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The Great Question

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The Washington correspondent of the Ohio Statesman, says : " As the question of the future existente of slavery in any terriiöry to be acquired af the terminalion of the war is now overshndowing evcry thing olse, the views of public men upon it are eagerly inquired into,and as I have to-day learned f rom a fjciend how Gen. Cass stands with reference to ir, I take hfi liberty to w-rite you that he will vote against all utteñVpts to clog nny war bill or rosolution with Wilmot's provisión; bnt tïiat if the naked proposition to exclude slavery from any territory in which it does not now exist bylaw comes up without cennection with any thing else, he will vote for it." Geno ral Cass, no doubt, will endeavor to trimso as to cntch the wind from Oregon and Texas both. Ho will comyromise, we suppose, by giving to the South all t wants, dominion, and reserving for the Free States the only thing they cnn