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Patent For Compelling Absence Of Mind

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Wonders appenr to be thickening. - The átepping oí' a new vvorld into the ring seems to have ncceleroted the surprisewheel of creation. Rail-cars going sixty miles an hour - thought flving over our heads upon wires as we walk the strcels- dying people magnetised through the gales oí death in trances - roads uuder rivers - the softest tbing propelling he hardest, (cotlon powdcr driving iron shot,) offers to take impregnable castlrs by b.-illoons - and, last, not least important to our immediate uses, a discoverv of a process by whjeh consciousness, that nervous tenant of our house of flcsh, can be made to vacate tho premises during repairs. A pa'ent has been sec'ured by two Boston physiciftns for this kiducement to the soul lo walk abroad ; and they now, in that bright oity, cut off a leg while ihe owner is out, ordraw a tooth, or remove a tumor - the nerves, like goodservants, never suffering without special orders from their mast'T, and carrying no messages to the exaggerating and busy brain in hiü absence. On this new discovtry (of a meansof producing " insensibility during surgical and dentaf operations,") Dr. Bigelow, one of the mobt eminent of the medical men of Boston, has lately read a most intereting report beforo n medical society. [Ie states that the profession have bern for some time ferling their way to thi jecret. and that variousgood losser efiects lifttre bern prodaced by the inhalation of ÜflTerent ethers - the difiieuliy of gradu-ing the quantitv, moklng the experiment kngerous. By the new process this difIcuitv isremedied. A small two-necked lass globe contains the prepared vapor, ogether with sponges to prepare the jvaporating surfuce. One nperture ndnits the air to the interior, where, chnrgïd with vapor, it is drawn through the ccond info the lung. The zs)irej air hus passes through the bottle, but the exiration is divested by a valva as the noutli-piece, and escaplng into the anartnenf, is thus prevented from vitiating the nedicated vapor." Soveral most succes?sive experiments f dentistry and surgical operation are ;iven in the report, the j atienta suffering o pain, bul remembcring the interval as i dream of jHeasure.