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THE Gein of Scïencr, ISPI e"M E. H. SANFORO, EDITOR.. secosd roi.v.vr.. ThcGKMorKscKisJinFTY CENTsr,r,ixmo,m.s ur ON 1KH . L ktlCr'dirCCtCs!;NFORD&BROTm:RS, Pnhüshers of thé Gen. of Science, Ann Ar , bor. Michigan. I ITT Editora who wi 6" lllis Proap.ectus nfiwo Vee insertie, shaHrnve '- lavors a.uly. reciprócala. '-' Temp eran ce Bous el 8TEAMB0AT HOTEL. o rr non: m:c:l DAIVÏEL BABXEV, bavfcg ukèii his weli kiiown Stnod, a.J imrfp?Lred W accomn.odntc his rrienda ld tl Tiávdlm.' Public with olí hose cnv,-..,,-:, SSSffio'111-.kèihc-i comfortable, onU wïib pricos ;o snit t!ie unies ! cr Sc Ojice A"C at tfüs House. Omn.bu, and Bagage Wgbj JJJ! nnJ .o conyey Pañra to and Iro-n J_ frue of charge. ATTENTION THE WORLD!! Free Trade and Taihrs Rights. Tilt: citizens of Ann Arbor and v.clnity. of WashiennwCounty and Couniics adjomm are informal iht now is ihe tkneto v coai for;nb!y CLOTHEÜ and FAEÜ li fot a JhíWy'íest kind of Cloths and Trim-T.ings can l.e bou?ln dieop in Ann Arbor,L.wi-r Town, mul ..ere ia a TAI LOR opposuc G. & L. Becklèy'a Siore, whocan'tbeouidoaeany wlie.e isirepaïed to do Work in the most Fnshiona'.le Stle, i.rfoilow the dtrecuons ol lus customera, wA being .osícsscH of a largo ahare o! the M-lk pf Uurnai Kindnfss, his term? aro estabüshod on the principie of "LIVE AND LET LIVE." He has a peculiar trait in his charncter whicl) should be nmiced, it U nneej. vet tnie ps s-ra.e,- fíe idll nol Viohüe hm Pronu-.- Customers can Inve their garmenis at the tuinspeciíkd. FAlirklERS can lie cort-.-n oí good liuingnnd easy setting GARMEXÏ. nnd art jnfnrmcd ihnt all kinds of PRODVVK (excepi cnbbage) will bc taken in exchange ior his seryices He cuts to order, and his garments are sure .ofitifproperlymadeup. &tfjL$jP Ann Arbor, Lower Towo; Dec. 5, 1S46. PEACE DËCLARED, AND A TRSAT7 POnBSiSD, WHEREBY S. FELCH can hold FbbJc Trad am Commbick kv ISOOTS, SHOES, LEATI er, and Fintlings of all with all persons, Nnuves or Foreiners, on the following just and eqqal terms. viz : dood Arteles- Loto Prkes-Rcadij Vuij - ii nd lío TmsL Tlie suüscri'uer hnving fully teste 1 the Crcdn System ti his great los, both of cor.fiJence and cash, and baring suireied much lots y fue. nc cessiiy conipels him to colleci his puy -l 1J tre hartcst," as " atter hakvkst and nkxtfall. ' very ol'ten come up "missing," leaving him sudIh in ihe Boot-hole. He has come to the saine conclusión that certain sensible girls did on n late occasion, {tre. to tal ur mliusband, rcadij pau or nu Shocmahing ) AU persons that can conform to the above trcaiy will do well to cali on S. Fclch, Ann Arbor, Lowet Town, No. 4 Huron Ulock, wherc they will noi be taxed for oihera wurk who uever pay. . N, IJ. AH persons indebted in nny wy te the 's'jbscriber, had better rail and pay if thej are honest and mean to keep so. ü97-Gm S. r ELCH. Ann Arbor, Lower Town. Jon. f. 1847.FURN1TURE & UPHOLSTERING WAREROOMS. STEVENS & ZU, IN ihelowcr end of the White Block. dire.uly "opposiic ilie Exciiasgk. hnve on hand a lar2e of FVRMTCRK oí theirown manu acture, wbïch they will scll vory 'ovv for Cnsh . Thev also keep experienced Upholstcrers. and are prêparcd 10 do all kinds of Upiiolsienng ai the shortcst notice. Fnrniiurc o!" all kinds mndfi to order 01 the Let mater,al, and wajc & yjjQ Detroit, January, 1, 1847. 897-1 y R"ÓWLAÑD1S best Mili Saws, G, 01, and 7 feet. Itowland's best XCut Saws, 0, Gi. and 7 feet. Kni-lish C. S. Pit Saw?. i and 7 ieet. Superior American M.H Sáw Files, J0 to 16 inches. For sale at ihe eign of the Big Anvi!. Üpper-Town. ESRy WELLF.3. AnB Arbor, Jan. 10, ld 17. Ü!W-!y LINSEED OILU THE Subscriber is mnnuracluring Linecpd Oil on an extensive scalo and he is able te Bupply MERCHANTS AMD PAINTERS. on terms more favorable for tbctu ihan have ever bcfore leen offered In hi country, and Ite i prepared to supply orders for largcor smull quan titics nt prices extremtly low. {ET Communications by mail v-ill be prompt lyattendeJto. D L. LAT0ÜRETTE. LongLake, Genesec Co. Mich. 28:i-1y WA!TTJED, at Perry's Bookstorc, " Tóas clean Cotton and Lincn Ras. 1 Ton Bpewtfajf and 3500 Dollars in cash. for the largest assort jnent of Books and Staiionery ever ofFered in thi? Village. and at his ueunl low priees. Ann Arbor, Upper Village, Oct. 7, 1S40. 2C-tf JUSTARRIfED BY EXPRESS. THE Mozirt Collcciion of Bncrëd Mustc. Ij E. Ives Jun - coniaining the celelirausd Chrisiusand Miserere by Zingarelli wi;h Eng lisi wordsTeacher of Musie will pleo6e cali and examine the work at . SxJi ü ' ■ BOOKSTOKT.LEATiiËii! JLEATHEK! LEATHER! TTT LDRED Ss CO., No. 123, Jefierson Avenue, "Eldred's Block," Detroit, takej Fa i h ís opporjunity to nfbrm iheir customers, niid the public generally, that lliev stil) continue to kco) on hand a fuíl assortment oí" S ni.sli i?.!c Leaïhér, ! Also. Lnsts and Pe?s, Curriers' Tools, &c. Siu ug In crecí tlo IJmsi; and Coltar Le.-n.licr, Hcnilock tnnned lTpcr Lcnther, Cordovan do Oñk '" " 4i Moiocco Skins, Ftcncli mnned C:ilf Skins. Senl ilo Oak .-nul Hernlock lanned dn Gout Hindinir, riemluck tafinèd Hároéssond Bridle Lcaiher, Deer ;ui'l LaT6 do Oak " ;i ; Whitl nnd Qolored Linings, Hng nnd Tp Leniher, PriiVted do Ski ii'hl:. I'liiLnlelpi'iia nnd Oliio; Shoc Itussct do itii . iL,'-. nnd Kil ol :ill kinds. A-the Subscribci-s are rannufneturing their öwn Lenther, they are prepared lo seli as low nscnn be purchased in 1lii market. Merchnnts and manulncturers will find it to their advantage to cali and examine our stock before pUrchosirtg elsewhore. CTf'Cash and Leather exchaned for Ilides ancSkins. ELDRED & CO. Detroit, Jan. 1S-1G. 2-18-1 yNEWGOODS! Chcap for Cash!! ry. Subseribersbég renvó i'ó inlbrm their o!d customers. r.rul itie public fcsner.-iMy. hat iliuj nrc now receiving :i Inrge and epl'!id ssortmciu oí Eitgish, American nnd West 'ndia. GOODS. Crockcry, Sic7f Hardware, Pains, Oils, Dyestujfs, Drugs and Medicines. Also a íjctieral aásrtmeni of I RON. snitable or froning Vnínns niui Bugaie. Nnil Ro I s. losse Siiocs. and Uorse Nails. Shcci l.-on. Tin rt'are :md Tin Plaie - also a general assortnent of BOOTS $ SHOES, 'n:ck and üiin sale woik, nnd custom vork to j uu purchnsers. AH ot' wlm-h itiey will ?ell on ,he lowcst possilile, intuís tor Cash or Balteu. FéÍlo2 cinfideni ns ve d-. tlint we c:in iiinfee t for Ure ntere&i of all tliose wishiirg to purüliase any of the a!nvn niontiuned Go'ilí. ve di rtioBt eirnestly solitit nt lëasi nn invcfiigiii.'n jfonr Gouds and pnces beiore jiürchasing elsewhere. JAMES GIRSON & CO. W 3. JExcUange Slock. Ann Arbor. J.ower Town, Sept. 14, ]■- 'G. 282rtf CLOCKS AND WATCHE8 ! f r SqÍ rriHE Subscrücrhas jiifi ■ fi51 m J_ received.(;:nd i& ' Y "jOstandy receiving) froni " (lf nH New Yorkil11 elegant ard 1 h y'f t WL3Ö wcll eclecied assorimcnt r Jeweli-y, Clocks, Watchcs, Jee. S:c. whicii ho irutmdö to sell as Uw ns ai any j tlier establishuient ihis side oi Buff.ilo for rnnih c mi; oniij aüiofjg wLicli may be faund ilieiollow ! s n-,r: a popd aeoriment o i ' Gold Fingér Rings. Goldbrcnstpine?Wnstlets Gaard Cbains nnd Keys. Silver Spoons, Gemían Silver Toa and Table Spoons (first l quality.) Silver and Germán do Sugur Tongs. j Silver Salt.Mufctard nnd Cream syoonp, Butter Kníves, Gold and SiUer Pencil Cases. G-i ld Pen?, " ' Penei Is, Silver and Germán Silyer Tlurv.bles. Silver Spectacies, Germán ond Steel do. Göggtesi Clothcs. Hair and Tomh Hrushes, J.aiir Braphes, Razore and i'ockei Knivis. Fme Shears and Scissors, Kniv'íft nuil Turks. BrittanniaTea Pms and Cstors. Plaied, Brnse. and Britiania Candlesucks. Ssnufferé & Traye, Siiaviii" l)"xcsnnd Sonps, Clwpinaii's Best Itu.or Strop. Cnlfand Moroccf Wallets. Silk nd Cotion purses. Violins nnd Bosvs, Violm anti Eass Víol Siringe, Fluus, Fifcs. Clarionets. AccorIconf - Music Books (or tlie same. Motto Sen'.s. Siccl Pens nnd TwéezerB, Pen crises. Pnnfl and Tobacco hoxP. [vnry Dressing Combe. md B'ick nnd Puck t Cinnb. Nei-dlecni-fs. S?ieIeloes. Waiei Paints w B ushc-i. Toy Wnicnes. a greni varii-iy o' Qöll8.ffl Bhort ;he -rreaiest varieiy f loys cvim l,iou-ht to il.i;, mnrkei. work boxes. cliïï-Ircn's tcasetts. Crtloene Hair Oils. PhrcTlms :..!i-. Cnri Piador. Ten Bells. TlifTmomeiers Germán Pifies, AVood Pc-ncila. BRAGS A ,N I - WOQD Ci.OCKS. &c in fact nhrJosi eveiy ihing to picase the fancy. Lndics and Gcntle men-, cijll artd examine for yoitrselvcs. Ciochs. Waiches and Jewelry repairpd and wnrranted on short noiice. Shop al bis old tand. opposiip II. BerUr'f-brick Store, in the Store occuptedby "■ " N B.- Cash paid for old Gold & Silvrr. Ann Arbor, July lst, 134G. S?7l-1yFIÜ33Ï rXREü FJ. B. CRA1S woiilil iwspeeifiiMy notifv lie ciiixMis ofArtri Ail'or. and ihe surroumlinerounuy, tlmi he continúes to nc: ae Arcui ol'ilio HARTFORD FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, -ind will insnre Propi'iiy likairist 'osses by Fire. t ihelowcs rii-es. and wiih óeftpaieh mi iiccurncy. The Ilnnfonl lnsu-nnce Coinpnr.y is oiir nf the olilest and most siiible in ihc country, and il! lossussiisiiiincd Sy ilinn will he - ns thoy ovr have been- HnoiiTi.v i-aid ! Fire ia f. dnngeroiis element and nol to lieiriflud with: ;l)Rrelire. m;ike up yonr nind if unrd igüins'. it and doü't UKL.y ! A íew houis delay may be youi Mr. Qkank's OfHcJe ipin Crnne's new Dluck. corner oí the PüUli.c Square, Ann Aib.u. 2.a(l-if TEETIIf TEETIIH TEETHH.' MAST1CATI0N and Articulntion, warranted by ilieir being propt-rly repiaced. S. D. BURNETT, will continue the pradiee ol DIN VI8TIIY in uil iis vnrious bianchop. viz : Sculmg. Filiinï. nnd IniertiiiEon goi.l pl.ites or pivou. trom ne 10 au eniire wn. Oíd platea or misfits remodrd. onil made cqual 10 ncw. OFFICE over C. B. Thnmpson &. Co.'s Shb'e Store. Lillies who request it, cun be vvaited on 11 i hei r dwellings. V. R. Charires unusunlly low, ond all kinds ofPRODUCK tnken. Ann Arbor, Dec. 5: J86. 293- tf C LOVER MACHINES. TPfRASffWG M CHINRS nnd Spperatore nrc mnde and 3(ld hy their Ma chine Shop, nour the Pnper Mili, Lower Town, Ann Arbor. KNAPP & HAVILAND, Jfan, li'. l?ir. ur f.'list JSrbor ri'JK Sul)sp!.p.r Imvin piirchascd l'w interes'.s J. M. Rock.wjWl fai the MarHIe 5usiness. wouI'J jrifurm 'lie inlinhiíants of thi- md ntijoinin counties. thv. he jvill continue the usina s bi ihe rtld stand, in tiie Upper T..w.i. lear llie Prcsbytcri.m Clmrch. and manufaciurc o orjier : Monumcnls, Grrve Sloncs Paint Stone, Tablets, $c. &c Those wisliinir ío'obiairt -tny nrticle in liisline )fbusinefp wíl) Rnd lv caln; tli-it Iip hns an asíorimrní nf Vliiio and Variegated Mirblf from lm Enêlern Martile QuTirir. whidl wili be kvrouclit in M.xlrrn sivlc. 'ind .I(i nt fins'orn prirrp. r.(llinc tronsporintinn onlv. (':ill nnd ge' ihcproof. W. r. SPAULDINfi. Ann Arbór, Jan. 30. 1847, p72 ly TI-1E SUBSCRIBER has received his wiiijor siocli. wincli liuoll'cis lot Cash. ai greatly 'reáacbd pAiés. Tlie i'ublic; are invitcd (o cal!, examine, and judye lur tbeiiiBch es. iuw n liand. nnd daíly .íd'm.g SOFAS il every vurieiy and pnuesn. ríiid iniHst Ijishion. pnces troni $:W oht) upwh:db. UIVAXa. OTTOMANS. LOUMGKS. liUKEUá. ol nil ÍCrncV. froin 1 md up. Centie. vjird, Tea, Uress, l'icr, Duiiiig, and Net 'J'iilílcs. Wns-li. Cfjr'JIe, itid Toilet Stands. Betleiends- Muhugany. M.iple, and Wilnut. Iroin ,"-' f nri úp. Piuno Fortea : Piano Covers ; Piano Stools. D.iulde nnd binóle Alaircssea ol liair. sliucK, p.ilni Icaf. or blinsv. Doublc and single Coi Beds'eads. du do Wiising Desks. CIIAIRS. - The lCít atsoiunent tiiat can be tound wesi uí' New York and ihe cheopest in in is city. Windöor Chairs, a good article, at $2 50 ihe en, Mnhognny Fiencli Chairs. liairseat a fírst rale anide, nucí well lini.-hed Cor $:} 5;). Cish Diily. Mnliogonjí Ilotking Chairs. hair?nt íind back. w.nrin:i'd giod, ct tlie luvv )iice of $12, lor ihe ■ ■i.-:i onlv. Fia nnd Cañe Seat from 63. nnd up. Biid Ciigfa, pial and gallen? : Í3ird Ghssfs. Hbri nnd Toy V'iu'dbarriws, for clnl dien ; l'.nríit SJiOwer a-d Hip B.ths ; Uoston Bdth Pans-, Can p tíiuols. Umbrell.i nnd Uhi Siands. F.mcj Bellnws. Foot Serapers, Caín -i-at Counter and Hont Sio.d,. Cuitain material, Tubíe covers, Paien: Posi-Office hnlance?, Pie une Fraii:"'. W illow WuL'ons, Ciadles, Chaira. Cif'cks. and i3aktíl8 ; Brntannia Table Castora, very chenp. M.diiigany and Ilusrwood V'eneers ; Varnisli and Japan: Bronze, Mnnoiuiy Knobs, Locka. Gluf. Curled Uair, nnd Cañe Srals. Also. a luiré iwaibiimen'l of American Casiorö. èxpr&wiv lur Cnbinet Makers, very cheap. Cash nnd (he hight-st trifirkei p ice p'iid Ï01 my qnanti'y of Walnut nnd Chcry Lumber. I will also conract for any (frrííty of lirsrale AV'jilnm ivUinbcr. lo be Lwcd to order, and delivered by ihe Ist of June next. J. W. TiLLMAN, No. 7. Jeirer8on Avenue. Detroit. Jnnunrv 1. 1 47. 2D7-lyTHE LIBERTY MINSTREL O PÍE HUiVDRKD COPIES f ihe lifih crti tinn n'f hts (ïjgHiy popnlnr wnrk nre lor stJ' nt tïie Smniil nflice nt 50 eehia single, or $ 1.5 ' {iet üpzèn. Terms Cnsh. Now is ihc tiiiiu lor Liberiy choirs lo Fiijiply iheinselvi-s. Wn. S. BROVIY, Altorncy fy Counselor at Laxo. ANN AKfiOR, MICII. (FFICE yt'uh E. Munly. Esi. 2'J7-ly GUIT AR, BRASS VIOL, AND VIOLW STRINGS, just receivd by Dec. J9, 181G. 4,06 G. BLIS9.TUIE prcccdmg tii-uio is given to represen ilie Insensible l'erspiratiun. h is ihe grea vacuitittn t'or Uie iniKiriies of the body. Jt will je noiiced tbat a ihick. cluudy mist issues from ll points of the suríaue, whicli iridíenles thai iliis perspinüion fl w uuinierruptcdly wlien we ! are in lie.iltli. Linceases wlien wc uo sick. Li e i:annot be su.Mained withoui it. 1 1 is tlirown oíl ironi ilie blood nn.J otlier juices of ihe body. and disposes by tlus mé'uns'. ol neirly n!l ihe impumie-s wiiliin U3. Tlio UloinJ. dj tlns nicans only, works itseii pure. The lanyuigt: i.l' Scríp i ure is, --ii tlio Ulond is :ho Life" Il it evm becomes irnptire. il may be trnced directly i the sioip;io OÍ ihe Insensible Pcrspiration. Ji nevcr reqtiires nny inlernnl medicines to clcan'se it. as it ulwnys púrifiosiisclf by iis own Ireatniidñction. niid throw oll' n!l the oftending hnnïore, ibrou'gh lite Insensible rerepuclion. Tlms we sec uil is iiccessavy when ihe blood is stagnnut. or iniected. is to open ihd pores, and it relieves itgi;!f fruí) uil iinpnriiy tnsüinily. "lis own héiil and viialitv ore sulïioicnt, without onc-parliclc of nudieino. exuept 10 open the pores upon ihéjsjirfnce wc sf;C the jolly ot laking so mncli imernnl remedies. All praeiitionurs, however, din-ci iheir cffrts io restore ilie Insensible purspiraiiou, bit I it to be not always the propr onc. Tin: Tlioinpsouian, or instnnce Steaiiis, lire HydrMnthisï slirouds n in yeibTankei.-j. lliè 11-nnopaih st deelsom inlinitisöinnili, ihe AII.M) Hiiisi lüeerts and (bepa us wiih inerc-ury,and the blustoiing Qu;iu' gorgts us wilb iüls, pills: pil Is. 'i givc sonie idea of tlienranunt of the Tnscn sihlc l'erspiration. we wil! siñteUia! th Iparned Dr. Lewcnhock. and tiie gieat Bot rh.iavo. ascerlained that live-eihihsol all we rcceive inio the stoinach. ijhsmuI off by ilus nu-aiis In othei virds. if we tíui anl drsnk t-ilit pounda [er clay. we evMc.ntc üve poundsof it by the Insensible Perspiration. 1'his is none other ihnft the used up partióles f the lil-io-.l. and other juicos giviny (daue tp ihe new and Ires'n ones. Tü check tlus, tlierelore. is to retain in ihe 'svsiem iiv-eihihs of all the virulent inatierihal nature deinands s-Iiuuld leavc ihetj'üdy. And even 'hen tlus is tlu; c.isc. the bl )od is of so active a principie, thai il deierinine t ose partidos to the ski i. where thcy t'orin sea!, pimplos, ulcers. and oihsr spots. By o sud.len trunsnion ironi heat io cold, the poros nre stoppeci. the pc'rspirariojn ceases. and Jípense begins at once lo dcvelopeílself. Henee, a stoppage of ihis ílow of thé juices, originales so maiiy epíñjuñjius. ■ h ís by' stopping ihe pores. int overwnelms innnkirid wiih oughs. colls, and oor.sumptions. Xine-iemhs or the worhl iie from dtse .ses ínhicjd by a stoppage ot the insensible l'örspira Iton. It is casily secn. therefore, how nccessnry is the flaw af 'is subtle humor to (he surlace. to preserve iienlih. It cannot be stopped: it ennnoibeeven cheeUed. without inducing disciM-. Lel me osk now. every can. lid muid, whai coiirse scems ihe most rensOiüiMé ro pnisue. i. unsioo the pores. alier ih-y are close-l .' oul vou ivo physic tonnsiop Mifi poret! Or wouli yon ap)l siinietbing ihñt would d ilus apon ih where ihe cloüging acm-dly ál U'ouh uot ihis b'! coiiiDwn sense? And yet 1 kn-.wo no physicjan wbó makes any ext.rnal applicaiioi to eÖfeïl it. The reason I nssign isj thai no inedi cine wiihin iheir knowledge. is capalde ol domj, it Under tbíse drcumsiances. I presnt M pln-R'cians.and tonll ótWrV, a prepnraiion iha 1, 1? this ].ower in iis fullest ?xte[i. [U'Wfeas STER' 8 AU. IIEAUXG ÜlNTMENl. orilie WORLD' 8 SALVÍÍ! li has power K rc.siovc psñinittpn on tlie leet, on ihe head, a round oíd sores, upoñ ihe chest. in short iip-u inyp-trtol ihe body. wheiher diseased tlighily or severely. It hns powcr to cnusc all sores, serofiilijúshuiiiors, skin d.seases. pois-.nous wotmds. io decharge their putr.d matter, and iheu healí ' Jt;ia a rcmedy thnt sweepa off ihe wliole cata logue of cutaueous dis rtlers. and restores tn -n'tirectiticle to ii?heal:hy functions. It is a remedy thal the nocessiiy of U uiany and duleicriou drugs laken into ihe sto.utich. . . It is a rcmedy thnt neither sickens. givoa íncóhvcn'.ehce. or is dangeroú to the irnos mes. It "preserves and deferida the stnface fr.nn al .leraivenient oí" its funcuons, while it keeps o fíen ilie cuantiéis f.r ihe blood to void all its i-nourities and dispose of all its useless particles l'lie Biirfnce ia the ouilct oi fiye-eiihtlia of th DíÍh and used up rnattér wiihin. It is pieree h millions ol openings to relieve the mies íes Stop up these pores. and oenth knock 5 'at yourdoor. It is rihily termed All-Ilealin ■ ;or ilierc ib scireely a dis.'nse. exiernal or inlet nal. thatit will nol bciafir. 1 have used n fo ! ihe last fourtecn years, Cor nll discaees of th y ehesr-, consumption. liver, inyolvina ihe utmos dangerand and 1 d.-.clare helor " lleaveu and inmi. ilint not in one single cnse h;i ■ u f.iilnd to Itemfi'. wlion ihe paiicut was wian ihe reacl of mortal miarfs. J I Inve had pHysiclnns, lenrncd in ihe proles ■íion; I have had ministers oí ilin Gospel. Judg -aon the Benëh. Al-lermen nnd Lawyt-rs. peí : ileinen olthc high.-steriidiijon and niultn tuli-.s Hits poor. use it in every vaiieiy of way. nn '■ .here bíisbeeh hut one vrtice.onc unned. umvc voicc, saytng, "McAlisier, your üintment goodT' CONíUMPTION. It can hardly be credited ihai a salve can ha e nny elfrct upon ihe luns, seöted ae they ai within ihe Bystetn. Bal we sny i.nce lor all, 'h ilns Ointment will rench the Iones qmcker tli.i e ;,ny medicine that can be given iniernally. Thu it placed upon ihe chest. u penetrales duecily i e il3 lungs. separaii-8 ihe poisonous particles th are consumí ng itíeiñ, and expela ihem irom ti ■ sysism fr, l' "i med not say tint t is curingpersonsol Loi suiíiplion coninuíiily. althouiíh we nrc told it loohshness. I care not what is snid, so long i ' I can cure sevetal ilioiisand persons ytorly. BISAD ACHB; " Thi3 Salve has cun-d persons of the TIcad Acl ,. oí ' years siandiníj. und wiio liad it regular I every weck, so ilint vo-niting ol-on took p nec DeáfnMS and Kar ÁcJio are helped with ti á like succeus. as also Agüe in the Face. jr COI.D KKKT. CoMsumption. LiVor complaint. pains in t II chesiorside, f.ilhn,' of ihehnir. nneor ihe oih '' ;1w:iy8.iccomn;Hiies cdd feel. It ís a guie sig of disease in ihft systcm to have cold liet. !' The Salve will restore the Insensible 1 ersj ' rationand thus cure every case. " I n Scrofula. f'.rypipelns and Salí Kheum, ni oiherdiseasesof tliis nature, no imernarrenje á iias yei been discovead ihm ia 80 good. 1 (1 „me may bc said of Bronchitis. Quincy. So Throat, Piles. Spinal Diseases, Hroken or So Breñal. &c. And as for the Chest DisenfiCP, such as Ast mn, Pain. Opprrssion and the like. it ia theinc woñdcrful anudóle in the World. F.Vr Livor Ccmplnint it is equally PÍÍicnciou 1i f,,r Burns it Ims nol hositequnl in the Worl le nlso. Fxereeences of every kind. sui-has ari i' Tumors, Pimples, &.c, it niakes clean work ilium alí. SORK KVK8. The nflammntion and disense always lifebá; of ihe hall of ihe pie in il-e socket. Honro. ?: virtne ofany medicine nijiar rench thc i ecaí ' he inflamation or it will do little cood. T Salvo, if rubhed on the umploe. will penetm dircctly into ihe sor.ket. The pores wíl be opc - ed a proper perspiration will becreated and t disease will soon pnsa ofFiothe sur'ace. ff PIMPLES ON rnE FACE, FRKCKMÏS, TA, MASd I.I.VE SKIN, CIIOSS 9URF4CE. Iifirta:t(on to cxel hmor. Itwt cease drawir.g lili ihe lace ís free from any T] nter iliat mny bc lodged under the skin nny -U jquently bicaking out 10 ilic eurlace. It tlien ,ila. Wlieu ilieie ia noiliing bui grossncss, or til repulsivo Bur'tice, it begins lo sollen and ken uuul die skin becomets assiuo.Hh and Miite as a child's. It tbrowa n freshness and ushitig color upon the now wlute. iranóparenj tin. iha is pèrleciiy erichnnungj Some times i case ÓÍ Frockles it wiil lirst surt uut ihose int have lain hulden nnd seen buiseldom. l'ur iö tlic áalve and uil will soun disappenr. VKO.KMS; Ifpnronts Unew how fiitpl most med.cineswere ru ) childrcn taken inwardly, tluy woirld be slow J resori to thüni. Especiully mercurial lozen)t ...." cnlled medicüted lozenges," pills, &c. jj 'he truih is. no one cm teil, uivnrinbly, when orins are present. Now let me sy to parents. js luit this Salve will nlwiys teil if a child hat roims. It will di ivo every vesiige of them a' vay. This is a simple and sale curo. p' 'i'hcre is probably no medicina pñ the face of ' heearth at once so surennd so safe in the exc% tulsion of worms. "( It would be cruel, nay wickod, to give interse ïnl. dou'.ittul medicines, so long us a harmles, iü xtcrnal one could be ind. ÏOH.KT. .V Aliboush I have said lutln nbont i as a hnir c( rsstofajive, yei Í will siplie itagninst ihe Woild! Théy mny'brirfg iheir Oils (ar and ncnr, tuul " mine will resiore the hnir two cases to tjicirone. Ol.ll SORKS. MOttTiriCATIONS. Ut.CKIÍS. ETC. a Thnt some Sores arp an outlet to tiie impui'i" rie of the sysiftn, is because lliey cannot pnsS 1' off thróösjb tlu natu il chnnnols of the Insensia lle Per-piration. If tfticli sores nro healed up. '' the iinpuriiies must li-'ivc some other outlet. or i f? will endanger lile. This is tho reason why.ius i in pol i tic to "se thé comniüii Saive of the day f' in such cuses. For they have no power to open otlie. avenues, to let oti" thi morbid matter, aml v he cónséquence.s are nhvays fatal. TIiih Sulve r villalways próvido for such einergqncics. DlèKASKB OV CJMI.nUK.N. '' How many ihousands are swept ofl' ly givinp nternül niefiicinea, whan iheir young liodit t and tender (raines are uriable to hear up ugainsi hem? Whoie armies are thus sent to thftir ' jravcs mereiy trom pouring inio iheïr weak ' tomachs powrerful drugs ond j)hysics!! It is ti snel thnt the All-Healmr Oinnrent tendéis so sale, picasant, and hannless a ciue Such can hs as Croup. Cholic. Cholera Jnfantinn. Worms, and nl! Snmnicr Co'mpTainis, by which so many chil Iren die. tho Ointment will j nove mi specdily and surcly, thar a physician will never be nccded. Mothcrs! throughotii - nll t Iïit land. we now poieninly and sacredly clare to yon thnt ihe All-IJcaling Oiniinent wil! vivo your cliildrcn írom ,in early Vivía if yon . will nse it. We are not now aciuatcd by tlie { eos' désiré to L'ain: but knowing as we do ihot ( vas! boilies of iniants and chUdren die early: ( which is Kiipposfed to be inevitable and itnpossiie to prevent, we hold np our wnrriinn voice,. nnd (focliie in iheinceof the whole world. CHILÜREN NT.ED NOT DIE AIORF. THAN OTJIERSÜ But it is from the want ef proper nounshmcni tihI the constant druggmy thcy uhdt'rgo which ihem clown as ihe rank gruss fulls belort the scythc. Mothers! we repeat again. and if they were the last wouls we were ever to uiter, nhd'ol conrse past the reach pi all inloiest. we would say, "use the All-llealing Ointmcnt foi sickneis nmong children." rheYjmatism; It removes al most innnefliately the inflamation and swelling, when the jiain ol' coursc ce KKVERS Tn ca?es of fever, the diiTiculty ües in the pores beins locked up. so that the iiïat and persp'ntlinn cannoi pnesoff. il the least moisturr ■ ■.luid be starled, the crisis ia poseed and the .lüimer over. The All-Healing Omin-ent will in nl t c.-ises of ffvers iilmost instantly uulock tlu ■kin and briiijr fonh the perfpirntiou. KHJHt.K COMPI Al I S. Inflnrnatiori of the kidneye, ol tiio omh. nn' itslallinii down. f-Jikiiess. íhkI i rctiilniity; ii. short,, uil tliQse difficuliie uhj. h are flequen vith Veniales, lin'l remly and poimaneni Velïef. We have had aired ladies teil us they could ni1 livp. six months wiihiMit il. Dut io femnlcs about tn becitme inothers. ifused forsonie weeks antecedent to their confinentoni. very few of thosc pains and convuisions which altend them at thai period will be feit. Thisfact ought to beknown die world over. SCAI.D HKAD. We have cnred cases that nctually defied everythinir known.ns well as the nhility of fifieen .ir tweniy doctors. One man lold us he hai' spent .r)IK) on his children without any benefit, when "a few boxes of the Ointmcnt cured ihem. CO KNS. Peoplc need never bc troubled with ihem if ' thcy will nao ii. As a FAMILY MF.DICLVF:, no tnnn can mensure ii value. So long ns the stars rol; tlong over tho Heaveus - ho loncr ns man trend the earth. subject to all the nfirmilies of the , (}e3], „ lony ap disease and sickness is k-nówii . just so lonswill iliifi Ointment ie nsed and csteemed. When man cenees from oiT the earth, - then tliedemand willceate. and not jjll then. To allny all appteherisions on account of its I incredients. in posiessingsuch powerfulproper- ties. we will state that it is co-nposed of some ol - the most eoinmon and hannless herbs in existence There is no mercury init. asean le icen f froin the fact that it does not injure the skin one J ïarticle. whileit will pnss ibmiiirh and physïc - thebowels. JAMF.S McALlSTER &■ CO. 1G8 South ftreet. N. York. Sole proprictor of the obove Medicine, to whom all cpminunicotione must bo addtcsseci ' (post paid). PriceVöcentsnnd 50 cents. ETCAUTION..O ;l As the All llealin Ointment has been creat' Iv counterfoiicd, we have g:ven ibis cnuiión tfi t 'hepublie. thnt i;no Ointment will he enuine I unlf-ss ihe 'naincs of James JvicAIister, or.J.aihéf tMcAlisier fe are written with n prn upoi " evéry labfl." The label is a sieel enrnving. wiih ihe figure of Insensible Pcispiration" or 1 . the luce. Now we hereby offer a reward of ;t0 b paid on conviction, in any of the constiiu'e r courts ol the United St;:'es. of any individua lh coimterfeitina o-tr nnnic pnd Oiniment. MAYNARD'S. Ann Arbor, Wholesale Arrpnis; Smith & Tyrell. Clinton: KHcKiim & 'e Smiih,Teciiii-seh: I. C. Whitwood. Doxici e H.t Bower, Manchesier; John Owen & Co. II Deroit; Hant:an &- Cook, Biooklyn. 11 Dec. 18, 1Ö45. 24- ly s. l Ón Hand Again ! THE Subscriber would respeclfullj noiily ilie publrc. that hc is lociiied onc is more in the villnge ol Ann Aibor, and is preis pared to nccomniodaie the eoniniunity wrïh i choice and w-ll st'lecied nssorinif m of K23W GOOBS, p ennsistine of Dry Góo'us, (uuckriis. ITard'' wirk, Boois and Sii'iks. Crdckiüy. Ac. &c. which he will sell for liEADY PAY P3 chea ' .iö the same qunlity of Gouds can be had ai an othcr store in town. Persons who wish to niake pu reliases lor Cash l„, at Cat-h Trices, will do well lo cali bcfoiepurcha „. sinc elwwhere. g ]Jy keepinu' tbe first qunlity of arnclrs, by sell ' ' ing at small profits, and by n fair and lonoiabh tí Ciarse in business, he expects to nterit a libera shnre of public pn'ironniie. iH M,.si kinds of COUNTRY PRODUCE wil V bp tikrn in pavment for Goods. O"" Don t f ui git the ■place.- on the East Sidi " ■! AloiB streí't. a Irw rloors south Óf the Publii r' Soua.e, in the same store with C Bliss, Jewelur rt' M. WHEELER. h Anu Ar'ior. Nov.24. I.G. 29--tf st F1RE AND DISSOLUTION. TVfOTICE is hereby given bat the Co Ll partnership herctotore i'xis ing between ibi 8, Sul ecrihers. is ihis day dissolved by nuiiunl con : tent All pereons indebied to said firm. nie re quested to rnll ioithwnli and scttlH. as our !os by fire tenders it n'-cessary ihdt immediaie pny!H "uent shonlrt bo tnmle. The accounts are lel '"' witb Sabin Felch. at the old stand. o' SAIïtN FEICÏI. he KMANUEL MANN. u Ann Arbcr. Nov. 14, 184G. hc N. B. S. Felch will continue in the Bool Shoc, & Lenther Business, as usunl, whero In [_ hopos thnt nll hi old patrons, and the publii nenerallv will favor him with thrir patronage. . 3i)l-3m SABIN FELCH.ÍOOKS! BOOKSÜ AT PERRY'S DOOKSTORE. TO THE PUBLIC rlIF. undersigned liaving returned frorn New 5r York wiih a ncw, laige and vuluable stock [% iooks, Stationery and Paper Hangings, ; now reao'y to sell for Cnsh, my ihinginhis ro no nt his nrw stand on Main street, oppote H. Becker's Bric!; Store. He will sry to s ook puroliasiTS. that. by his tffirrs last fall on 8 rcuirn from New York, the price of nearly very ihing in his linc has bcen sold .less than eretuforc, and had it not bcen for liiin, puichaers would have continucd lopay the priceshereofoie chnrgcd. He can say also, that his sales have been berond his most sanguine e.xpectutions. sluiting onclusively that h public benefnc:or. nlthóugb y ;ver so smsill. will not go unrewarded in thití enghiencd comniuniíy. He a thankful t"-r ihc favors nlready bestowed. ind would rcspecifully solicita continunnee ofthe 'I ■radi;: nnd he would say tu tliose who bever liave - jurchased books of li ín, that he will show them sl" mieles nnd piic wiii pleasnrc a any time m( ihcy may cali wlreiher tliey wish to purchase or 'l9 Cash orders from ihc couniry will be nttended ie lo. and (he bonks pnckod as well as if the perin sony wcre present lo nticnd tlie pinchases. He will alto bt'll to cliild.-en as cheap as thcir pal rents. Puroiinsers will do wrll to examine his stock nnd prices hefore pürciin&hg elsewhcre. Jv Don' f fornetthc place; be sure yon cali :iai PERRY'S BOOK STORE, on Main l Slrect, afcw doors Souih of Ihc Public q Square. S WM. R. PERRY. V AnnArbor, June 27, 1816. 5tí9-tr g THRESHIN6 MACHINES. c THC undersifíiied would infürm the public ' thai he niíinulacturcs Horse Powers and 'lliresliing Müchinrs ai Scio, oi a superior kind invenied by hiiüscll. Thesj Powei8 and Machines are particularly di adapféd lú the of Farmers who wish to use C them lor threshing iheir own r;;in. Tlie el :r. ihiesher and fixtuns can all be loaded mo a C cotnmon sized wógdn box and diuwn wiih onc A pair of hoiSLS. Tliey are designed to be used b; wiih four horses. nnd are abundanily strong foi K ihat nimiber. nnd may be safely tised with six oi S eight nprses with proper care. They work wiih t lessstrength ul horses according tothcamoLnt ol business dono ibnh any oiher jiower, and will ihresh Renerally about '-W) bushels wheat per dny with four horses. ín one instance 15í r bnshels whent were ihreshed in three houis wiih lour horses. ', This I'ower and Mnchinc contnin all tlic nd vantnges necessary to make tliem proliiable to l tlio nurch.iser. Tliey are strong nnd durable. - i Thoy nre ensily moved from one pluce to . er. The work of ihe .viiscs is easy on these j poweis in con panson to oihers. and tlte price í LOWK.R ihnn niiy (tlier powcr and machine, have ever been s-old in ihe Sime, according to the real valué The terms nf pnyment will be rul f r notes that ure known tu be ubáóluiely t iood. i ! liavn a number of Powera and Machines S now rendy for snle and persons wisbing lo buj Mire invited to cali soon, I CLKANERS. ' í e.xpect lo lie prpnred wih'n a few dnys Ir :n:ike Clennetí lor ihose who may wnni ihent. , The uiility and ndyiininges of ibis Power nnc' Machine will nppcar evidni to all on e.aminiiu. ■he recommendiiiion.s below. All perso.ns, are cnuiioned against m&king ihese Powers and Machines: the undersigne having adoptcil the necesstiry measures for secu ring letters patent for the saine within t he uim required by law. S. W. FOSTER. Scio, Wasbimaw Co , MiHi.. June Id, 134(i UECO.MMENDATIONS. Durin: the ycar ÍH-IT), c;ich of ;he undersigneri pnrchufced and used either individually or jnintly with others. or.e of S. W. Foster's newly in venied Horse Powers nnd threshing lachinrs. nnd helicve they are beticr adnpied io the use ol Farmers who wmt Powers nnd Machines fo iheir iiwn i'sc than any other power and threther. within our knowledgo. Tliey are calcuiateH (O be used wiih four luuses and are of nmpic 1 strengih (or that number. They appear to b ; construcied in such a manner as to render then. ' very durable wiih liuje linbiliiy of gettíng ont o' ' order. 7 hey are e isily niovr-d from one plo'c ' to anoilifr. They can be worked wiih nny nurn' ber of bn.ifls from fotir to .iglit. ahd will ihrésli ; aboi't 200 bushels whpnr pvr r'. v, J. A. POUIHMUS. Scio. Wasli biaVv co G. BLOOD. ' " T. R1CHARDSON, "í ' 1 SAMUEL HKALY, " !; P. FOSTKIt, " " N. A. PFir.LPS, ' ADAM SMITII, J. M. fiOVV.KPr. Lima, WM. WALKER. Web.Mer, " TU OS WARREN, ' D. SMALLEY, J.odi. M I threshed last fall ?nd winter w.'ih one of S. W. Fosier's hnrse powers. more than filteen thousand bushcls grain The repairs bestowed ■ upon iie )ower amounted to ohly 6 cents, nnd n it was in good order when I liad done threshing. ï 1 invariably used six horjus. A A RON YOUNGLOVE. " Marión. June 6, 1S1G. I pnrehased one of S. W. Foster's hom n poweis lnst fall nnd hnve used t for jobbina. 1 liave used ntnny dirlerent kinds of puwers anc' '. believe ibis is ihe best running power l have ' ëvéVfeen. D. S. BENNET. 1 Hamburg. June, 181G. We purchiised one of S. W. Foster's Hoi: c Pov.xss i;isi lall, and have nscd it and thuiti il i.. a l'isi late Power. JESSE HALL. DANIEL S. HALL, REUBEN S. HALL. Hamburg, June, 1846. 2G9-tfLOOK HEREÜ EOSTOÏT CASH SïOSS: N. 2 lïïf.liiingii Jiuililtng. One Door SouUi uj' Ikc Exctitóifre Hotel. Upur Toten ANN A RU OU. AlWH. nsmwL es0BL JUST received mul nm iue. for sale Chcaj: lor Cash, being ONE OF the best assort menis of DRY GOUDS ever bcfore ofIcrcd n lilis Mnrket - such as - mtOADCLOTHS, CASSIMERES, SATINKTS. PRiNTS. SHIRThNG ANL SMEETING, VESTÍ NGS. PLAIDS, SHAWLS, A LARGE ASSORTMENT. &c qikI dlmost evey thing in llie Dry Goode line, loo nnmerous 10 monfion - nll ol wliich are o the liiiesi ond most Fashionnlle Slyles. Tlu public nre invitcd Irt c:ill niu) t xnmine this STOCK OF GOODS, nnd 10 jude lor uieniselves. Goode will he sliovvn at all time, ond ever) ntteniion paid W thoee whovieit the Bosion Cnsl Store. Don.'t forget the number, io. 2, Kxi change Building, Upper Town, Bosion Casi Store. MA1NS, M'DOWELL.A. CO. Ann Arbor, Jnnuary. 1847. 2D8-tf "tocöuntry merchants." THE Suhscriber hns consinmly (ut sale gooti nssoriment of henvv WOOLEN CLOTilS, well adnpied to icecnurury mnrket wliich ho wil Heil at wholeeule ar retnil, vkhy low. Cali anr see ihein al iho Mnhvttan Stobk. W. A. RAYM0ND, 275-tf Detroit. C CLARK, Attorney and Counselor and Juetice of the I'eace. - Office, Cour House, Ann Arbor. 290tfiffiïl Fhis excellent compound id for sale by th )prietor's Agente. MAYNARDS. 2G3-ly S T OR E . Sign of the Big Anvil. Viird Slore scuth of the Square, on Main Street. rHE Subscriber, having received his winter stock, wi'ulii respecilnlly invito tu its inlection Country Déniers, Mechanícs. and Farers. cónfideut that they wil! find the assortment i gencml and complete, nnd the pritcB ap loy .vitli ibe additíonnl charge for transportoiion on envy oods) as at any establishment o) the kind i Deiroii. 11 8 stock is comprised in part of the following nicles FOR BLACKSMITHS. Jnniata. Swcdes, and Oíd Sable Bar Iron ; unióla and Peru round oi.d square Iron, from . Kiihs lo 3 inches; Band. Hoop. Siake, and Ioreo Shoe Iron, all eizcs ; Norwegian and Oíd iuble Nail Rods ; American. Swcdes, Engliah JiisteijGemiun, nnd Cast Sieels. Albany Spiing iteel, Albany niado Wagon and Scm Springs. Vugon Boxes. Slcigh and Cutte. Shoes, Malíüble Ci'fitinps of every possible fomi, Hurse íails, Bórax, Horse Shoe Simpe. Bt:sg Bands, Umiíope Mouso Hole and VVright's Anvüa, bourel Keyed V ices. W.esi's Bellowy, Sledjje nd JJ.-ind Hanimers. Uollow Augers, Files und tasps oi every simpe and sizc. FOR CARPENTERS, A fnll assortment of castern Bench and Moutling Tools ; Plañe Irons; Millwriuiít, Kiaming, Jotner. Duck Bili, Firmer, and Tiirnins ChisIs ; Millwright, Tnining, and Firmer Gouges { Joncave, Cuncave Nut, and Conunon Aucrs ; uer-lipped. Centre, Spóon, Goupe. and Gim ilet Bilis ; líand, Pnnel, Buck, Compasa, and eyhole Snwa ; Steel and Iron Squaies ; Try 5iiiare8, and Bevels : Spirit Levéis ; 2 and 4 oíd Rules ; Broad. Ha: d, and Narrow Axes ; dzes, llaminers, Setis of Braces aud Bilis. FOR BUILDERS. Cut Nails from 9.1 to fiOd, Wrouaht Nails, Rroad hoad and Finisliing Nnile, Cur Bradii, Dry niel Mixed Lead, Lins'cd Oil ; ".'Bellévernoü," Glafs Iroin 7 by 9 to 10 by N ; Ainerican ,,,J Norfolk Laiclies ; Ainerican and F.nglisli h.t M.niise, and Cotiaue Locks and Linches, wuh R)sewood. Brass. Mineral, nnd Plated Knobj ; Casi, Tmifl', and Wrouglit Butin: Scrè'ws. Bolt, Door Bills and Furniture, Braes Knockers, Ciíicrn Pumps. TIIE FAIUíEiíS; will fi id every niensil ih?y icquire. Axe% Maituieand Pilcíi Forks. lmn and Cnst Steel Shovels and Snades. Grass und Cradle Syihes. Grain Sco'ps, Hccs. Grulibinír Hops. Straw Knivcs, Crowbars. Pck Axfs. Wool and Hotse Cards, Ilor8e Brushes an! Cnrry Comb, Log, Trace, Coil, Wrapping. and H ni ter Clunn. HOUSEKEEPEKS. can scirct from I he most íii ...i nüsonmenl nf rtmericnn and Énulisli T. cry, Shear, Sci-;sirs: í'eii nn( Pockai Kiiívcó. Butlcf Knivei;, lnn. Brittnnnia, Germán Silver. nnd Finted 1a ind Table Spouns ; Brit'iñhnia Tea and CSfíeé Pois : Brs8, Iron. and Britiannia Cindlos.icks :ind LnmpJR, SiiuíTims nnd Trays, Tea Tray, Hi;s;,iui Iron Andirons, Shovels, and Tonpt, liirips Keiili' nnd P.iüs, Sad Iion. &c. &c, logélher wiih a l;rge assortment ot Alb.iny Cngt COOK, PARLO R. & BOX STOVES, ill of which. having pi;rchased for Cash, he will ofícr at mosi reasonablo torms. IJEM1Y VV. WELLES. Ann Arbor. Dec. 3, I84G. 2i):J-Iy SELECT SCHOOL. MTSS J. B. Smith. nS9Í8ed by ISIiss S. FiKr.r,announres to the public ihai che ii ni pared to rtecive young !m ics into lior schoul n ihebiistirient room ol the EpisDopal Cliuich. Tkums. - For quaner of 12 weeus. for English branches from .'.io ,5; French and Latin cich $'{ extra i f U'sued together wiih :hc Lnglish tudié, or sépñratcfy, $5 each. Tc school wiil be furnished wiih a Philosophical nppr.ratus; nnd occasionnl lectures given on tlie Natural Mis. Hiifílis will ve nsmiciion to nll who de8rc it, in Music. Drawing, Paimingand Necdlework. Miss Smiih refers to the followinggcnltemen: Professors Wilünms, Ten i rook, and Whecdrtn ol the University; Rev. W. S. Cnrtic. Rev. Mr. Simons, Rcv. C. C Taylor, Jlon. E. Mundy, Wm. S. Mnynnril F.cq, Ann Arbor. April 2!). 1:6. 202-tf MICHIGAN LAND AND TAX AGENCr. H. D. POST, Masón, lngham Counly, Michigan. WILL altend to the of Tnxcs, examinaron ot Tn!cs. purchaso and sale of Lands. &C. &c. Any biiBÍne8j) entnisted to him will he transacted with promptues8 und aocuracy - Addresi mail. liefereners, (Inj permission. ) C. Hurlbut. Detroit, J. C. Hearit, drother & Co. Wilder &i Snow, lroV' Woodburv. Avery & Co. „ , . R. G. Williams, Aew Yorh' CKEAP STOVES " AT YrSILANTl! Ot COOKING &PARI.OR STOVES, 4J ju8t received. by the Subpciibcr, (rnoBi!y from Albany) making a gruid nfrsortmeni of ihe Intesr nnd best patterns. which will be eold at Loto Piiccs! not to be undersold this side Lako Eiie! Also, Copper Furniture, Cauloron Kettlcí, flollow Ware of ali sizes, Stove Pipe, Sheet Iron, Zink, &c. TIN WARE! Mniiufncliired. and constnnily Kept on hand , which will nlso he sold very low. P. S. - Purchascr8 will do wcll to cali and examine Ibr theirown Baiiafoction. J. AI. BROWN. Ypsilnnti. J:'ne20, 1846. 27It FOR SALE CHEAP ron CASH, or every kind of country Produce, Saddlcs, Bridlcs,Harncss, Trvnks, Valiseo, Trunk Valiies, Carpei Bugs, $c. Albo a foou anúrúnéiti oi Vv hips Al J.,smm, ' which will be sold very low, nnd no rnibtnkc. it . COOK & ROBINSON'S. Ann Arbor, AuguailQ, 184G. 277-tf JE. G. BURGER, Denlist, FIRST ROOM OVER C. M. & T. W. ROOT1' STORE, JRANE & JEWETT'8BL0CKi Gl-tf ANN ARBOR. " 4 RMITAUK ftluuae Hole" Anvil. } J . " Wriijlit's" do. Coitcrel Keyd Vices. We8t'8he8t BeUows, 30 to 36 inchess. Sledges, Hnnd Hammers, Files and Rnsp oí evey kind, can be found at the Iron Store, siga , of the Big Anvil. _ HENRY W. WELLES. Ann Araor, Jan. 10, 1847. 298-1 y