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Evidence Of Christianity

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The Boston Chronotype says : j "But when we look nto the beautiful, " simple natural gospels - sparkling witli hcnveri's own dew, and see the radiant face of the Kedeerner ns he say., " Go and sin no more " to the trembling wo! man, taken in adultery, and wheu we J look agnin into the world and see the humble Washingtonian dividing his last t loaf with a fallen brother, saying, " cheer up now, put yourname in with ohm, and ■ we'llbury up all the past, and you shall ' be a man agnin," or when we see, as thank God we often do, the rich nnd learned inan devoting hlmself lo doily I and nightly loil to heal and comfort the - sick or reüeve thepoor, or when we see " a minister of the Gospel laying down his ljfe in a loalhsome prison - that the slave r rnay be free, we rejoice in Christianity as r an achieved fact, which no depravity of - men or devils can destroy. iThedebto. the Nr-thorlnndscontiacted, as all nationaj debts are, to meet the expenses of war, past or prospective, omounts to -$665,000,000. To liquídate ihis debt would require a tax of ihree dollars and twelve and a half cents on every inhabitant of Europe, nnd seventyfive cents on every individual on the gl be. Divided among the population of Holland, the share uf pach inhabitant would be S266. The wnges of lahomig men throughout the world probably do not average 20 cents a day. Then, at this rat, three thousand ihree hundrcd and fort y miïlions of b:ird toiling sons of labor wuuld have to work One day in order to foot this war-bill of little Holland. The Sta'eof New York has alwaya since iju time of Gen. Washington, givên lier Electoral vote to the soccessful candiJaie for the Prvcilent of the Uniicd States exccpt in löl'i, Mr. .Mndison was electcd wiihoui the nid of ihif Siaie. Whiteliead J. Corncll Esq , decensed, o( Brooklyn, hos made a legacy of $9000, to be equaüy dividod amons the Temperanco Societies of ihat city. Knöwledge is the food of the mind.