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Division Of Property

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If you shoiild seo a ílock of pigeons in a field of corn, fin j if (insJend of each picking wliere, and whnt he liked, nnd faking just as much as it wonteH and n more,) youshould see ninety and nine of them gathering all they got into n beap ; reserving nothing for themteRes but the chafT, and refuse ; keeping this heap for one, and that the meanest pigeon in the flock ; sitting round, and looking on a!i ihe winter, whilst this one was devouring, throwing nbout, and wasting it ; and if rx pigeon more hardy or hungry than the rest, tounhed a grain of the hoard, all the othëfs ííying instantly upm it, and tearing it to pieces ; if you should sce thïs, you would see nolhing more than what is every day pracficed and esiabüslied amongmen. Atnongmen you see the ninötyand nine toiüng and scraping together a heapof superfluities for one : (and this one too often times lhe feebiest and wordt of the whnle set a child, a woman. a maJtnan, or :i fooi ;) geliini nothing for themselves all the while but a little of the coarsest of ihe provisions hich their ottn inJustry pro(1uctjs } looking quieily fn while they see the iVuits. of all their labor spent or spoiled : and if one of the numler takè a partiële of the hoard, the others joining againt him and