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The Sonate on yeslerday, after a hotly contesled butile, passod the bill of the House without nmendmenf, locating the capital of ihe state in the township of Lansing, in the county of Inghnm. This subject has been one of much difliculty, nnd has taken up much oí the time of the Legislature. The capital is now, if the bill be approved bv the Governor, pennanently loealed, and it will devolve upon the Legislature in a supplemental bill yei to be passcd, to point out the mode in wlrich the trnnsler of the bcoks, Ssc, in the various Sate oftices, is to be made. Of the point where the location is to be made, we know little or nothing. During the discussion in the Legislature, Lansing township was held up as the most beiuiiful spot on eartb, and the mostappropriate fortho capital of a great State. On the other hand, it was ropresented as being timbered land - oovered with wnter, and one of worst places in the Stale upon which to lócate the capiial. Wiih sucli discrepancies, it is impossible to give an opinión on the propriely of the location. But few of tliose who voted on the questionever were in the township, and henee had to rely upon the information given by others, of the fitness of the localion. -


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