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Dicken Elementary School Animal Scholars, May 1978

Dicken Elementary School Animal Scholars, May 1978 image
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Ann Arbor News, May 27, 1978
Third graders in Dee Street's class at Dicken Elementary School learned about animals from inside out Friday. The children were ending a science unit where they chose an animal they wanted to learn about, researched its eating, sleeping and living habits and made their own costumes to become the animals they had studied. The group of cats at right [this photo] are Heide Hosner at the bottom, Nicole Perry, top left, Teri Fontana center and Cassandra Ross, top right. Jack Bryan's costume, above, so frightened News Photographer Larry Wright that he switched to a long-distanced lens and did not get a species identification. However, New Outdoor Editor Doug Fulton says the critter might be a mouse.
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