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Ann Arbor Teachers' Institute

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For the Signal of Liberty

It is generally known we presume, among ihose most interested, that a Teachers' Institute is to be held in this village, commencing on the 2'2d inst. We very confióently indulge the hope that the results of this experiment will be very aatsfactory to all who may lake a part in t. We trust thal those' who hnve planned it, those who will share among them as labors and burdens, and those, likewise, foi whose benefit t is mainly and direclly intended, will all be able to look upon it asaseason of profitable andsatisfytng intercouse. We look to it as a means of giving many engaged in the business of teaching a new and deeper interest in their vocation, and, at ihesame time, of supplying to them many hints for their guidance in the departments both of teaching and government. Anearnest desire and hope is that such may be the result so far as teachers, and those intending to teach, nro concorned. And had vo the means we should emulate for this end the examples of Mr. Brimmer and Mr. Wadsworth. They caused such a number of copies of " the School and tho School Masler" to be struck oíFat their private expense as would supply a copy to each School DUtrict in the States of Massachuselts and New York ; and thougli that is a work of much excellence, we would select in preference, " Tlie Teacher" by Jacob Abboit Thislatter work furnishes, we think, fnr more hints for guidance than the work first menlion ed. In no other work have we ever met with more abundant and excellont prac tical directions.There can hardly a case arise in the instiuction or management of a school, as to which the teacher would not reccive some profitable Hint in the pages of this truly valunble book. More than any other work of the kind known to us, it is entitled to be called the teachers vade-mecum, a guide nnd reference book in all the business of the Teachers' life. We trust overy teacher who can, wil! supply himself wilh a copy of this work, and if'any of ourcitizens should wish to presenta token of theirgood will to any of the teachers who may assem ble at our coming Institute, we are sure they -cannot mak e a more suitable or profitable gift than Abbott's " Teacher ; or Moral Infiuences employed in the lnstruction and Government of the Y"oung." The work may bo found at Mr, Perry's Bookstore. #


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