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The Temperance War

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. We notice by our e.xchanges that th legal warfare ngainst illegal rumseller is steadily progressing in all the eastcrn States. The last Bangor (Maine) Ga zette brings the ibllowing list of cases re cently tried beibre the Pólice Court. "Dec. 21.- State vs. Stephen Walk er, fined 5, appealed. Dec. 23 - State vs. Greenleaf Eider fined $5, appealed. State vs. Wm. H. Vinton and A. Por ter, fined $5, appealed. Jnn. 1 - State vs. samo, fined $20, ap penled. State vs. Mark L. Hill, $4 appealed. Jan. 5. - State vs. V. S. Johnson, finec 62 and costs, settlcd. Jan. 6 - State vs. Hirnm Corliss anc F. J. Sa vage, 20, appealed. State vs. G. VV. and B. D. Webster .$20, appenled. Jan. 6 and 7 - State vs. J. S. Crowley fined $5, and bo.jds required, second con viction. State vs. S. Duren, $1 and costs - apoealed. Jan. 8 - State vs. G. K. Ide, fined $2 and costs, oppealed. State vs. J. S. Crowley, $10 and costs, and bond required. State vs. Greenleaf Eider, $20 and costs, appealed. State vs. Geenleaf Eider and F. J. 21der, $20, appealed. State vs. Stephen Duren, fined $10 and costs. State vs. G. W. Webster, fined $20 and costs. State vs. Charles A. Plummer, flned $1 and costs."