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Watch Bo Schembechler's first season unfold in real time!

Tue, 09/15/2015 - 4:05pm

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How can this Wolverine football season get any more exciting? We found a way! Now you can revisit one of the University of Michigan's most exciting seasons ever - [|Bo Schembechler]'s first campaign as head coach in 1969 - in real time as reported in the Ann Arbor News.

From [|pre-season coverage] and that thrilling [|first game against Vanderbilt University], through the shocking Ohio State upset and the trip to the Rose Bowl in January, who knows what treats await? We've already uncovered [|Millie Schembechler's famous crab dip] for your tailgate party!

Follow our coverage of Bo's entire 1969 football season via [|twitter] or [|tumblr] and ... GO BLUE!