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The Conquest Of Mexico

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The National Intelligenceï intimates hat the Government are seriously deberating on the eniire conquest of Mexico, unle3 thnt republic will suhtnit to such terms as we may prescribe. In concluding an able article on the evils o lie war, it thua refers to the sad consequences even of the subjugntion of ïhe country. Those of our readers who think deeply viril] find the suggestions, drawn from the lessons of history,exactly npplinable to our own country and times. " We have shown thnt the sort of government which has bpen already so strangely and so inadequately erected in what of Mexico we hold, must not only je continued there, but rendered far more ntimate and present where there ismuch xjpulution. Revolt, encouraged by the ditance of our troops from succor, i,nd 'omented from the unsubducd parts of Mexico, will burst out. VV herever we are weak or nngu.irded, ft Sicilian Vesper nay be sounded, and our people be massncred at the dead of night. To check all this, forens must he sprend all over ur new acqwisiiions. Tliepeopie,having our yoke, must be tamed into bondage ; ind our E.ecutive,thesuprpmcconmander ofthe armis ihrough wliich all government is dispensed to our Spanish provinces, beconnes omnipotent there, and thus grows tho sole beneficiary of the entii e conquest ! Nor will he bc slow lo tui-; back upon oursclves the sweeping powprs with which we have invested him over others. An army constaniiy entejtained abroad lo niake or to keep conquesta, soon cr-ases to look lo anv thinc but the imperial will and the imperial favor of him who directs it ; nnd realrrift reduced to vassalage turn sure instruments of despotism, of backward con quest. finding vengeance for their ownloss of freedom in assisti.Jg the Chief Magistrale to subduc those who enabled him to subdue them. It was wrïlh the legions en)ployed in conquering África and t!.e East until ihey had Jost all attachnient but to the person of their commander, ihat Marius and Sylla returned to be dictators and execuiioners in Rome ; and with a like army, gronrn veteran under his victorious banner in Gaul, Germany,and Britain, Jviavh C.cksar morched baekto I:aly,and assumed the imperial purple, Had the French Republic perer made the expediiion to Egvpt nor overrun Italy. JNapoleox could never have seized upon sjprenie power. Il is thus that the designs of nations the peace and liberty of others are visited upo themselves. When speaking in Parliamentof the ottemDt of the Ministry to strip the inliabitants of these colonies, by force of arms, of their rights ns British suhjects, well was it repeated by Lord Chatham, and well had i: been said by our Declaraion of Independence, that to suff.-r the Lng to make slaves in America was a ongstep townrds making him absolute n Biitian. The like is irue in all counries and in all cases. Not only are the rulers who are capable of designinp lo lepriveaneigiiboring people of freedom capable of the same design against their own, but in the surest road to iis acconiplishment. Nay, the free people that vill. whether for party, or vanity, or lust of power, or avidityof the territory, lend ts bodies, its t reasure; and its violated constitutional forma to snch a plan, is aleady ripe for the loss of its own liberty. ?or, where the genuine sentiment of Veedom exists, the breast in which it 5I0WS can as linie harbor the thought of nflictingas of enduring tiie deprivation. The desires ihat would make the tyrnnt are but an aspiring form of the temper that üfibrds theslave ; and both are mude up of the same elements." Q? We have received the Phrenological Journal for .lanuary. It containa the usual variety of interestihg articles.