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Debate On Slavery

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A debate, on Slavcry in Maryland, was opened before the Murray Institute, intheSession room of the UniversalLt Church, Cal ver stroef, on Wednesday evening, to be continued next week. - The qucstion is a home one, viz : " Woul'l the Abolition of Slavery promote the weahh nnd prosperity of Maryland ?" - The discussion was opened by John C. Holland, in the afilrmativo, which was further susiained by J. E. Snodgrass, who spoke by request oftho President of the associntion. The negalive was opened by William McBriety, supportcd by Dr. Porter. The question has taken a prctty fair start and promises to do good. - By its very lerms, it luckily shuts out the usual cry of " noiihern interferenco," nnd factsand nrguments wijl have to be given,instead of uuworlhy and silly taunts nnd jeers. We sha 11 report progresa, as this interesting discussion continúes, as it nó doubt wijl lor several weeks, for there seeras to be a lively and growing interest feit in it, by the audience, as well as the members of the Institute. - Ballimore Visiter. ÖC We have received the first number of the "Long Lake Observek, " publislied at Long Lake, Genesee county, weékiyi by W. II. H. Briggs, nt $2,00 ayear. It appears to be neutral in politics. The editorials of the number befere us seem to indicate quite an aspiring, spiritcd disposition in the Editor. Jn fact, the whole village must be a model of enterprise and industry. for this paper assures us that " the day is not lar distant when we shall be far - veryfar ahead of the village of Flint in ihis county." Every man seems to be atwork also : for we are told ihat " Pane of the sledge is pounding out ïhe iroo :" "Mr. Whittmore, wagon maker, works late and early : " Mr. Dean, shomaker, is driving up the pegs": Mr. Kelly, cooper, is.using up the staves and hoops at no small ratp," &o. Surely, somebody ought to thunder in the ears of the Flint people the stirring exhortation of' the Arch-Apostate to the rebel angels, - 41 Awake ! Arise ! or be foreveh fal'cn !"