, one united, univorsalyoicefiayirig, "McAlistcr, your Ointment is good!" CONSUiimON. It eau hailly bc cteditcd that a salve can have (iny cflbct iip'Ui the lungs, catcd as thcy aie within the syetem. Bat we say once for all, that this Ointment will rcach the lungs quickcr than any medicine that can be givcn internally. Thus. il plucod upon the chest, it penctrates dircctly to tho liingo, sepárales the poisonous particlcs that are consuming them, and cxpcls them from the syHtcni. I nced aal say that il is curing persons of ConsUnYpfion co!iiiiiually; although wc are told it is IdoliBJincss. I care not what is said, so long a6 I can cure fiOvcrul thoiisaiid pereons ycarly. 11KAI AC1IK. This Salve hascured personsof the Ilcad Ache ol 12 years standing, and who had it rcgularly uvery weck, so that vomiting often took place. Dcnfneaa and Ear Achc are hclped with the liko sucecps. as nlso Aguo in the Face. COLD FEKT. Córiöirmption, Livcr complain:, pains in the i-hcsi oi Pide, fallng ofthehair, onc orthc othcr alwnyeaccompanies cold fect. It is a sure eign of' disrasc in the systcm to have cold feet. The Salve will restore the Insensible Pcr6piration and ilnis cure every caec. In Scrofula, Erysipcla3 and Salt Rheum, and oihcrdisenscsof this nature, no internal remedy has yct been discovcred that is so good. The name may bc said of BronchitiB, Quincy, Sorc Throat, Piles, Spina! Discases, Broken or Sore Brcast. &c. And as for the Chest Diseasce, surh ns Asthma, Pain, Opiircssion nnd the likc, it is the most wonderful antidote in the World. Fnr Livcr Ccmplaint it iscqually efilcacious: for Burns it has not haa its cqtial in the World; nlso, Kxcrescncc8 of every kind, suchas Warts, l'iimors. Pimples, &c, it .niakes clean woWol them all. SORF KYK8. The inflammation and discasc alwaya licsback or the hall ol the cyc in the socket. Henee the virtuc oí any medicine must rcach the scat of he inflavnation or it will do littlc good. The Salvo, if rubbcd on the temples, will penétrate dircctly into the socket. The pores will boopcncd, a proper perspiration will bc created and the liscase will soon pass off to the surface. PIMTLKb ON TUK FACE', FKECKI.ES, TAN, MASCUMNK SKIN, tKOSS SUKKACE. lts ft re t action to cxocl himor. Jt wilH cense drrivnng üll iJic ('ace ih tree (rom ony uuur tluit muy bo 1 ■ I : ■. c 1 1 unilor tnfl skin any ctjuciiily breaking uut to tho smiace. lt liten c tls. When theru ia nothing but grossness, or uil repuluve surfaee, it begins to eolicn aml jl'tcn uutil thc skin becomes asamootli and i'cliate as a cliild'c it throws n freshnesa nnd lüshrng color upon tho now white, trnnsnnrcnt Tui. that is pcrtoctly ciichanting. Sonic times n case of Kreckles it wiil first siart uut tliose i:u have lain bidden and secn butseldom. Pur iki the o. ilvc and all wijl soon disnppenr. ' WÜliMS, Ifpnrents knew litv fatal most medicines were o childrcri taken inwardly, t hoy w'öuld bc blow o resort to tliem. Especïnlly 'niercuriiil lozende," called "mediented lozenges," pilla, fcc. ['Ik: trutli is, un one can u-ll, invóriably, wlicn vonii8 aro present. New Iet Fhcscy toparentu. hat this Snlve will alwaya teil il" a child hap worins. It will drive evcry vcstige of theni away. This is a simple and s;ile cure. 'í'hcrc is probably no medicino on the face of heearih at once so surenud so safe in the exmisión of wornis. lt would bc cruel, nay wiekcd, to givc interna!, doubiful medicines, so tongas a harmlcsb, exiernal uno could be liad. TOII.KT. Althoush I have sntd littlc nhout i1. Ofl a Inir rastorative, yet I will stake it against the Woild! They mny bring Oils lar and ncar, anl mino will rcsloro tb: hnir two chaf& to theirone. oi.u sokks. Muin me mo.v;. uur.tts, K'CC. That sonic Sorna aro r.n ontlrt to lfi impuriticj of the systcifi, is becnuse tlicy cannot pqss oti' through thc naiual elimínela ol" tho Inscnsililc Per?piration. If such 9ores are licalcd up, thc impurttios must hnve somc other outlct, or it will endanger Ufe. This is I be reason wliy it ih impolitic to use thc common Salve of ihe da in such cuses. For thcy hnve no power to opet oiher nvonues, to lot off thi niorbid mntler, anc ihe conspqucnccs are alwnys fatal. This Salve will always próvido, for such cmergencies. MSKAr.S IK CHM.UUKiN. How many thousanda are ofi ly giving intcrnnl medicines, whon thcir young bodict and tender frames are unablc to bear up agains thcni? Whole arniies aro tinte sent to their graves inercly trom pouiing into thcir wcak slobiüphs powerful drugs ond pliysics! Jt a to such iliat ihe AlI-IIcahng Ointnicnt tenders so safe, pjoasant, and harnilcss a cure Such can ses as Croup. Cholic. Cholera ínfantum Wonns. and all Slimmer Complainis.. by whiel so many children die, the Oinimont will rcitiovc so speedily and snreJy, ihat a physician will never be needed. Mothers! tluoughou nll this land. we now solemnly and sacrcdly de claro to you ihnt ihe Ail-llealing Oiniincnt wil save your children from an oarly grave i I yoi will use it. Wc are not now actuated by tht least desire to gain; but knowingas wc do tlia liodies of infinita nnd children die early which is 8uppo8ed to bn inevitable and impossi ble to prevent, we hold up our warning voicc and declare in tho lace ol the whole worid, CHILDREN NEED iOT DIE MORr THAN OTIJLRSÜ But it is from the want cf propor noiiri.shmen and lbo constant drug'ging thcy utuierco whiel mows Oicm down as ihe runk groBB fallsbefor the scythc. Motil era! we ropeat agnin. and if thcy wer tho last vVoida wo were ever to ulier, and o courae past the rónch o all interest, we woulc say, ''usethe All-Ucaling Ointnicnt for sickncarnong children." KIILUMATISM. It removes nlniost immodiately thc inflama lion nnd swclling, when the pain ol cours ccaüca. FE VERS. fn enses of fever, the difficüJïy !C8 in th porc8 being lockecl up, eo that the hat and per spiraíion cnnnot pass off. If (he loaat moistur could be started, thc crisis ia passed and th danger over. The All-IJealing Ointment wil in all cnsew of fevers almost iustantly unluck ih skin and bring forth the perspiration. FKMALE COMPLAtKTS. Inflaination of the kidncys, of the wornb, anc itsfalling down, wcakness, and irrepnlnrity; i short, nll those diffícultics which are frequen with females, find rcady nnd permanent relie Wo have liad nged ladios tcll us thcy could no Uve six montlis without it. I3ut to fcnialcsabot to become mothers, if used for somc wecke ante cedont to tlicir confmeniont. very fcw ofthos pains and convulsions whicíi nttend (lem at tlia period will be fclt. Thisfact otiglu to be know ihe world over. SCAM) HF.AD. Wc hnve oured case? that octually defled eve rything known, as wcll as tho ability of íiftee or twenty doctors. One man told us he lint spent $500 on his children without any benefit when a few boxea of tht Ointment cured thcm COKN3. . Pcople need nover be troubled wiih ihem i thcy wilt uso it. Ás n KAMILY MEDICINE, no man ca mensure its valué; So long as thc 6tnrs ro along over tho Heávcna - so long ns rnnn ireac thc carth, subject to all the infirmiiies of th f]e8h - so íong as dipease and sickncss is know - just so íong will ihis Ointment be used anc esteemed. When man ceases from ofitheearth then thcdcniand will cense, ond not till then. l'o allay all apprehensions on account of it ingredients. in possessing such powerful proper tics, we will state ihnt it is composed of some o the most common and harmless herbs in exist ence There is no mcrcury in it, asean be cc from ihe fnet that tdoes notinjure thc skinon partióle, while it will pnss through and physi ihe bow'cls. JAMES McALISTER & CO. 1G8 South etrcet, N. York. Solé proprictor of tho above Medicine, t whom all Communications musí be nddrcsscc (postpaid). rricc'5cent8and 50 cents. [] As thc All-IIealing Ointnicnt hns been great Iy couutcrfcited, we hnve gi'ícn ihis caution t the public, thiii "no Ointment will be genuinc unlcss ihe ñames of Jamos McAlistcr, or Jame McAlistcrtfc Co.. are wriuen with n pen upo evory label." The label is a stcel engraving with thc figuro oí "Insensible Perspiration" o thc face. Now wc hereby offer a rcward of $500. to 1 pnid on conviction, in nny of thc constilutec courts of thc United States, of any individua countcrfí'itin" our nnme and Ointment. MAYNARD'S, Ann Arbor, Wholesale A genis; Smith & Tyrell. Clinton: Ketchuni .V. Smith, Tccumseh: D. C. Whitwood, Dextci [I.t Bower, Manchesicr; John Owen & Co. Dcroit; Harman &- Cook, Brooklyn. Doc. 18, 1845. 211- Iy On Ha ii el Agnin ! THE Subscriber would rcspcctfully noiify the public, that he is loentod once inore in the villngc of Ann Arbor, nnd is prcpared to nccomniodato the community with n choice nnd well ecleeted nssortment of NSW GOODS, con88tíng of Dkv Goons, GuocEim.s, IlAnnvfAHK, UOois am) Shoks, &c. &c. which he will sel I for READY PAY as chcni as thc same quality of Goods can be liad nt on other store in towji. Persons who wish to make purchosesfor Cosh, at Cash Priccs, will do wcll to cali before ptirchasing clsewlierc. By keeping tho first quality of anieles, by peiling at smalt proíits, and by a fair nnd honorable coursc in business, he expeets to nicril a liberal aliare of public paironnge. Most kinds of COUNTRY PRODUCE wül bo taken in pnyment for Cïoods. ÖZf Don'tforgcl the. phtcc, - on the East Sidc of Mnin streot, a f?w doors souih ol the Public Square, in thcsnmc Ptore wilh C. Bliss, Jcwcler. M. WHEELER. Anu Arbor. Nov. 24, 18J6. 2ü2-tf FIRE AND.DISSOLUTiON. NOTICE is hereby given lliat the Copnrtnership hcrctolorc cxisling between thc Subcribors, is this dny dissolved by piútuol con sent. All pereons indobtcd to said firm, are rcquested to cali forthwith and settle, ns our loss jy fire renders it neccssnry that immcdiaio pnyment should lie made. The nccounta are left with Sabin Fe'ch. ot thc old stand. SABíN FELCH, KMANUEL MANN. Ann Atbor, Nov. 14, 1846. N. B. S. Felch will continue in tho Boot, Shoc, & Lcnther Business, as usual, where he ïopes that nll his old patrous, nnd the public cenerally will favor hiin with their patronage. 23l-3m SABIN FELCH.