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S. P. Chase, Of Cincinnnti, Has Forwarded To Us A Beautiful...

S. P. Chase, Of Cincinnnti, Has Forwarded To Us A Beautiful... image
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{L? S. P. Chase, of Cincinnnti, has forwarded to us a beautiful copy of his Argument in dofence of John Van Zandt, before tiie Supreme Court of the United States. Mr. Van Zandt, it will be recoK lected, was a ftirmer of Ohio, and was arrested while carrying certain fugilive slaves n hls wagon, and sued for a penalty of $500, incurred, it was alleged, un der the lnw of 1793, for helping one o them to escape. The case was tried before Judge McLenn, in the United States District Court, nnd his decisión was published in the Signal. By that decisión, any person, who, knowing another to be a fugitive slave, tells him, "that is the road to Canada," or gives him a night's lodging, or a brcakfast, with a design to aid hitn in his ñight, lays himself liable to the penal ly of $j00. The case was carried up to the Supreme Court, nnd eminent counsel were engaged to plead it. - Mr. Chase's argument covers 108 pages, and goes over the whole Constitutional grounds. Of its vaüdity we cannot express any opinión, as we have notyet been able to read it at length. We have no doubt it will be found a valuable document,


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