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The Gov. of Virginia recently sent to the Legislatureacommunication, relativetothe large numbor of fugitivo slaves said to be seoreted within tho fastnesses of the Dismnl Swamp. The communication was, for the time, laid on the table. Should the Legislature think it worth while to get up a hunt for these fugitives, of course the United States troops could be callad upon, under tho clause of the Constitution providing for the suppression of domestic insurrection, A fugitive slave is in a state of rebelhon, and Mr. Winthrop of Massachusetts, we presume, would vote for supplies for the war. Q.UAKERISM AND OdD FeLOWSIIIP.- In New York, there is at present considerable excitement amnng tho Friends inthatcity relntive to Odd Fellowship. - Several young Friends have become Odd Fellows, and it is quostioned whether they are linble to bc expelled from the meeling lierefor. ACmcuLTiNO Lie. - During aspeech n the Wilmot Proviso, Mr. Brinkerhofi", f Ohio, paused and drew a half dollar i'ece from his pocket, and holding it upso that every mnmber of tho House could. see what it was, said . ';Sn ! look at thisl sir - look at it, and see its inscription. - ' Liberty' is slamped upon it S'all we strike it out and inserí slatery, o we hereaftsr, in the fa.ce of the vforld, continue to use it for vciroulating lie? - Yes, for a circulating lie-rrQr shall we make il teil the truth, sir ? Robert Chven pubishes in the National Era, his plan farihe aboütion of slavery, viz that ají avives boro after the lst of January, 1850, shall bo educated by the State governments, aml prepared to become good a.nd use 'ui citizens, and after terving an apprenticcship equal to iheir assessed value to their owners; they shall be colonized in some terrnory set apnrt for them by ihe go.vernment ; those 'i ervitude at the date named, 10 remain in servitude, or otherwise, at the ploasuro of ho. ov, nera. The IrUh ofTfew York sent their ruCering countrymen across the water, during the year past, $808,000 !


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