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Register to Vote Day @ AADL ~ Tuesday, Sept. 27

Sun, 09/25/2016 - 7:10am by oldnews


Tuesday, September 27th is [|National Register to Vote Day] and volunteers from the [|League of Women Voters] will assist you in getting registered at the [|Downtown Library] from 3 pm- 7 pm.

The next general election is Tuesday, Nov. 8th and the [|City Clerk] and [|County Clerk] have all the info on the election online. Wondering if you're already registered? Check online at [|Michigan Votes]. It's always a good idea to check and make sure your address and other information is up to date.

A heavy turnout is expected on Nov. 8th and Michigan County Clerks are encouraging voters to avoid the lines and vote via [|Absentee Ballot]. And it's so easy to do! The League will have the paperwork you need available on Sept. 27th or you can [|download] the form directly from the City Clerk's office.


Thank you for continuing to be a leader for services like these. It's such an important service.

Great event! Please consider voting for [the candidate of your choice] for school board in the November election.

Thank you for promoting political involvement without promoting any particular candidate.

Don't take voting for granted! Exercise your right to vote this fall and every election.

In Augest election I walked all the way to school in carpenter RD where it was closed and I only found cleaners who said there was not any event and then I called the Clark where she informed me that there was not any vote in pitsfild !! And I saw vote here sign in ADDL / downtown branch but when I asked the front disk no one have any idea about where to vote !

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