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Detroit, March 9, 1847. Friend Foster : Our City Election carne oíTon Monday, the lst inst. As usual, the Liberty Party was badly bealen, but not more so than might have been expected, considering the apathy of iís friends for months past. Possibly its sharr.eful dofeat mny arouse them to rcnevved and more vlgorous eíforts before the recurrenco of another trial at the polls, as, notwithslanding its Dresent feebleness, tliere are a few among us who love its principies too well to abandon them to hopeless defeat, recog. nizing in iheir prevalence the only star of hopo for tille slavory-ridden and fio far too great an extemj war-beotlen nation. The question of " License," or " No License" was carried in fa.vor of the forrner by nn overwhel%ing majority. This strange and shatneful reversion of the decisión of last year upon this subject miglit indícate to those not familiar with the facts among us, tha( a grent change had takon place in the minds of our citizens respecting tlic value nnu importance oi the Lioenso law passed at the Jast sessioo of our Legislature. But this, I npprehend, would not be a correct view of the cause which led to tiiis last result in our city. During the past year some 50 suits had b?en commenced against those engnged In the sale of intoxicating liquors without license, and in most cases conviction and fine has foüowed, nnd in almost every such instance an appeal has been taken, and the suits thus hung up to wait the provoking delays and uncertainty of the law. As the wïséïnan hath said - " Hope doferred maketh the heart sick," and as a coussquence, this vexatious delay has tended, in a mannor, to dsheaiten the friends of law and order, while it has emboldened many of these souüess trèifickers to go on with their nefarious business, and others to engago in it until this class had bocnme as thick as the devouring frogs of Egvpt, and far more de.structive to the moráis of our city than were these dreaded reptüps lo tbc pettco of Pharaoh and his doomed people. This state of tliings, strange to say, bas led many, who but one yoar since went with the frieno's of temporáneo in their eflorts to abolish the trafile, to be ensnared by tle plausible but delusivo reasoning of thai class who plead (hat inosmuch as rcokless ones would sell without lirensa, that thereIbre the righleous decisión of last year should be revoked, and our City Fathers ngain be instructed to taUe the miserable pittance of $10, -915, or $25, from these slow murderers, and thüa throw tbc broad shield of law over thoir horrid business ! Of all the facis in the case, it is to be mot deeply regretted that nny of those who ought to undorstand the force and value of a moral principie, should be induced jo yield it up upon such a shallow plea of expedieney. What does the argument amount to? Simpy this - bocauso, forsooth, it is found, that owing to the law's delay, justice cannotbe made to overtoke its guilty violators for some months to come, and that, in the mean time, with shameless hardiliood, they go on to trample it undor thair feet, therefofé, to secure the paltry pittanco of license monoy, (every dollar of which, Ircblcd, would not meet tlie cost of crime and pauperism which their legalized trafile will produce, as stalistical facts would abundantly prove,) wc are advised to ropeal the prohibition - take at their hands the price of blood. and bid them God speed in their unliallowed work! Oh what shameless moral ity is this for a Christian peoplo in the 19th century ! That those who are governed by mere temporizingshort-sightod policy, based upon what may appear to be the immediate pecuniary hearings of the thing, should be swayed by such rcasoning is nol surprisiog, but that any who claim to be the friends of Temperance and good order, purely from ■principie, should yield to such sophistry, it deeply to be regretted, Oh how 1 ittle do many who embrace, for a time, some great moral principie, give hoed to that important njunction of the Apostle - " Having done all things - stand - stand therekohe" - maintain firm in the face of all oposition their adherence to ihghteous íRiTcirLE, and continue to do battle with. 1 II the foe, though at fearful odds, yet with confident assurance of ultimate victory if they but rcmain faithful ! Tak ing encouragement, doubtlrss, fron ihe result in our City, the onemies of our salutary license law in the kegtslature have renewed thoir cflbrts to secure its repeal. A meeting of the friends of Teroperance and that law, was held at the Capítol a few evenings since, and addressed by several "gentlemen from the interior of the State, (Bon, S, W. Dexter, nnd othors.) t is to, be hoped that as the GO days have oxpired lo whioh they had limited their sessiou at tho pay of $3 por diem, and as it is now conceded thnt for the balance of the session they are to work without pay, and consequently manifest great horror for a long scssion, that th'sbill of ropeal will meet the fate whioh scores of others have within the last few days, nnd be indeiinitely po3tponed. I am informed that the bill locating the Capital at Lansing, Ingham County, has just passed the Senate to-day, and onlv awaits the signature of the Governor to become a law. Thus this vexed quei-tion is disposed of. What are ihe peculiar claims of this new city for such dia'ln. guished honor I know not. I hope it may prove so far from here, or -so inaccesáible by our citiens, that the old ghost of "Detroit influenco" maynothaunt the Hon. members who may hereaHer convono there, nnd that our present State officers (who I understand are to remove there within sixty days,) may find excellent accommodations, and a delightful summer residence, whilst removed from the noise and bustle of city life - the croaking of frogs, and howling of wolves, to


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