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Young Rembrandts: Power of Drawing - The Mandala


Saturday September 26, 2015: 1:00pm to 2:00pm


Downtown Library: Secret Lab

For Whom

Grades 1–5


In this class you'll learn about design by exploring the mandala - shape, repetition of form and symmetry. How does a design represent wholeness, structure of life, and an expression of the infinite? That is the meaning behind the basic form of the mandala, a circle design used in cultures across the world to represent balance and harmony to all universally. How would you design a mandala if you wanted to represent the colors, shapes and forms that symbolize YOU? We will be learning about symmetry, making one side of your design a mirror reflection of the other side. What colors will you choose for you mandala design and what will they represent? Learn what concentric means and how you will make marks, lines and shapes to create you own fabulous mandala design….and have tons of fun doing so!

True creativity comes from the mastery of core skills combined with original thought! Join Young Rembrandts teachers on Saturdays in September and October for directed drawing that gives young students instruction on how to break down complex images into simple ones. Students will explore many different techniques and art tools (colored pencil, pastel, and marker) while learning the drawing skills that lay the foundation for all visual arts. Illustration, design, fine art composition, and cartooning will be covered.