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Influence Of A Wife

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If i: is " likc people like pricsi, " much more it il likc wile likc huband." Look arounc upun men n uil i lio circumsiunces anti rdmioiu of liü, and $ee how elosely their 8iand;nyscom pare wiili ihe diameters of their wives. Htivt you a cloe, mean, tniserly ndghbor, who woulil 'skin a lint, " ten lo one if his wiíe is noi maller yet. See tliai spruce, uidustriou young man, who, befo re inarrigc, oi along wdl, and was accurnulating orne cnpltol tu sturt wiih - He mairies a wifu inoro luVitn titan êaving, and soon Iiucoiimjs poor, and drogs nlotig throuuh lile Iikoasleigh upun barc ground. lie doos hisbesi, but lo no effect. All he can raise and scrape coca how and where cannot be told. But anutber young man, far Icss prosperous btífort) marringe, is hr n.ore no nftrwardu. - lio has a 8ninr!, indnstiioiu, snving wife, who it his ' beticr half" in matter of property : and hunco his 8ucct;ss. Seo how correcily his ■tandiny coinpnrc with tho character of his wifa. Look again. That daahing husband nnd fath r in hi coach and four, was not u parliculjrly anibitious young man. But he married a spiriied woinan, wlio cncourncii him to out and make n how, bot h in business and equipago. - He did so. nnd the result is lio handles a great denl oí money. But he has ffiiled. His wile was ihe primary cause, fie bought at her instigation. or in cnuquence of thei)irit ehe diffuses ;hriugh him. more than hc could pay for ; and the result ia failuro. How much the pomlarity or unpopularity ol minisiora dependa on thoir wives. bas aluost passcd into a proverb. if Pret-byieries ought to examine rninistera to sec whether they ate sound in Hocirine, much more their wives, to 6ec wheiiier thty are fit to cxert the right influence over their husbandadircctly. and through thcm.'pTfc; their panshea. And o close acruiiny will disclose the reniarkablo result that nino out of ten of the causes which result in the diamissn! of ministers, onginated priiuarily in their wives. ciiher dircctly or indirecily. Liierary men, to rise in their callings, must have il help mceis " in thosecallings in the perons of theit wivüs. Bachelors occtnionally beeome diatinguished, though rarely - never puglli to - but only few ever rise above mediocrity. - A man without n wife is only hall' made : aml henee requires a wile in harmony with his calling. Of no one clnss is thts more true thnn of moral 1i adere. Whoevnr wottld rise in ihe temperance cause, or nny otlicr prilanthropic chusc, umsi have a uife whosc soul bi-ai in unisón with hi - who will cheer him under discoitragemcni. ustiiin his flaggmg spirits, excite his hopes, direct by her counsc-ls. and tnke hold with hun ol thecuuso in hand. As well te leaJ tothswinga of au eoglc and expect him to eoar as to cxpeei n man, howcvcrsj)londid his naturnl and acquircd capabüitie6, to soar, while an oppres&ing wife h'ing li k.' a milliMano around hi neck. But for his nncongenial wifu. who has opposed his cau? from first to last. where would Sylvester Orohain have now been 1 - or rather, where if she had helped furward his cause as eíTect'.ially as hIk had hindered it ? I honcstly declare, ihat if iny wife wis oppösed to myscience, and thosc reform views it embodies, much ns I tave them both, l inight as well ivc up and dio voluntarily as by compulsión. Tho co-operation of a wiíe is Buccesa and life to whalcverenterprise her husbnd espousos. whereas her opposition is well nigh íátal. If she freís perpetually, ho must besome calloue- cQBe-hárdencd to aü influencesjgood and bad ; and ilm is oii awful suite of inirid - or he must fret back, and beconic pennnnciiily ivj óntiirèd ; where'úi if slie is mild nnd she wilismooih oiT tiio Imhcsc mnnner. Nur cjn we weü iiièsauip die influences, good, Lad, -xciting, depressing. whicli ilic wife exens and