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A Royal Editor

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Tlie King of [Ui varia is about to start n riewspaj er, whích"; rüínpr savs, he is tu edit iiiiiistlf. W can imagine the King siiting on ihe thri'np, with an 'mínense par f scssdts in une lia:;d, and t ht paste bru-h in theoiltfir, writirig his Zcilung. while the frinrèr'6 cícvil is khocking at jhc door of :!ie palacf-, caümg for ♦cbjiy.' tlis royal majosty sdrcely knons the pnins and penahies of an cd.tor yt't, or else he would no! lie so ainbüious of rushing mV newsppbr aiithdrsHip. llow will he like opening three hundrcd letter. a day. every one of them fiudirig fauh witlisonie j)artof his paper? How wil he like being knocked up nt three o'clock in the morning, to come down tothe office and open an express? How will lie l:ke col'ecting liis quartfirly subscriptions or íwiswering liis correspondent sf inquín'es - whether his majety will be gra cionsly pleased t lake out their subsorip tions ir coals, candios, Gorman nausages sauerlu-aut, sel'zer water, or Bavarian beer ? Hw will he like some enrngPí nut hor, or actor of his royal t'eu tre, or pugilistic membr, entering his office, andnot knowing he is the King lnying the bprsewhij) acroas his roya shoulders for some smart personality o wilty crilicism ? How will he like being perseouted for a Irbnl ? - and is he irepnred to put in the o!d p!ea, "the King can do no wrong?" - because the same yarn, of course, would npply to grammatical orrors, false syllogisms, erroneous quotations, all BOrts of nonsense,though t is very douLtlul whether bis rentier would tunke the excuse, andmight writeto his majesiy to stop sending the