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Bet ween its friends and ití enemies the Homeslend bill bid fair to be mad into a most incongruous andfoolish afiair We have not seen the bill, but we see by the debates on it that propositions of al sorts are made by way of guardianshi over the poor and destitute for whose ben efit the bill ís specially designed by it framers. Legislators are slow to learn that people can best take care of thei own individual business. Now, all w want done by the Legialature ia to pass an pet exempting from legal process fo debt (except for breach of trust, &c.' the real estáte of every person not ex ceeding 40 acres of land in extent, and $500 in valué, so that every person who has ability and industry enough to ac quire a home, may have one until they choose voluntarily to aliénate tt. We would let tlio debtor desígnate what pait of his real estáte he will choose to keep, surrendering all ihe remainder to his credtors. Thisis all the " protection" to the poor man that we wish for. Let him sell his property or dispose of t in any way he pleases : but let it not be taken from him by avaricious sharpers through the devices of tho law.


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