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On Monday, Jan. 25, Lord John Russsell brought forward his great schome for the tomporary relief, and tlie pormanent mprovcment of Ireland. Money is to be advanced for seed for tho next crop. Loans will be made to such of the Irish Landlords as wish to improve their waste lands. Or the lands will be bouglit by government ai a fixed price in cases where the landloi'ds will noiiher improve norseü. Power will be tnken by the government to buy at a valuatiun for the reclamation of waste lands. A million stelling is to bo advnnced. The lnnd so purchásed, will be sold in saü lots for the purpose of creating a yeoman proprietary, whose stalues will fill up the existing void betwcon tho peasant and the present race of landlords. Draining is to be e.xtonsively carried out. These mny be considered the permanent features of the scheme. Thetemporary projects ure the new poor law relief commissioners, to ndminister ftands and superintend the distributionof food without exacting work in return, giving outdoor rolief at the poor houses and for the aged and infirm p.iupers. Other measures, calculated to mitígate the sevcrity of the present vieitation. The temporarv outlay will be at least seven millions. The ultímate draiu will probably reach lwo or throc times that amount.Oregon City, so we gathor from the Spectator, contains 500 souls and eighty houses, two churches, two taverns, two blacksmith's shops, two cooper's shops, two cabinot shops, four tnilor shops, one hatter's, one tannery, three shoe shops, two si] ver smiths, ond a numbcr of other mechanics : four stores, two flour and two saw milis,' and a lath machine. Three years ago, it was a dense forest of fir and underbrush, and was laid out by Dr. McLnughlin on the wst side of the Willamette. Opposite the city and falls, is Linn City, which contains no tavern, no chair manufaatory, no cablnet shop, and no wngon shop,


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