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Amendments To The Constitution

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The Select Commiilee of the Senate have reported in favor of submitung to the people of ihe State amendmenis for elechng Senators and Rapiesentatives by by single districts : for limiting the sessions of the Legislatura to thirty days at hree dollars a day, and if held after that, he pay to bc one dollar a day : and for he eleciion by the People of the Secretary of State,State Treasurer, Auditor General, Attorney General, the County Prosecuing Attornies, Judgos of the Supremo 2ourt, and the Superintendent of Public nstruclion ; and Biennial Sessions of the LegHature. The Report, though brief, s a good one. tt?" We are indeb:ed to Mr. McCleland for valuable Congressional documents. ETTha Governor of the tmalleBt Slate, Delawaro, hos delivered a meseage seven blanket olumnt,(L? We have received the firstnumber af the " Iiberty Advocate, " a, ncw Liberty paper just comnienced t Prayidence, R. I,at 81,50 a y&ar. h presents a hnndaome appearancc, and we trust it may be wel} supportd, (E The Phrenological Journal for February has come to hand, replete with excellent articles.


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