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The Democratic Senate Of Michigan!

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-listen, my honest-hearte-f, hnrd-handed, beríy-loving yeomanry of the PeninsuarSintí", lisien! - the Democratie Senite p Michigín have refused - yes, reiscd to entertain n resolution, oñered in hat bocy, to instruet our Senators, and equest our Repre,ent.'ities,to oppoe nny nd all mf-asures having lor tl3r object he extensión nf Slavery over the vast errilory ac.quired since ilie comtnen 'enent o( the War now waging againsí Mexico; in p'ain phrne they re Ibr iniiniuusly administering 'comfort and uccor ' to the fninting hearts of the slavery Extensionists - and would say o thenn, we are with you in your schemes s regards the ere-tion of this región inlo one vnst SlayePlantation. Such, mo.-t issurelly, Freetr.en cf Michigan, will Le ihe interjtretation put, by every sympathiser Somh of Mnson's nnd Dixon's Liue, upon this farnous vote. How eherrine ! how unexpecU-d ! coming as ildoe greetingly (Vom the highest legisla!. ve liody of a sovereign State - a State, loo, econd to none f.r t' e stimly character f her Democraf-y, and her love of Libity and Hqual Rights. We do not sny :liat we sliould have moved t!iiá resoluion ; we do not say that we should haxe luuseled íts introduction ; we míght ave doTjbted its p ilicy,and tá timelinesa ; ut we do say tliat were sunh an issue 'orced upen us as a legislator, that were ve to negative with our vote such a propDsiúon as this under review, tliat willi tho record as a rcroimnendation and certifi:aie of our fitness anJ ihe ripenes of our soho'arsliip, we would seek ihe Sul nn of Turkey, and cl.-iim a spat at iiis right hand as his confidential promper nnd counselor. Though yuJ may be willing thaí these me: hunmd iiüíuie. ! i'orgive us the application of the word!) I may malve ihenisclves the 'scorn nnd wonder of the age ; ' we are much mhtalien if you will pe.-mit íbeír dastarcÍYí Jough-fuced. craven-spirited, po'i ícal aclion to commlt you to such recreaney to he liunDanity, civüizatíon and chrwijanlry of the Nineteenth Cenlury as their vote upon thi.s resolution proves upon them. Free, li he 't lo ving, christian, jivilized Michigan, a pimp and pander the growth aud cxienaon of Slavery here in the Nincteemh Ceutury ! !! invoking now, at this meridiau seison of moral and ntellectu il thirst aiid culture the chrkness antJ dgradation of the midlle ages to setile upon and overshadow her! Wliat txcuse have V"U at this stage of human progres-5, iecipipn1s as you are of Liberly's ehoiccst bK'S-ings aud disjiensations - what npology have Tor crippling human righís, desolating human happines?, retariing huin-tn progress, and forging adiiiional chains índ 'etters for liirunn nature ? The gner(His-heartcJ masses that drar their life your soil never w.ll, we nre sure, toleruie, sanciion, or rmain under tli's vote o thc-e liuellers of iheir intelü.ence and tiu nanity ; they will disiwa you. - Bare your necks, you immorlal Eleven. aml 1' t the C'l.'ar be fu-tened, with your mne's' ai.d tiskmaMers' ñames rngrael thereon. In exchange lor the gr.icious uutie and patronage wliich your ervility ha farnd you from theni, we (-ust 'damnation tu everlasiing fame will be dec;eed you by your masters here at home, wliom you have btraycJ and d'3amed by this disgraccful pro-,ijiutíon of ihe hg!i prerng.'tiivrs íc!egated you by them, We irust that your'names will bu gilj!)C#ed upon every highway and thorugl)fare of the land ; nnthhat in thetonnl f thundering rcjirohaiion with which the people wi'.l be ineulcnted to trucfcling demagoguesand polit:cal parasites for all time to come, that shnll save the Senntf house fron ever ngnin bering defí'ed with ihe fot oC n Trimmer 10 Slaccry Enlargeitient and Extensión. ■ " Mr. Latbrop offl'red the following resol ut ion . Resolved, Thsrt in íh opinión of this legsltiture neittier slnvry nor rnvoïuntary servitud;, unless in pui.ishmemt of criinc, of which the party s.balï havo been duly convicteclf ought lo be permtted ti exist ï rr nny terrtory ncquired in tht prosecu'ion of war ; nnd ihat our Senators iirüongress U ifistructed, and om Repre-ent'ities reriuested', to uppose b_v their votes and, any and ol mensures smoking, to authorizO, establishor continue slavery or involuntary aervJtude therein. ÍThe f)llowíng was the ncgative tote: AI en, Bolch, bush, Cuok, DANFORTH, Eldredge, Fenton, Fitzgerald, Kibbe, Mnynard, Thurber - 11. AH honor to the fullowing gentlemen, who supported the Resolution : Coc, Denion, Green, Lathrop, McReynolds, Rii, Sclnvarz, Toll, Wi;herbc'e - 9.