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An inütu!ion, of ralher a novel kind. with the ab'jve name, was ncorpornted bythe last legislatureof Connedicut, and Iocated al Norwiclï, ofwhichHoW. Joel VV. Whife is President. íí hasa caniluí of $200,000. For five dolhrs a policy of Healih Insumnce s issued, which guaranties to the hoHer S4,0U per week during sic k h esa, for ane' year. Thè stock and palicies of ihe company aro engerí y soughí afier in ihe New Engl.-ind síatns - so ni tic h so tlml Ve únidérstá'nd 50 polieirs have been issucd in a single day, nt the ágoney in Wor'cesíer, Möss. Henltb insu raneo is new in ibis countrv, but has been in voguo in Eng;an.-i foriíiany yenrs. Jts benefiis are npparent, on the first gl.-ince. An agpncy, welearn, has been esi.ibüsïïed in (bis c'ty. From tbir'iv to foriy houses were receniíy laid in ruins, and ten pérsorts wounded, at Saint Pierre, undlnnd, by the explosión of a powder magazine, lt was thé work of an incndiary, who designed to destroy the wholö town. Hé perished in the attempt.