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Benton Vs. Polk

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President Polk in his message, laboree] tbrough fourteen columns to show that we had given Mexico no provocalion fop war, and that we had a just claim to the Río Grande as our boundary. Now hear what Senator Benton said in tha U. S. Sonate in 1844 : " l wash my hands (said Col. Benton) of all nttempts to di$)iiember the Mexican Republic, by seizfng her dominions in New Mexico, Chihuahua, Coahuila and Tamaulipas. The Trcafy, IN ALL THAT RELATES TO THE BOUNDARY OF THE RIO GRANDE, IS AN ACT OF UiVPAR ALLELED OÜTRAGE ON MEXICO. ÍT IS THE SEIZURE OF TVVO TBOUSAND MILES OF HER TERRIT-ORY, without a word of explantttion teith her, and by vïrlue of a Trealy of Texas o which she isno party. Our Secretary of StRtP, in lus ieilor to ,lhe United States Charge in Mexico, and seven days nfter the trenty wassigned, nnd after the Mexican Minisier had wilhdrawu from our jeat of Government, shrvws ful! wcll that he was conscious of THE ENORMITY OF f HIS OUTRAGE; knew it was War ; and proflered volunteer apolngip.s lo avertthe consequenees which e knew he had provoked."CC The F ree Press has the following list rf the oflïcers of ihe Michigan Grund Lodge of F ree and Accepïed Maons, eleded ai their inte session in DelroiL While nevv secret associations are forming, the nncient order of Masonrv eems to be also rey i ving. E. Smith.Leb, M. W.G. Master. Jacob Bason, R. W. D. G. Master. Paul B. Ring, W. S. G. W. Joshua B, Tav'lor, W. J. G. W. A. C. SmitHj G. Secretary, Levi Cook, G. Treasurer, Wm. S. Brown, G. Visitor nnd Lecturer. Rc% Daiki, Michael, M. R-. G. Choplain, Czar Jones, S. G. D. Madison Cook, J. Y. D. J. E, Schwar.?s, G, Marshal. C. W, Millard, G, Ssvord Bearer. James Fento.v, G. Pursuivant. Skneca Caswbll,G. Slevyard and Tyler. ♦ In our Nnvy, there aro so many captains and commanders that under exisling laws ö woro all capnble of commands aud each cruise to consist of throe years, each captain would be nt sea once in Iwche years, each commander once in eighteen years, But this is not thft worst of it. It soems there is no inconsiderable portion that " are deficiënt in capacity and inexpericneed in Ihcir profession ;" - that there are " a few officers that have scarcely been at sen, nnd some who liave not seon service enough to accomplish them in the proper qualifications of their professien." { Some very few," he says, 41 have lived at ease on shorc for so man y inactive years, havingno connection with the navy but to take rank and pay, that a want of knowledgc of their profession has become added lo original inaptitudr, for the service." - Report of Sec. ofJSavy, 1845, quoted i.i U. S. JournaU(t5 The publishers of the Emancipator aro calling on thóir friends for help in sustaining tliat paper, as its subscriptions do not meet its expenses. They say : "Since its commencement other papers have been established in other Statesas well as Massachusetis, which have from time ta time narrowed down our circulation. Tho " Naiional Era " about to be startedat Washington, has perhapsafiected us more tlian all the loc.-il papers together. Our list has fallen ofF more Ihan four hundred within Tour months."