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Wreck Of The Somers

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The U. S. Brig Somers, crúising off the harbor of Vera Cruz, was wrecked and sunk on the 8th inst. She was in pursuit of a vcssel, and in turning to avoid running on to the reefs, che was thrownon her beam ends, and sunk in hnlf an hour. Eighty-one persons were on board, of whom only 44 were saved. These lives were nll lost in conspquence of the war, as much as though the individuals had fallen in battle.UT The National Era, it appears, is to be owned by a Committee in New York. ThisCcmmiltee have appointed agentsin different states to solicit subscriptions in nid of ibe three-iold plan in contemplation. First, The establishment and support of ihe paper. Second, The publication of a series of Books and Tracis, to be stereotyped and sold at moderate prices, and third, The appointment and support of an Agent in each of the free States to lecture and aid the abolitionists in the states and the Executive Committee in promoting the grent cause. Canvassers are also appointed to obtain subscriptions to the paper, which is to be commenced on the first of January - price, two dollars per annum, payable in ad vanee.ttT5 The electioa of a U. S. Senator for six years will shorlly toke place. - The situation s one the greatest irnportence, as a single Senator often has it in lis power todefeat or carry ihrough important measures of legislation. Wo suppose it is setiled that a " Democrit " is to represent the State, and Barry, Ranson and Felch have been nam ed. We surmisethat the incumbent will be a proslavery man, of course : but we really hope that tha party in power will select as decent a man as possible, in point of moráis nnd character. We want no more of the Chipman tribe to represent our State at Washington. ff" we have received a copy of a pamphlet.purporling to an "exposition of Hazlitt's translation of Guizott's History of Civilization." We have not had time to examine it. #f= All the papers are crying out in ad va nee for a short session of the Legislature. It is very doubtful, however, whether tliey will be gratified.