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Basic ESL Courses: Learn English Online


Introducing [|Basic ESLĀ®]! Enter by way of "Instant Access" provided by AADL!

[|Basic ESLĀ®] is an online system built to help students learn [|English as a second language]. This learning system is built with the basic building blocks of the English language including the basic vocabulary of around 2,800 words as well as the basic sentence structures that people use in their daily lives. It consists of 4 courses. Each course is a level in the language learning system. Each level consists of 5 chapters that contain 3 lessons each. The courses are geared to elementary, intermediate, high school and adult education students. You can find this resource in the [|language section] of AADL's research databases.

Looking for more practice? The [|Easy English News] is available at all of our branches. It contains current events written at a fourth grade reading level. It's written in a way to build your vocabulary and help you read for meaning. There's also [|News for You], which you can find at AADL's [|downtown location] or put a hold on a copy and have it sent to the location most convenient for you. Both publications have [|vocabulary words], puzzles and interactive websites.

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