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500KS! BOOKSÜ AT FERRY'S BOOKSTORE. TO THE PUBLIC! 11HK undcrsigned having returncd from New jj . York wit! a ncw, latge and vuluablc stock J tool's, Slationery and Paper IIctng7igs, now ready to scll lor C;isli, any tliingin his nc nt iiib ncw smiul on Muin streel, P te II. 13ockcr's Brick Store. He will sy lo ook puicliascrs. thoi. by his effjris last fall on s return fiom New York, the price oí' uearly ! k'cry thing in bis line lias been sold Iess man cretofore. nnd had it nol been lor hiui, puidiürs woüld have. conttnucd to pay tlio prices iierejfote charged. He can say also. thnt his aales liave been beond I1Í8 most sanguine expectations. shovinc onclnsively that a public bèiïefnctor, nlthough , ver so sm.'ill, will not go unruwardcd n thisenghTened coinmunity, Ho 3 thnnklul fr lbo favors alrcady bcstowcd, nd would rospectfully solicita continuanee of the I rade: nndhe would say Ui those who nevcr have lurchased bopkfl of liirn. he will siiow thom s rlicles and prices wiiii plensnre a' any time i hey may cali whciher they wish to purchase or ; fot. I Cash orders from the country will be attended I o, and the books packed ns well as if the ons were pret-sm to atlend the purchases. He vill also bcll to childen as chcap as their i ents. Purchasers will do well to examine his stock ind priees bofore purchasing elsewhere. Don'f forgc.t the place: he sure youcall ïéPERRY'SBOOK STORE, on Main Street, a few doors South of the Public Square. WM. Ii. FERRY. Ann Arbor, June 07, 1816. GO-if THRESHING MACHINES. npHE wndeisignod would inform the public JL that he manulactures IJorse Poweis and riircehing Mnchines at Scio, of a superior kind nvonted hy himself. Thesa Powers and Machines are particularly idapted to the uee of Farmers who wieh to usr theni lor threshing their own grairi, The power, thresherand fixtures can all be loaded into a comtnon sizéd wagon box and diawn wilfi one pair of horsus. They are designed to be used wilh four horses, and are abundanily strong ioi that number, and niny be safely used with six or eight norses wiih proper care. They work wilfi lesssirength of horses according to theamount o( business done than any other power, and will tbresh genernlly about ÜOO bushefs wheat per d.iy with four horses. In one instante 156 bushels wheat were threshed in three houre with four horses. This Power and Machine contain all the advantages neceesjiry to mako them profitoblc to iho nurch.iser. They aro slrong and durable. - They are eusily moved from one plnce to another. The work of iho .utises ia easv on thi'sc poweis in coinparison to oiliers, and the price is LOYVER than ony other power and machine, have ever been sold in the Siate. ric'cording io the real valué. The tenns of payment will be liberal for notes that are known to be ubsoluiely good. 1 have a number of Powors nnd Machine? now ready for sale and persons wishing to buy are invited to cali eoon. CLEANERR. I e.xpoct to be prepared wiihin a few days to mnke Cleaners for those who may want ihem. The utiliiy and advantages of (his Power and Machine will appear evident to all on cAaniining hc recommendations below. All persons are cautioned against making these Powers and Machines: the unuersigneri hoving adopted the necessary measurca (or 6ecuring leners palent for the same wiihin the time required by law. 8. W. FOSTER. Scio, Wasbtenaw Co., Michv. June 18, 1316 RECO.MMEXDATIONS. Durin the ycar li?45, ench o' ;hc undersigned purchascd and used either individually or joTntly with others. on.e óf S. VV. Foster's newiy in ve:ited Horse Powers nnd thrèshrng tnacHinës. and believe they are botter adnpted to the use of Farmers who want Powers and Machines ioi iheir own use thnn any other power and Ilireshor wiihin our knuwledgo. They öre cnlcülited (o be used wiih four hoi ses and are of ampie strength íor that number. They nppcar to br constructcd in such a mnnner as to render them very durable with liule liabiiity of gerting out ol order. They are easily moved from one plnce to another. They can be worked wilh nny number of hands fro:n four to tight, and will' ihresli aboul 200 bushels wheat per day. J. A. POLflEiMUS, Scio. VVashtonaw co G. BLOOD, " ' T. RICHARDSON, 4 SAMUEL HEALY, " 3. P. FOSTER, u N. A. PHF-LPS, ' ADAM SMltn " u J. M. BOVVEX, Lima. " WM. WALKER. Webster, THOS WARREN, " D. SMALLEY, Lodi. I threshed last fall and winter w.ih one of S. W. Fosier's horse powers. moro than fifteen thousand bushels grain. The repairs hestowcd iipon the power amounted to only fíL cents, and it waa in good order when I had doiie threshing. 1 invariably used six horsos. A A RON YOUNGLOVE. Marión, June G, 1S4G. I purchased one oí S. W. Foster's horft powers last fall and have used it for j'jbhinir. 1 have used many different kinds of powers and believe this is the best running power J have ever geen. D. S. BENiN'ET. Hamburg. June, 18 IC. We purchnsed one of S. W. Foster's Horst Powers lam latí, and have used it and t hink it is a first iatc Power. JESSE HALL. DANIEL S. HALL, REUBEN S. HALL. Hamburg, June, 184U. 2Cl)-if A. C. M'GRAW & CO., Are now receiving their Fall Stock of Boots & 8l)oes Which have been selected with much care foi the Wholesale Trade! f i UI E Y now respectfully request the MerX chants of Michigan nnd adj ice'nt States, te examino their extensivo stock which will be sold at very low prices for coèh or approved credit. Having for the last fifteen yeora sold more Goods at retail than any other House in Michigan, they feel fully persuaded that their selection .s to price, qualitij, and si zes, will suit the wand óf the people. Their stock of Leathcr and Findingsis nlsc complete. The retail trade continuos as usual on the firsi floor, Corxkr of Jkkfersox and Woodwakd AVKNUES. . C. McGRAW. & COi Detroit, Aug. S2, 1Ö46. 2W-ly TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS. THE Subscriber has constantly for sale good assortment of heavy WOOLEN CLOTIIS, wcll odapted to the country mark et which he will sel! at wholesale or retail, vkry i.ow. Cali and ace them at tho Mnuttan Stork. W. A. RAYMOND. 275-tf Detroit. COUNTY ORDERS. fJHHE highest price paid in cash by Q F. Lew. X is, Exchange Broker, opposito the Insurance Jitink, Detroit, for orders on nny of tho coirñtíis in the State of Michigan; also for Stnto securitics of all kinds und uncurrent funda Cali and sec. Doe I, 1845. 241-ij