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Outrageous Assult On American Citizens

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We lea ni f rom a Hay ti papery just received, that a most diabolical outrage has been perpetratod on several of our own free ctlizens, in consequence of n iudge of one of ihe coarts having decided ihat only free colorad persons could enjoy any of tho rights of citizens in that rcpublic. One of the countv courts has had ñve white men and two white icomcn, proíessing or claiming to be free, ivhipped and ssnt out of the city ; and ihe editor thinks that if this course is followed üp, the court will soon free the city froin the nuisancc ! Don't he a'armed, reader, there are one or two slight mistakes in the above. - 'Fhis "outrugo" did not tako place among the barbarous " niggers" of Hayti - it is one ol the glori jus exploits of our ownfree and happy land,and we only changcd ' a few names jnst to see how t would look. t Strange how essentially circumstances i alter cases! Hcre is the authentic I account, as published n the St. Louis Rei publican : - Boston Rambler. FreeNecroes. - Yesterday, underthe decisión of Judge Krum, of the Circuit Court, we understand the County Court had fivo negro men, and two negro women, professing or claiming to be Lree,whipped and sent out af the cily. If the "County Courts will foJlow uulhis decisión, they will soon free the city of a nuisance, ' and give greater secunty to slave property.


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