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TUIE prcceding tigurc is given to represen ihe Insènsïbfe l'erspiration. It is ihe gré.i vacüwian lor the iinpuruies of the body. Jt will ie nóticeil tliat a Lhick cïu'udy mist tsues from ill poinis of the surfuoe, which indícales tliat ns HTspiraiion ilowa uninierruptedly wlien we re in ho.ilili. hut ceases wlien wc are sick. Li'e innoi be süatained without t. lt is thrown ofl COUJ the blood and otlier juices of the body. nd disposes hy this means, of ucarly all the inikunties witlii us. Th o bloöd, by this means nly, works itscll pure. The languagc of Scrip ure is. ilin the Blood is :lic Life." Il' it ever ïeconies impute, it rn'e'y bc traced directly to the toppage of the J nsensible lVrspiration. lt never equires any imcrnal medicines to cluanse it. as t alw.iys purifico itself by lts on heat andacion. ond throws olV a". ihc oll'ending hnmors. liroiih tlie Insensible Perspir.nioii. Tlius'we ee all that is necessary wlien the blood is etagjant, or nfeeied, is to open the pores, and il ieieves iteelf trom cll impurity instantly. Itsown mat nnd vilalitv are anflieietit, without onc-pariclc of medicino, e.xcept io open the pore upon hesurface. Th. is wc sce ihe folly ot taking èó nneh internal remedies. All praciiiioñers, how. ver, direct their cffrts to restore the Insensible erppiration, bnt it seefiis lo be not always the roper ono. The Thompsonian, lor instunce teams, the Hydropaihist ehroudfl "s in wet blankïè, the Homopaih si deals out infiniti:simnl?, the Mjoparbiet bleeds and doses us with iiiercury,and he blustering Quack gorges us w;ih piile, pills: pilla. To give somoidea of thenmnunt of thelnsen ible Petspiration, we will staiethat thu learned )r. Lewenhock. and tiie gieat Boerhnave. ascerained that five-eighthsof all we receivc into the tornach, passed oll by this In other vords, if we eat and drink eight pounds per day. ve evacúate live pounda of il by the Insensible erspiration. This ia none othcr than the used up particles of the blood) and other jmee?. giuing place to the new and fre'sh ones. To check this. thercforc, s to retain in the system fiv-eighihs of all the irulent niatier (hat nature demuiids should leavu he body. Andeven wheil this is tho case, the iljod is of so active a principie, that il delernines t' ose particles to the skh, wlicre thcy orni scabs. pimples, ulcere, and other spots. By a sudde.'i inmsition ironi heat to cold. the jores are stopped, the perspiiation ceases, and liácase begins at once to develope iiself. Henee, a stoppnge of this flow of the juices, originales so many eompia'mts. It is by stopping the pores, that overwiielms mankind with cougLs. colds, und oonsumptions. ine-lenths of the woi ld die frorn diseisesjnlueed by a sioppnge ot tho Insensible Perspira ion. It is casily seen. therefore, how necessary is hc flow of this subtle humor to the surface, to jreserve health. It cannot be stopped; it canïot beeven checked, without inducing disease. Let me ask now, cvery candid mind, what course seerns the most reasonablc to pursVe. to unslop the pores, alter they are closcd? Would 'ou give physic tonnstop tnc pores? Or would mu opply something that would do this upon the surfuce, where the clogging aciunlly is? Would lot ihis be common sense? And yctlknowol 10 physician who makes any external application to eiïcii it. The reason l as3ign is, that no medicine within their knowledgc. is capable of doing t. (Jnder these circumstances, I prcs?nt to physicians, and to all othors, a preparation that las this power in its fullest extern. It is Mc ALSTER' S AU. HEALiNG OINTMENT, or-the WORLD' S SALVE! li has power to restore persptration on the feet, on the head, around old sores, upon ihe chesl, in short, upon any part ol the body, whether dtseased tlightly or severely. It has power to cause all external seres, scrofulous humurs, skin diseases. poisonous wounds. to diseliargo their putr.d matter, and then lu als them. lt is a remedy that sweepj off the wholc catalogue ofcutancous disorflersarid restores the entire cuticle to itshealthy functions. It is a remedy that forbids the neecssity of so many and deleterious drugs taken into the stotnacli. It is a remedy that neither sickens, givcs inconvenience. or is dangerous to the intes'ines. It preserves and defends the turface from all derangement of its lunet ons, while it kerps open the channels for the blood to void all its imnurities and dispose of all its useless particles The snrfacé is ihe outlet of tive-eihths of the bile and used up matter within. lt is piereer svv h millions ol openings to relieve the intes.;ies. Stop up these pores, and death knock: at yonr door. It is rightly tenncd AU-lfcaling lor there is scarcely a disease, external or inter nal, thalit will not beuefit. 1 have used il fo the last fourteun years, for all diseases of thi chèst, consumption. liver, involving the utmos danger and responsibility. and I declare befon Heaven and man, ihat not in one single case hui it failed to benefit, when ihe patiënt was vi:hii the reach of mprtal means. l have had physicians. learncd in the profession; 1 have had minisicrs of the Gospel, Judgesoii the Uench. Aldermen and Lawyers. gen tlemen of the highesterudiiion and multitudes o the poor. use it in every variety of viy, am thcre has been but one voice, onc unitcd, univer sal voice, eaying, "McAlister, your Ointmcnt i goodl" COKSUMPTIQN. It can hardly bc credited that. a salve enn hav any effect upon the lungs. ?eated as thcy ar v.iihin the system. Dal w; say once for all, Uia this Ointmcnt will reach the lungs quicker thai any medicine that can be given internally. Thus if placed upon the chest, it penctrates directly t ths ItingP. sepárales the poisonous particles tha are conauming them, and expela them from th system. . I necd not eay that it is curingpersonsorCon sumption contitiuaüy, nlthongh we are told it i loolishness. I care not whal is said, so long a [ can cure scveral thousand persons yearly. 1IEAD AC11K. This Salve has cured persons of the IJead Ach ot 12 ycars standing, and who had it legularl every week, so that voT.iting took place. Deafness and Ear Acho are helped with th likc success. as also A:ue in the Face. COLD KEET. CoHsumption. Liver complaint, pains in th chest orside, falling of the hair. oneortheothe always nccompanies cold fect. lt is a sure sigi aï disease in the sysicm to have cold feet. The Salve will restore the Insensible Perspi ration and thus cure every cafe. In Scrofula, Erysipelas und Salt Rheum, an other diseases of this nature, no imernal lemcd has yet been discovercd that is so good. Th saine may be said of Bronchitis, Qnincy, Sor Throat, Piles, Spinal Diseases, Broken or Sor Breast, &c. ' And as for the Chest Diseases, such os Asth ma, Pain. Oppression and (he like, it istheinos wonderfnl antidote in the AVorld. Fr LiverCcmplaint it ;s cquaMy efTicacious fjr Bi:rns it has not has imequa! ín the World ilso, Kxcreoences of every kind. sm-has Warts Tumors. Pimples, &c, it makes clean work o them all. SORE EYES. The inflammation and disease always liesbacl of the ball of the eye in the socket. Henee thi virttie of ony medicine niust reach thn sent o the inflamation or it will do liltlc pood. Tb( Salve, if rubbed on the temples, will penetrnti directly into thesockrt. The pores will boopened, a proper perspirotion will becreated and th diseasc will snon pnss offto the suriace. o.v tuk face, frkckles, tan, mascuLINK SKIN, CROSS SURF4.CE. ItsfirBtnction to exoel hmor. ., It wilji cease draving till ilio luce ib Irec from ony T laaer thai niay be lodged under the skin nny JE cqueinly bicuUmg out to the sürface. ltthcn e. ils. Wlitn diere is nolhine Uut grossness, or uil repulsive surfnee, it b'egins to solten anti uiten uoül ihcekiu bicornes assmooth and t'eliue as a child's. Jt throws a fteaüneès.and lushing color upon the now white, t ra n spare nt kin. that is pèrlëctly enchanting. Sorne tfmee n case of Freek I en it wiil lir&t start oui tliose lint have lain huiden and seen butscldüni. Puruu the Salve and all wilt soon disappear. wou ms. Ifparents knew how.faial most medicines were jn ü uhildrcn taken iiiwnrdly, they would be blow 0 resort to thoui. Eppecially "mercurial oj ji'9." cilied "niedicuted lozenges." pilla, &c. j, l'lie truth iti. no one can teil, invariably, when .vorms are present. Now lei rnè soy toparents. 's hut tilia Salve wil! alvviys teil tí a chiid ha ü_ ivorms. Tt wil! drive evcry vcstige of ihem 8' way. This is a simple and salo cure. Thero is prob:ibly no medicino on the face of h theéarih at once so sute and o sufe in the c )ulsion of worius. !l h would be cruel, nay wicked. to give si nal. (Joubtful medicines, so long as a harniless, exiernal one could be iiail. f oi Li i-. y Alihouch I have Snid tiltle nbout it as a hnir C rsstoiaiive, yet 1 will 6ta!e it against the World! They m;iy bring their Oih Inr and neur, and '' riiinë will restore the h'air two cases to ihcirone. OI.Ü SOItKS, MORTIKICMION.S. ULCKKS. KTC. a That some Sores nro an outlet to ihe impuri' tie? of the, is becnusc they ennnot pasa P üfl' through the natirnl channols of the Insensi" blo Perspimtion. It such sores are healed tip, ' ihe impurities must have somo other out!ct. or it r wi!l endnnger life. This is the roason why it is iinpotitic to use the comnion Salve oí the duy l in such cuses. For they have no power to open 6 other avenues, to let oh" ihi morbid runtier1, and s ihe consequences are always fatal. TIiíh Salve r will always próvido for such emergencies. DISKASLS 01" CHII.IIK}, ITow mnny thousands are swept off hy giving medicines, wh;n thrir yoïihgbodies ( ,md tender frames are unablo to bcar up gainst ilinui? Wholü, afilies are tlius sent to tlwir ' graves merely lirorti pouring into their weak" i stomachs powerfu! drugs ond physics! Il such that the All-flealm Ojntment tenders so safe, pleasant. und harmlcss a cuie Such can siís as Croup. Ciiolicj Cholera infantum. Worms, and all Sumrncr omplaints. by which so many children die, the Ointmcnt will move sospeedily and surcly, that a physician will never be needed. Mothers! throughout . ;ll this land. we now solemnly and sacrtdly clare to you the All-Hcaling Oinunent will sive your children from nn early grave if you , will use it. We are not now aciuated by the , least desire to ain; hut knowing as wc do lliat vnst bodies of inlants and children die early; whióh is suppostid to bc inevitable and impossible to prevent, we hold up our warning voice, and (tccliire injhefiice of thewhole world. CI11LDREN NEED N6T DIE MORE TUAN OTJIERSÜ But it is from the want ef proper nourisrrnent and tlie constant drugging tliey undergo wbicli inowa .hem down as ihe rank grass lalls before the scythe. Motlicrs! we repeat agnin. nnd if they were the last wonis we were ever to utter, and ot courïe past tho reach óf all interest, we would say, "use the All-llealing Ointinent for sickness among children." HHF.UM TISM. It removes almost immediately the inflnmation and swclling, when the pain of course ceaea. k e v r Ra . r In cases of fever, the difficulty lies in the pores heing löcked up. so that the haat and perspiration cannot pass olí. Il the least moisturc could be etarted, the crisis ia passed ami thr danger over. The All-Healing Ointment will in all cases of fevers nlmost nstantly unlock the skin and bring forth the perspiration. FKMAI.K CUMPI.AIM5. Inflamation of the kidneys, of the womb, and hsfalling down. weakness, and irregulnrity; in short.' uil those dirticulties which are frequent with feniales, find rcady and permanent relief. Vn have had aged ladies teil us they could not live six months without it. Uut to femnlcs ahout tobccome mothers. if used forsomc weeks antecedent to their confinement. very few ofthosc pains and convuisions whicri attend them at thot leriod will be feit. Thisfact ouht to beknown the world over. SCAf-D HF.VD. We have cured cases that actually defied evorything knovn;as well as the ability of fiftcen 1 or twenty doctors. One man told us he hnd spent$500 on his children without any bonctlt, when a few boxes of the Ointment cured them. co u ns. Pcopl need never be troubled with ihern if they will uso it. Ás a FAMILY MF.DTCINE. no man can meaaure its value: So long us the stars roll along over the Hes vene - so long as man treads thoenrth, étibject to all the infirmitics of the flcsh - po long as disease and sickness is known - just so long will tluR Ointment be used and osteemed. When man ceases from offiheearth, then ihe iemand wiilceasc, and nol lili then. To allay all apprehensions on account of its ingrediente; in poHsessinprPMcli powerfulproper ties, we willstaic that it is composed of some ol ilie most common and harniless herhsin existencc There is no mercury in it, as can be leen ■ from the fací that itdoea notinjure the skin one I partiële, while it will pass thioiiL'h and physic - thebowels. JAMF.S JVIcAl.ISTER & CO. 1G8 South etreet, N. York. Sole proprielor of tho above Medicine, to whom all Communications must he addresscd r (post paid). Price "5 contsand 50 cents. KTCAUTION-xi] 1 As the All-llealing Ointment has been great' ly counteri'eited, we have g;vcn this caution to ? thopublie, that "no Ointinent will be genuine 1 unless the names of James ivícAIister. or James MoAlisier & Co., nre written with a pen upon ' evory label." The label is a steel engraving. " with the figure of "Insensible Perspiration" on the face. Now we hereby offer a rewardof $5U0, to be i paid on conviction, in any of the constituted ■ courts of the United States, of nny individual 8 counterfeiting o-sr name and Ointment. MAYNAllD'S, Ann Arbor, Wholesale Agenls; Smith & Tyrell, Clinton: Ketchum & p Smith, Tecumseh: D. C. Whitwood. Dextcr; e M.t Bower, Manchesier; John Owen &. Co., 1 Deroit; Harman &, Cook, Brooklyn. n Dec. 13, 1845. 2-14- Iy On Hand Again ! THE Subscriber would respectfully noiify ihe public, that he is loented once s more in tho village of Ann Arbor, and is pre& pared to accommodnte the community with a choicc and well eelected nssortment of e consistinc of Duv Goons, Gkockuiis. IIatídv wvuk, Boots and Shoks. Crockf.kt. &c. &c. which he will sell for HEADY PAY ns cheap c as the same quality of Goods can be had at any other store in tpwn. Persons who wish to rnake purcltasesfor Cnsh. e nt Cafh Prices, will do well lo cali before purchai, sing clsewlicre. , By keeping the. first quality of articles, hy selling at small prolits, and by a fair and honorable course in business, he expects to nierit a liberal 8harc of public patronage. ( Most kinds of COUNTRY PRODUCE will y bc taken in piiyinent for Goods. e tf Don', orgel the place, - on the Eo?t Side p of Main strem, n few doors souili of the Public c Square, in the eatnc store with C. Bliss, Jeweler. M. WHEELElt. Anu Arbor. Nov. 24, 18-ÍG. 5!)2-tf FIRE AND DISSOLUTION. NOTICE is bereby given that the Coportner8l)ip heretoloie exisiing between the Subecrjbers, is this day dissolved by mutual con sent. All persons indebted to saicï firm, are requested to cali (brthwnh and scttle, as our loss by fire renders it neecssary that immediato pny5 ment should be made. Tho accounts are left '■' with Sabin Fcich. at the old stam!. SABIN FELCH, KMANUEL MANN. Ann Arbor. Nov. 14, 1846. ) N. B. S. Felch will continue in the Boot, Shoe, & Lcathcr Business, as usual, where hc - hopes that all his old patrons. and the public gcnerally will favor hiin with their patronage. L 2[)l-3m SABIN FELCII. I