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2011 "It's All Write!" Short Story Contest

Over 340 teen writers turned in stories for the 2011 "It's All Write!" short story writing contest. Click on the titles below to read the stories or get the entire 2011 "It's All Write!" Book.

Middle School Winners:

1st Samantha Puckorius "Clark and Davidson" PDF Text-Only Version
2nd Carissa Skye "Nexus" PDF Text-Only Version
3rd Dani Smotrich-Barr "Raindrop" PDF Text-Only Version

High School 9th/10th Grade Winners:

1st Madeleine Bradford "I Will Not Forget to Speak" PDF Text-Only Version
2nd Emily Xiao "Importance of Being Intact" PDF Text-Only Version
3rd Erin Baughn "To Fix the World" PDF Text-Only Version

High School 11th/12th Grade Winners:

1st Alexia Antoniou "TAPS" PDF Text-Only Version
2nd Ben DeVries "Running" PDF Text-Only Version
3rd Logan Kilpela "Herra's Nation" PDF Text-Only Version

2011 finalists in the three grade categories:

Middle School:

Matthew Boone “Fading Angel”
Elena Chambers “Conquering Samantha Hudson”
Connor Dehring "Baseball and Bullies"
Genera Fields "The Girl That Hated Fairy Tales”
Hannah Foster "Finding the Light”
Emma Gillies "Arala's Tale”
Ross Grogan-Kaylor "Raid on Seafort”
Cynthia Jia "Feathers"
Alban Jimenez "You Can Go Home on the Moving Train--I Will Build the Tracks"
Sarah Beth Kimsey "Maurice's Departure"
Eli Kirshner "Theft of No Value"
Sarah Kopacz "Where We Belong"
Kate Lukomski "Bella"
Erica Noble "Mark's Story"
Sloan Olsen "Never Thought I Was”
Paloma Paez-Coombe "The Glass Bottle”
Madi Rhea "Rain in the Forecast”
Nate Simon "Fifty Feet”
Alma Thompson "Fort Independence”

High School 9th/10th Grade:

Rebecca Amidei "Flawless"
Stephanie Boyd "The Freshie"
Iona Grosu "Passing Trains"
Aglaia Ho "The Song of the Butterfly"
Quinn Johns "Bread and Circuses"
Piper Kachman "The Beginning of the End"
Kate Lipman "Mammoth Games"
Lydia Munz "Ropeburns and Cigarette Scars"
Kaitlin Ruiz "Taking the Leap"
Abby Shotwell "Perfection as a Science"
Gabrielle Vuylsteke "The Blind Girl and the Protegee"
Wendy Wiland "Wings"
Sid Wilder "The Visit"

High School 11th/12th Grade:

Jing Chai "My America"
Mark Cortes "Unsatisfied Customer"
Michelle Grifka "Surprises"
Alyssa Holmes "Photo Album"
Hannah Kagan "The Sound of Silence"
Logan LeDuc "Brittle"
Brianna Matava "Window Washer"
Andrea Nicholson "Selfish"
Victoria Parr "Outside of God's Shadow"
Emmeline Ringquist "Greetings"
Kim Tran "Minotaur in the Darkness"
Margaret Whittier-Ferguson "Stop Bath"