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Instructing Slaves

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Letter to the Editor
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The following communicntion was pul lished in the N. O. Delta of Aug. 23d. Il is the testimony ofn friend of southem institutions, and may therefure be relied npon : Mr. Editor : - I have heard that soino wellineauing, perhaps, but erring persons, are in the hábil of inslructing slavce to rcad and tcritt ! particularly some of those consiituting jhe so-called philnnthropic societies,such as Sundoy Schools, &c. To say notlni.g of the impolicy of such proceedings, nnd ihe mischief t is colculatod to produce among ourslave populalion, il is forbiddan by late f - by a law to be found in Greiner's Louisiana Digest, page 631, article 3499, which reada as fullows : All persons whoshall teach, or permit, or cause lo be taught, any slave in this State to rend or write, shall, on coniciion thereof beforo any courtof competent jurisdicaiion, be imprisoned not lessthan one month,nor more than twelv monihs.' Your publishing this, Mr. Editor, may possibly have the effect of detcrring thcso mi.oguiied beople frona persistance in a wrsiiít more injurious to oursafety thati il! the railings of Rorthern fanatices.