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Copper Mining -The miningests of Lnkc Superior are said to be improving in profit. About 1200 miners will be employee! during the winter, and the number will be much increased in the spring. In New Jersey, too, there is somethingdoing in copper. TheTrenton News says that the copper mines of Flemmington in Hunterdon county, are cèrtain to be mines of weahh to the possessors; that over 30 tons of the richest ore have been mined in three days.An exchango paper eays thal {: the Catholic population n the United States has increased from 600,000 in 1845, to 2,000,000 in 1846."' Yes, and if the plunder of Mexico be accomplished, the Calholic population will be increased to tkn mÏllions ; and yet Protestant Ministers who bawled so loudly against Catholic ascendency, pray for God's blessing on our butchering army. - Spirit of Liberty. The New York Tribune states that the entire expenditure of our governrnent, during Ihe 56 years of its existence, has been a little under one thousand miïïion of dollars, of which seven hundred mili2071$ have been paid directly for the cost of war. A strong admonhion this to the preservation of peace.