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" Practising law on Ciirisian principies" is said to be hard work. White Men Disfranchised. - Our colored friends in Hayti have adopted a new constitution, which pro vides that no white man shall hold real estare or become a citizen of that republic. The nextPresidential candidates ought to be intcrregated in regard lo the length of their messagea. No man should be elected whose message would exceed three or four columns. - Lowell Courier. Artichokes.- Mr. Noble, of MasslIon, Ohio, cultívales the artichoke. He savs that if it had not been for this erop, (of which he had several acres,) last season, hedid not know how he could have got his sheep and other stock through the winter. He cut the tops anddried them for fodder: and the stock ale nearly the whole clean. The roots mostly remained in the gi-ound till the frost had ao far left it in the spring, that they could be dug. The topsyield from 5 to 6 tons of fodder per acre. A bilí to abolish Capital Punishment has been introduced in the Missouri Legislature. An act to secure the property ofmarried women has passed a seeond reading. In the earlief part of the government, the slaves we re mostly colored. Free colnréd men were, therefbre, the especial objects of hatred to slaveholders; so in 1790. they pushed Congress into a most barba rous po] cv ; lst. In excluding all colored foreigners (rom ever being naturalized. 2d. In 1792. passing an act by which all colored men were jrohibited from being enrolled in the militia. 3il. In 1793, in passing the horrible law, by which every foot of soil at the North wns mnde a legilimate raceground for the human blood-hound, and making t the duty of every state-oflïcer to help when called upon. 4ih. In 1S10 in passing an act by which no colored man can carry the mail, or be employed as a driver on a coach thdt carries it under a penalty of fifty dollars. The :Razor Strop Man."- Smith, the Razor Sirop Man, made his appenrance atPhiladelphia on Monday. He is a queer genius, and tells the people that he is their benefactor. It was rather more than the gravity of the Quaker City" could stand, when he told them that he t once' sold a man a razor strop, and his etes roere immediately slreaming toilh gralitude. Richt.- A resolution, offeriny thanks to God for the victory of the American arms at Montere y, which was introduced into the House of Representan' vea of Vermont, was voted down. It was properlyheld "unbecoming in a moral and religioús peoplo to rejoice over a fallen foe." John Thomson Maso, Esq, of [lagerstown, Maryland, late member of Congress, emancipated all his slaves (ten innumbcr.) The market valuo of the slaves exccederl three thoussnd dollars. Te slaves Mr. Masón kindly purchased a few years since to prevent tiicir going into the hands of the slavcholdors. It is proper to add thnt a friend of human rightsgavo Mr. Masson one fhousand dollars towarls making up the loss which he incurrcd by this act of justice andgenerosity.Executive Messages- From the first message of Washingson to the last message of J. Q. Adains, the whole of the Preaidential message, during a period of 40 years, occupiedonly 339 pages in the printed rolume ; while the messages of President Jaekson and Van Buren alone, during a period of 12 years, took up 350 pages in the same volume. The one message of Mr. Polk' Was longer than General Washington's eight messoges. SoMErHKVo vekv ODD-A. strnngeoccurrance took place in one of the French proTi'nces a short time sínce. A Frenchman, who in 1812 hod gone wiih Napoleon to Russia, and was long smce bel ie ved dead, suddenly relurned. His wife had meaniime been marriod to ihree other persons, and just buried the last of them, when her first husband returned fom ! Russia.and she began married lifo Onee moce anew, and under happy auspices. EXPENDITÜUES AT WaSHIN'OTON There has been expended at Washington by the governmenr, since 1800, 810,135,. 455. TheCapitol, including theslatuary ond paintings.cost 3.000,000. The Presdent's House, and Treasury Buildings, pach 700,000. The Patent Office and General Post Office.each $500,000. The 'ublic Grounds are as follows: The ?resident's Square, 83 acres. Capiiol Square and Matl, 227 acres. Park 29 acres. Other Squares 202 acres. Besides a large number of vacant lo.s in different parts of tbe city.Yankee Enterprise- The Traveler says, a New Hampshire man was in Boston a few days since with a few stockings for sale- only five huedred dozen pairs - being about half of his fall supply. It seems that this gentleman is concerned in a cotton yarr. factory, in a small town in the interior ,rf New Hampshire. The yarn 8 sent out to all the farmer's families far and near, and wrought into stockings, and the farmer's wives and children are paid fortheir labor in part or entirely with goods from ïhe store, nnd the stock ings are then brought by the hundred dozen to our city for sale. This is but one specimen out of thousands of the vsrsatiliiy of Yankee traders. The General Court of Virginia, nowin aession at Richmond, have dischargod the citizens of Ohio arresfed for kidnapping slaves from Parkersburgh, Wood couniy, Virginia. The majority of the Court deoided that the oirence with which the prsoners were chnrged did not occur within the jurisdiction of Virginia ; that jurisdicaiion extending no further than ihe western bank of the Ohio river at low water-mark. Bunon, the manager of the Arch street Theater.Philadelphia, oñered a silver cup for the best conundrum. The prize was won by a small boy io Kensington. Hert is ihe conundrum : Why is WiUiam E. Burlón like a tavernkeeper ? Because he gives the cup that bring.s many to the pit, whilst all above are in liers.


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