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2010 "It's All Write!" Short Story Contest

Over 250 teen writers turned in stories for the 2010 "It's All Write!" short story writing contest. Click on the titles below to read the stories or get the entire 2010 "It's All Write!" Book.

Middle School Winners:

1st Ifeoma Irobunda "The Garden Gnome" PDF Text-Only Version
2nd Jessica Liu "Hana" PDF Text-Only Version
3rd Hanel Baveja "My Brother, Isaac" PDF Text-Only Version

High School 9th/10th Grade Winners:

1st A. Bishel "The Bird Syndrome" PDF Text-Only Version
2nd Rose Condon "Canon In D" PDF Text-Only Version
3rd Erin Baughn "Switched" PDF Text-Only Version

High School 11th/12th Grade Winners:

1st Allison Burg "Cappuccino Girl" PDF Text-Only Version
2nd Kayla Stoler "It's Like a Sanctuary" PDF Text-Only Version
3rd Jasmine An "I Care" PDF Text-Only Version

2010 finalists in the three grade categories:

Middle School:

Emily Austin “Mrs. Mugglewump”
Caitlin Bowen “Monster”
Christy Choi “Reading Beauty"
Erika Dunkelberger “The Ride”
Claire Fishman “Found and Lost”
Quinn Johns “The Siege of Alesia”
Noah W. Luntzlara “Arcade”
Marissa Martzolff “Following Moss and Stars"
Grace McGibbon “Death, Divorce, Doughnuts & Red Ferraris”
Rishika Ramireddy “A Second Chance”
Andrea Scheffler “Death in Her Eyes”
Tanner Smart “Rogues Revealed: A Tale of Traitors & Heroes”
Jacqueline Way “Getting Up”

High School 9th/10th Grade:

Maggie Bonar “Revolution’s End”
Jing Chai “The Sailor Moon Card”
Maxwell Klausner “A Step into Manhood"
Christa Kuck “Bailey”
Susan LaMoreaux “Swimsuit Situation”
Kristen Lee “At the End”
Jessica MacDonald “Heaven Isn’t a Place”
Summer Moore “Hyperactive Hyperbole”
Aminah Muhammad “Mommy’s Girl”
Brittany Newell “The Tuckers”
Yunhan Wei “Karma”
Belinda Zoller “The Number”

High School 11th/12th Grade:

Gabrielle Cohen “In a Line”
Nasha deBryun “Nadia”
Kelly Falkowski “Card Tricks”
Michelle Grifka “Fresh Start”
Zubin Zhan “Ephemeral”
Katie Knoll “Pieces”
Nathan Lannan “Damaged”
Alyssa Liljequest “Imposter Navigator”
Ian Macdonald “My Hero”
Jennifer Pampreen “Weightless”
Megan Shiplett “Razzmatazz”
Rachel Stokes “Descent”"