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How TO Cough - We presume no one is peculiarly anxious to learn how to cough, but those already nfflicted will be glad (o Jearn how to do so wiih the least trouble and pain. A writer in the New York Sun says, it is injurióos to cough leaning forward, as it serves to compress the lungs and makes the irritation greater. Persons prone to the complaint should keep the neck straight and throw out the chest. By these means the lungs expand and the windpipe is kept free and clear. There is an art in evrry thing, and the nrt of coughing is perhaps as important in its way as any other. A COMPLICATION OP DlSOKDKRS Of whnt disorder did your father die ? asked one friend of another after having exchanged the common salutations of meeting. Of a complication of disorders he replied. Why, said he, how do you describe this complication ? " He died, answered the other, of two physican8, an apothecary, and a surgeon !" That motion is out of order,' os ho chairman of a political meeting said when . a rowdy raised his arm to throw an , eBS,Cure for the Toothache. - Take a piece of zinc about the size of o fourpence half penny, and a piece of silver - say a quarterof a dollar, place them together, and hold them between and contiguous to the defective tooth - in a few minutes the pain will be gor.e as if by mngic. The zinc and silver acting as a galvanic baltery, will produce on the nerves of the looth sufficient electricity to establish a current, and conseqently relieve pain. Warm and Cool. - At the late Lord Mayor's dinner in London, amongst other good things on the bill of fare, 46 dishes of brandy cherries are enumerated amongst thearticles of the desert. This was probably meant asan offset to the 350 dishes of ice cream placed upon the table at the same moment.A cataract has been discovered on the riverSt. Louis, where it falls into the western extremity of Lake Superior, which has never been described by any geographer. It is said to be second only to Niágara. The volume of wnter is verygreat, and the perpendicular of the fall one hundred and fifty feet. In France they have no old maids. - Every lady beyond the certain age, adojits by courtesy the title of Madnm, and passes for a widow. There is an admirable delicacy in this custom, worthy to be imitated in our land. The Cambridge Telescope, consfructed at Munich, hasarrived at New York. The amountof duty on the object glass alone would have been under the new tariiT $3000 to 4000. It is stated that the friends of the fugitive slave, Frederick Douglass, now in England, has raised the sum of 8750, which has been brought to this country in the Acndia, to be sent to his formei master, that he may not be forcibly taken back to bondage. Every human body contains two hundred and forty bones. There appear to have been .no improvements in this machine since its inveniion. The farms of Belgium rarely exceed five acres; and yet by the excellency of their culture, they support a family comfortably.The secret of comfort and success in life is contained in three letters - b b z. Causes of Failure in Business. - An excellent wriier in Hunt's Magazine enumeratesthe following causes of failure among business men : 1. The leading cause is an ambition to be rich, by grasping too much it defeats itself. 2. Another cause is aversión to labor. 3. The third cause is an impatient desireto enjoy the luxuries of life before the right to them has been acquired in any way. 4. Another cause arisesfrom the want of some deeper principie for distinguishing between right and wrong, than a reference merely to what js established as honorable in the society in which one happens to live. ExTRAORDINARY DlSCOVERlES AT NlNevah. - Mr. Leyard, an English gentleman, has for the last 12 months been pursuing the track- first laid open by M. Botta - at Nimrod, noar Mosul, and the Tigris. His excavations have not only settledthe precise position of Ninaveh - the very existence of which had become little better than a vague historie dream - but have brought to ljght some of its buildings, sculptures and inscriptions.Love Sometiiixo. - That man alone s happy who has sometliingto love, truly, sincerely. ]f he has. no wife nor children, like Covvper, e may beattached to adumb creafure - a bird ora dog. James Montgomery has lived for years with no other companion than a cat - Our attachments are strong- and we are so constituted that our affections are drawn out upon something. A favorite tree or flower- or devotion to some particular service, may yield us exquisite pleasure. Few men who have some object to love, turn out to be depraved or wretched. They who have nothingto love are often outcast from society, and die miserable at last. Mr. Webster is an extraordinary man. not only intellectually but physically.- He uses no glasses, and tibs a pen a readily as he did at 30.- Phil. Nort American. Didn't he use glasses at the dinner ? When the whigs gave him a great dinner here, which Deacon Grant countenanced by his attendance, 2200 boitles of wine were drunk, and Daniel and his friends used their glasses pretty efTectualIy. - Boston Post. Accounts from the Red Sea announced hat the cholera was making ravages long the coast. At Medina the deaths imour.ted to 300 per day, and at Gedda o 25. Four cases had manitested themelves at Suez, which however, had not roved fatal. It is said that bleeding a partially blind torse at the nose will restore him to ight. So much for the horse. Toopen . man's eyes, you must bleed him in the ocket.The Wind-Wagon.- We learn frorr the Independence Expositor, that Mr Thomas, who has been at work on a wind wagon, has got the machine completed and has given it such a trial as to make its successcerfain. He ran up and down across the plains, found that he could overeóme a steep with gentle ascent without difficulty, and thnt the mole-hills, so numerous on ihe plains, were no bar to his progress. The con-truction of the wagon is very simple. It is a frame made of plank, well braced, and placed edgewise on four axíe-trees- four wheels to each side - these wheels to be 12 feet or more in diameter, and one foot broad - the fonvard axles, which can be turned ust as the forward axle of any wagon with a tongue, by their movement turns the course of the whole concern. Two tongues are joined ngether forward of the wagon, and by ropes coming to the wheel, similar to the pilot wheel of a steamboat - the wagon is steered by a pilot. The sails are like the sails and rigging of a ship ; each wagon carries its own supply of sail - underneath, a fuot or so from the deck of each wagon, the cast iron boxes, dec, will be suspended as ballast. M r. Thomas expects to convey freigl.t and passengers, nnd will now engage and bind himself to tnke freight to Bent's Fort, or to Santa Fe, in a reasonable time, at $6 per hundred pounds. He is to have a depot at Bent's Fort, and thence across the otherside of the Arkansas he will run a car within six miles of Santa Fe. A gentleman, who rode on the wagon, say., that with only one sail and a light breeze, it went at the late of i eight miles an hour. Properly rgged, its speed will be about twenty miles an hour.- Si. Louis Repubhcan.The Albany papers say that never before has there been stich immense receipts by the canal as at this time. On Monday, the Atlas says, there was entered as arrived, 32,000 bbls. of flour, 24,000 bushels of wheat, 395,000 lbs. of cheese, and 230,000 lbs. of butler, which are the largest amounts of those respective articles ever received in one dny. A Second Sarah. - A woman sevenly years of age, residing in Kushkeneng, Wisconsin Territory, lately presented her husband with three fine children, two boys and a girl. They had had no children for twenty years previous. A methodist and a quaker having stopped at a public house, agreed to sleep in the same bed. The methodist knelt down, prayed fervently, and confessed a long catalogue of s:ns. After h e rose, the quaker observed, " Really, friend, if thou art as bad as thou sayest thou art, I dare not sleep with thee." The Government has advertised for 10,000 army blankets, 160,000 yards of Cantón flannel,286,000 yards of unblenched cotton, 150,000 yards of shirting, 2000 uniform dragoon caps, 8000 engineer, artiïlery and infantry caps, 180,000 pairs oflaced bootees, 10,000 dozens woolen stockings.LOOK HEREÜ EOSTOUT CASH STORH: No. 2 Exclwngr. Building, Ome Door South vj the Ezchansre Hotel. Vvpsr Toicn A-NN ARBOR, MWH. NlL22i & 5 D 23 S JürST 'ecived ond op"' fr wie Clirap forCash being ONE OF ifie best osaortmenu o DRY GüüDS ever before offered 111 this Mnrket-5 uch as- BROADCLOTHS, CARSIMFRE1' satinas. PRINT. sniRTjNG And ei, ,SA!FriVG' VESTINGS. PLAIDS, SHAWLS, A LARGE ASSORTMKiNT, &c. and almosl cvery tliing n the Dry Goods line, loo numerous to mention- nll ol which are of the lutest and most Fnshwnabls Stylts. The public nre invited to cal! nnd examine thts STOCK OF GOODS, anrt to jóqge far themselves. Goods will be shown at al! times, ond every atteniun pnid to thosc who visit the Boston Cash Store. Don't forget the number. io. 2, Fxchange Building, Upper Town, Boston Cash ötore. MAJS, M'DOWELL. CO. Ann Arbor, Janunry, 1Ö-I7. 2üS-tf READIT BIADS CLOTHIiTíí HALLOCK & RAYMOND, TTAVEnow on hand, just mnnufaclured under J.X tlitirown instruction. ni tlltir veil knuwn CLOTHING EMPORIUM, corner of J fferson and Woodward avenues UKTRorr, one of the largest nnd most completo af9ortnieni8 of Rcmly Jffade Clothing ;ver befare oHered in ïhia Stnte. which thcy are jparedl o ie the rrry Lw st Cash priel' lor _i hese Cash times. Cali and ee M Detroit, Jan. 5, 18 7. v9?-tfCORN, RYE fe WHEAT. 1ïfANTKD by the subscribers, 10,000 j , llUi!llcl8 ' CV- 10.000 hushels of Rve and 10 00, uf Whenr, ddvd . h Steam Mili, for wliidi Cash wtll be mid a a?G'LLS' LAm' & FiSilER. Ann Arbor, 4, lij-17. 2J8-f Strnight and iwistcd link Traco " U.ilter 7T1ENHY W. WELI FS Ann Arbor. J,n. 10, J47. o f y Couerel Kcycd Vices ' f the BAnv,íe f0Und " U'C Iron St . HENRV W. WELLES Ann Arbar, Jan 10,1847. &L fy