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A Moon Story

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" We learn thai an amateur operator wil li the Daguerretope in this city, has, by rnenns of an accurate and coslly lens, manufacturtd in F ranee, expressly tohi order, succeeded in getting a magnificent photographic represcntationoflhe moon which, on beingsubjected to the action of a powerful microscope, has disclo.ied the most nstonishingand beautiful phenomena n relation to that planet. "The experimente are as yet incomplete, a representaron only of the thin crescent of the new moon having been obtained, but in the course of the next week, should the weather provo favorable, the entire disc of this luminary will bo indelibly fixed upon the polished plate. The apparatus. fur obviatingthe motion of both the earthand its satellite is ingenious, yet simple, and can bo easily adjusted to the unequal motions of both planets, so as to present a fixed object to the operator. " We are not at liberty to give an exposé of all the discoveries thus far made, but can only stale, at present, that all gcnerally recoived opinions of scientific men in regard to the Queen of niglit are positivelv eiironeous. The moon is not an ord ! It is eilher hemispherical or bowl-shapcd- probably the latter - nnd has an inhabit.ed ataiospiiere í - We are promised a full account of this most wonderful friumph of scientific researcho soon as tho present series of experiments shall have been completed." N. Y. Globe. (E? The proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Staie Society, and he Addrcss of the President, which was ordered to be published with the proceedings, so fill our paper that many interesting articles are necessarily deferred till next week. We will then bring upthc Congressional and Legislative doings in full. ff?" We have received the first number of the "Michigan School Journal" published monthly at Jackson by J. H. Wells, at 50 cents a }-ear.


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