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The Michigan - Michigan State Game That Almost Wasn't


The October, 1970 Michigan - Michigan State football match provided one of the weirder twists in the long interstate rivalry that is known simply as "The Game." A former Michigan Daily sports editor, Joel Block, filed a [|lawsuit] to block the game, citing it as a "public nuisance." Block was protesting the pre-emptive canceling of the [|Goose Lake Music Festival] due to perceived widespread drug abuse at a previous concert.

[|Preparations] for The Game continued as the [|team] and the [|AAPD] finalized plans for defense, offense and crowd control. And then the day before the game, Washtenaw County Judge Ross W. Campbell issued one of his more popular decisions, [|dismissing the lawsuit] as "patently frivolous."

And The Game? [|Hail To The Victors] ruled the day at Michigan Stadium as the Wolverines [|battered] MSU, 34 - 20. The Spartans [|suffered injuries] and [|Billy Taylor] did everything right for [|Bo.] The final twist on the lawsuit came as the Ann Arbor Police reported October 17, 1970, one of the [|quietest] Michigan - Michigan State games ever.