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2012 "It's All Write!" Short Story Contest

Around 350 teen writers turned in stories for the 2012 "It's All Write!" short story writing contest. Click on the titles below to read the stories or get the entire [2012 "It's All Write!" Book].

Middle School Winners:

1st Elise Blaauw "Expressionless" [PDF] [Text-Only Version]
2nd Sarah Kopacz "Like Summer Rain" [PDF] [Text-Only Version]
3rd Kristen Hayden "Shades" [PDF] [Text-Only Version]

High School 9th/10th Grade Winners:

1st Hannah Blaaux "The Glass Cage" [PDF] [Text-Only Version]
2nd Leon Pescador "When the Sky Falls" [PDF] [Text-Only Version]
3rd Madeline Woods "The Rapid Evolution from Dumpee to Dumper" [PDF] [Text-Only Version]

High School 11th/12th Grade Winners:

1st Madeleine Bradford "Everything but Wings" [PDF] [Text-Only Version]
2nd Josie Benson "Black Walnut" [PDF] [Text-Only Version]
3rd Vanessa Decker "Sadie's Eyes" [PDF] [Text-Only Version]


2012 finalists in the three grade categories:

Middle School:


Ted Beeson [”The Tale of Sir John”] [Text-Only Version]
Charles Berofsky [“The God of the Arts”] [Text-Only Version]
Elise Blaauw ["Expresionless”] [Text-Only Version]
Kristen Hayden ["Shades”] [Text-Only Version]
Owen Hughes ["Stranger’s Tea”] [Text-Only Version]
Cynthia Jia ["The Cottage”] [Text-Only Version]
Eli Kirshner ["A Foreign Port”] [Text-Only Version]
Michael Kivel ["Phoenix”] [Text-Only Version ]
Sarah Kopacz ["Like Summer Rain”] [Text-Only Version]
Sofia Kwok ["The Flower Girl"] [Text-Only Version]
Katie Mina Lee ["Wishes, Wishes, Wishes"] [Text-Only Version]
Vivie Li ["Finding Me"] [Text-Only Version]
Steven O’Brien ["The Corrupt A. I."] [Text-Only Version]
Madline O’Connor ["Indifferent Doom"] [Text-Only Version]
Samuel Elijah Parkhurst ["The Battle of Shatizu Castle"] [Text-Only Version]
Isabel Ratner ["Believe”] [Text-Only Version]
Laurel Spaccarelli ["The Strange Lady"] [Text-Only Version]
Meghan Sullivan ["Dear Louis”] [Text-Only Version ]
Emily Tyner ["The Trap Door in the Stage”] [Text-Only Version ]
Matthew H. Ward ["The Desert”] [Text-Only Version]
Kassidy Zimmer ["The Hive”] [Text-Only Version]

High School 9th/10th Grade:

Rebekah Barfield ["Justice Among the Pines"] [Text-Only Version]
Helen Blaauw ["The Glass Cage"] [Text-Only Version]
Emily Clark ["The Color Red"] [Text-Only Version]
Rebekah E. Cline ["Secrets of the Greatest Age"] [Text-Only Version]
Meaghan Haling ["Lucky Archer" ] [Text-Only Version]
Mary Hasty ["Thesus"] [Text-Only Version]
Maria Meier ["Stolen by the Wind"] [Text-Only Version]
Leon Pescador ["When the Sky Falls"] [Text-Only Version]
Dana Shin ["Bits and Pieces" ] [Text-Only Version]
Wendy Weston ["Beloved"] [Text-Only Version]
Madeline Woods ["The Rapid Evolution from Dumpee to Dumper"] [Text-Only Version]
Vincent Zahm [“Invincible”] [Text-Only Version]
Sherry Zhang ["Ensnared Within the Binding Phantasm"] [Text-Only Version]

High School 11th/12th Grade:

Elizabeth Ballou ["Caedmon’s Hymn"] [Text-Only Version]
Josie Benson ["Black Walnut"] [Text-Only Version]
Michael Bloniarz ["Grand Central Station"] [Text-Only Version]
Madeleine Bradford "Everything but Wings" ["Everything but Wings"] [Text-Only Version]
Sarah Chavey ["Montana"] [Text-Only Version]
Lauren Childs ["Hello Again"] [Text-Only Version]
Rishindra Chinta "ETA: 2:30 PM"
Vanessa Decker [ "Sadie’s Eyes"] [Text-Only Version]
Margaret Abigail Flowers ["Roy’s Round Top Saloon and Dance Hall"] [Text-Only Version]
Ashwin Fujii ["Kai and the Sea"] [Text-Only Version]
Ioana Grosu ["Lovers in July"] [Text-Only Version]
Alyssa Holmes ["Custody"] [Text-Only Version]
Susan LaMoreaux ["Sewing up the Seams"] [Text-Only Version]
Clare Nowak ["Jack of Many Suits"] [Text-Only Version]
Hannah Pham ["Comb-overs and Other Rituals"] [Text-Only Version]
Rhiana Simon ["Cooing of the Mourning Dove"] [Text-Only Version]
Danielle Rini ["Capital Vices"] [Text-Only Version]
Jacob Thackston ["1985"] [Text-Only Version]