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The debate on the question of the abolition ofslavery in Maryland was atlength closed before the Murry Instkutf, on Wednesday evening, aftr liaving been continued for six successiee weeks! It closed very 6piritedly,and in good feeling. Some attempts to arouse popular prejudice, it is true, were made, by the JSegative, against "the spirit of aboütionism." but they feil flat upon the intelligent audience as shown by their vote, which stood more ihantwo lo one in favor of act on on this important and urgent question ! This 'vas beyond our most hopeful anticipation, and it is, naturally, very cheering to one standing, as we do, in the van of the great conteát now going on in this State between ignorant prejudice aud enlightened self-interest. We mentioned, a coupln of weeks ago, that this question of questions had been up before several other lyceums of thid city this winter, and we have already announced a favosablo decisión by the Jefierson Society. The decisión of one of the other associations concerned we have not been able to learn. The Washington Lyceum has decided that slavery "should not exist." This is enongh for one winter ; and it wijl, we think, jusiify the caption of this article, which we now repeat: Courage -