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Teleorai'hic Wires. - Much ineonvenience nnd interruption havo been occasioned by the break ing of the copper wires generally used in this country on lines of electric tèlograph. This metal is expensive, but hos been ndoptpd ön accouiit of ts freedom from rust. In Great Bfitain, however, and on ihe continent of Earope, it is said that recent discoveries in chemical scitnee nllow iron wire to be emploed, which with grea'.er size nnd streiigth, nt rriuch leSs pos' sesses a!l the advantages of copper and othér metáis which naiurally do not e.odize. This iron wire is tinned and galvariized by a píated proces, and on account of its advantagfs. it is saicl. it is to be placed on telegraph lines in the United Sfatés. Iron in sheeis, and iron n'aJs and spikesj are rendered proof agoinst rust by the samé proce.-s. A Prayerful Decisión - The Boston Evening Gaznlíe says íhat a recent app'Iication was máJe to a cele"brated architect of New York, by a Unitarian Society of íhat city, for a design of a church, which is in contemplation. After some delay, they received from the gentleman, whose fjeisunsion differs somewhat from bis applicants, that after prayerful he had decided lhn it would be impossible fof hinrrlo furftish a design for the erection of o Unitarian church ! !The opinión is rapidly gainirig grounc in Canada (as we learn by the Kingston British VVhig) that iba Home Government have it in serious contemplation to unite the whole of the North American British provinces under one governmcnt, having at its head a Viceroy, instead of n Governor General. Quebec is said to be ihe seat of Government, and Governors are lo be appointed at Toronto, Frederckton, Halifax, St. Jolinas, (N. F.) and Charloltestown, (P. E.) to admlnister the laws of each province separately, until the whólè are consolidated into oñe statute-book, when other arrangements Wil] be made. It is further said that the Ministry have it in contcmplaüon to consolídate the whole of the remaining British Possessions in America under another Viceroy, tfie seat of whose government is to be at Jamaica, with local administrators at all be other West India Islands, including he Bermudas ; nnd some say, also, ihe erritory on the main land, Demerara and 3erbiq,e. Flight op Geese. - It is stated in a London paper that there nreseven thousnnd tailors out of employrnent in that city, and that they recently held a meeting in St. Wártín's Lañe, and it was resolved that the only mode of lessening the distress was to embark for Canada and ihe United States. A commiitee was appointed to collect subscriptions to pay ihe passage of thos who are vnlling to emhark j 690 entered their hames för Canada and Nova Scotia, and 2991 for New York and the United Staies. They willall be here in March or April next. As each man will probably bring his gousewith him, this may bo considered quite a flight of gr ese. Look out for cabbage.- Transcript. Stage Coaches i.v Oldbx Time. - In the year 1672, when throughout Great Briiain only six stoge coaches were constantlv going, a pamphlet was written by one John Cresset, of the Charter house, ibr their continuance, is the following : - "These stngo coaches make gentlemen come to London upon every small occasion, nhich otherwise they would not do, bui upon urgent necessity ; nay, the convenièncë of the pass-ige malees their wivescomeup, iho, rather than come such longjournieson horse back, would stay al home. ílere, when they have come to town, thëy must presntly be in the mode, get fineclothes, goto the plays ond u-eab, and by these means get such a habit of idleness, and love of pleasure, that they are uneasy ever after." - Srringncld Rcvub.Têlegrathic PRiNTiXG.-T-VVe were showh lást evening a specimen of Telegraphic printir.g by thenew invention of impressing letters upon the paper ïnstead of ihe characters iormërly usèd. The impressions are made at the rale of fifty etters per minute', and every letter and word as distinct as letter press printing. Tlïis will be a very great improveïrient in tbc wdy of report?, &c. as tbe paper can be taken from tbe machine and used without traRscription. Strong Women. - Henry Colman says' the most remarkable insta nee of trength and encíurance is perhaps tobe ibünd in the fish women of Edinburg, who altend market from a distance of nore tliari two miles on foot. Their load f fish, in baskets slung upon their backs, often weighs two hundred pnurids. They stop to rest but onoe on the and afer their arrival are found crying their fish in all paris of the tawri. How many,' ásks Colman, 'of the Clïesnul streét, or Washington street, or Broadvay belles, would it require oren io lift one of these ïoads from theground.' He says these women are in nppearance, of fair complexionj and not by any means illMonopoly Against Geese. - When steel pens were nvenïed, it was thought by smie, that h was done to injure ilie quill business ; but miv the attcmpt is to bamsh feathers irt toto. Excellent cotton maltrcsses and pillows are now made in Germany and England by a new proces. The cotton is prepired by á machine which renc'crs it surpiisingly elasfic. - Tlicre is nö doubt, il is said, thafcutton will stipercede the use of fefaihers or liair lor many purposes. Thus, the consumption of Ámorican coUon must vasily increaie.--iV. Y. Sun. Fast Work.- On Monday, we printed about 15,000 copies of the Governor's message on onè press - ur Power Pres; or nbi)it30 copies per minuta, during the working hours.- F. Prcss Retreát for Dis.vbíkd Clergy.mex. - An insiituiion of this kind is nboitt to b' e-itnblished in thé Diocese of Alaryland, noar Georgetown, Distric'i of Colurrïbiá, for the Protestant Episcopal Church. A suitable property haa been purchased,■■ - - - - Boa- -in and active measures are in progressto consu.nmate the plafl at an early period. John Jacöb Astor.- The Phlladelphia Enquirer snys this wealihy gentleman is about to establish nri insiitution for the ndvancement of honést and desérving men, by supplying them with capita varying from one to 5000 dullars, wberetvith to cornwerice lifé and forward thetnselves in their respective calling. Attached to ihis inststutiön, will be a board of gentlemen, whose duty it will be to examine and report on the character, talent, age and claims of each npplicant for a portion of the donor's bounty, and in case they report satisfactorily, the money will be forthcoming, on personal security and given for an unlimiled period i of time, without inferësh A few weeks ago, a Mr. Iloldbrook, a rivato mail agent, boughta large éheese n Connecticutj and sent it to VSrashington, by the mail agents along the route, as a present to Col. Cave Johnsorí. Some one, instead of sending it as the giver inended, mischiéviously clapped the chëesci into the Post Office mail, by which conveyance it reached Washington) with one hundred and wenly-ficc dollars poslage charged on it ! Col. Johnson refused the present, and ordéred '-the cheeae'' to be Uikdn báck, so that t inight be properly filed away in the "dead leiter office." Üressof Mexicax Womev. - (ïowns are not known. A chemise wilh short sleeves, and sbort petticoat, with the Ribosa for the head, and somfelimes folded over the bosom, is the entire outfit. It startles one fiequently to hear the ttoble Castillian rolling from lipswhencc appearance Vould leach yuu to expecj nothing but ihe harsh gulturtiíá ofour aborigines. Many of thera aredarker ihan ourl.idians, and tlie A frican blood is plainly marked. Clay, Webster, Callioün, Èenton, Claylon, and Cass, are talking of as candidates for the next Presidency, and some of them a'iready grace the columns of the party papers, All these men have fine farms of thtir own, but it is not known that eiihör of them is in favor of Homes for nll. All have been qüestioned on the subject except Ben'on and Cl.iyton and rcfused to answer. - Young America. TAlènt in the Ministry. - Hon. Messrs. Edward Everett, George Báncroft, Charles Iiudson, and J. G Pal f rey havo all been succesful and tulented ministers, of religión, and appear cqually successful in polities, particularly Messrs. Everelt and Bancroft Wemight mëntion others in the ministry of ns large an nmount of talent as in any equal number of men in the world; The best stores of itcrature are from their pens. Science owes them much.Tall Chim.nevs. - The Salem Register recently gave an account of the height of he chimney at the Naunkeag Cotton Mül as comparëd with onë at Lowell, by which it app ears that thé Salém chimney is 13G feet high arid i'2 feet square at the base. This is truly a tall chimney, but compnrè'd 'vitli one in the' vicinity of Glasgow at the St. Rollux Chemical works, it diminishes to adwarfish size. - The reason assigned for constructirig a chimney of such enorrrious height is to ivoid the deletërious efTectsof the po'isonous gases generatëd by íhe manufacture of chemical substances. Tlie great chimney rit Glasgow is a structure four hundred and iifiy feet ligh ! being one hundred and fifiy feei ïigher than the cross on the top of the steeple of the New Trinity Church in N. Y., rmd 90 feet higher than the' cross on he top of Sf. Paul's in London. It is withinaféw feet as high as Sf. Peter's at {ome or the leirgest pyramid n Ëgypt - t is moi'e than three times as high as the XaumkeagChimnëy in Salem. Nearly two millionso!" bricks was used n the onstruction of this chimney, and tcost Forty Thousand Dollars Perhaps he best idea ol'its immense height cou!d be obtained by supposing three such sïee)lesásthatof tho South Church in this own ('which is 150 le'ei high) öne above he oiher, which wou'd be just ihe height of the chimney at the Chemical Works at Glasgow. Tho breadrh of this chirftney at its base s 40 feet, or eqtfal to the space occupied y a large sizd house, and t gradual h' contracis lo Í1 feet at tho top. - Danvers Courier. Orioin of' the Upas tree stort. - A re il valley of dealh exists in Java : it is ermed ihe Valley of Poison, and is filled to a considerable height with carbonic acid gas, which is exhaled f rom crevices in the ground. lf a man or any animal enter it he cannot return ; and he is not sensible of h'. danger until he feels himself sinking under the poisonous jnfluenc?of the atmosphere which surrounds him j llie carbonic ncid of which )t chiefly consists raisingtö the heiglit ofeighteen feet from the botlom of the valley. Birds which fly inio this atmosphere drop dowil dead ; and a living fowl thown into it dies böfore reaching the boltom ; which is strewed with the careases of various animáis that have perished in the deletrious gis.- Dr. Thompson': Mag'it. A National Gtoverwment Massacred. - A horrible massacre oueurred ia the ciiy of Matmaadoo, the capital of the Uingdom of NapauJ, in Northern India, last September. The Queen had a favorite, onc General Guggun Singh, whom the King caused to be murdered on the 14th September, at 12 o'clock at night. Her majesiy was so outraged at the ioss of her paramour, that she at once instigated thö massacre of the prime minister, the memthe Cabinet, the nobility, the Council of State, generáis ánd chief rrien, to the nutria ber of two hundred. The King alone cscaped, bat his wbareabounds was not known. A singleo uuixtjjqou nly was save i, and the Queen appoirited liim com mander-in-chief. The Queen is the King's second wife: The male childreu by the flrst wifej vho would have preceded her children in the government, were among those slairi confined in dunsjeons. - Nöpaul is a powërful kingdom, having about three millions of inhabitants. Thé nntiohnl religión it Huddhism. Most of the people are Tartars, ns may readily be inferred from the conductof thö Queeit;