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In 2075, the nations of the world declared war on all humanity. World War III was around the corner. With the recent technology invented, those that wanted to, took off to live on the Moon and Mars. When the signal that all minorities were off Earth, each country set off over one hundred atomic bombs at once. A nuclear winter was created for over three hundred years. During the nuclear winter, humans moved to different planets and created atmospheres on Venus, Mercury, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and any moons that surrounded the following planets. When the clouds of atomic dust were cleared, almost four hundred and fifty  years after the nuclear winter, there were still signs of life. Those who volunteered went back down to Earth to create new and organic civilizations, but they chose not to advance their technology (meaning they’d were excluded from the Galactic Government of Seven Planets, later Galactic Government of Eight Planets)

Naturally, the populations grew and some planets had more people than others, to fix this problem, the GGEP assigned astrological signs to their corresponding plantes. Aries lived on Mars, Taurus lived on Venus, Gemini lived on Mercury, Cancer lived on any moon surrounding the nine planets. Leo’s lived on Mars with Aries because they got along until, the technology was invented so they could live on the sun, Virgo lived on Mercury, Libra lived on Venus, Scorpio also lived on Mars until Pluto’s atmosphere was created. Sagittarius lived on Jupiter, Capricorn lived on on Saturn, Aquarius lived on Uranus but could also live on Saturn, and Pisces lived on Neptune but could also live on Jupiter. The exception to this rule was you could live on any planet you or your partner’s astrological sign was connected too.

Some of the technology that Earth left behind, was a machine called a Sárosi that made half of a unique shape and would feel hot when you were near the other half. We put a chain on it to make it a necklace and called it a Meraki. The person with the other half was our Erastis. All important files and documents, including laws to medical profiles, were now in Ancient Greek (even though everyone knew how to speak English). Those who lived on any of the seven planets at the time, enjoyed the culture. We still had sporting events such as baseball, basketball, cross country, competitive cheerleading, football, swimming/ diving, and a new one, Warrior Fighting. By far the best, taking the ancient way of Gladiator and Native American fighting and making it a duel..

In the year 2503, Pluto was made a planet again for the two hundred and fiftieth time. In 2505, Henry Padilla was promoted and had the responsibility to create an atmosphere on Pluto. It took five years and that’s when more people moved to Pluto. Only military families though; Henry Padilla has made it a strict law that only military families may live on Pluto, for space reasons. People have questioned his work ethic and method to keeping peace, but Pluto has been thriving for the last thirteen years. But I have a biased opinion. I’m Asher, and I’m his daughter.     


I was freezing in a dank dreary hallway. Only wearing my warrior training uniform; shorts and a tank top make out of authentic animal fur. My feet were bare and I had a sphere hooked onto my back. The hallway was painted a sad grey and it didn’t help that it was poorly lit. The floor is concrete and only made the room feel more cold and lonely. No one walked down the hallway... Who would?

I leaned against the wall across from the double doors. What’s taking so long? I groaned in despair. I looked to the right of the door and saw a sad excuse of a waiting chair. What would have been bright pink if not covered in dirt and grime was a child sized chair. I’d rather sit on the concrete.  I look to the left side of the door and see the one by two foot plaque hanging on the wall. the plaque read Archistrátigos, meaning Commander in Chief in ancient Greek.

Yes, I was waiting to see the Commander and Chief. Well, I would have, if he would have called me into his office. I knocked on the right titanium door three times. I stood there, arms crossed, foot tapping. The doors opened just enough for the receptionist, Mrs. Unt, to peak her head out.

She looked up at with her grey blue eyes. “Miss Padilla, can you please be patient? The Commander is in the middle of a very important business call.”

“May I sit in your warm office and wait in there? It’s freezing out here,” I explained with a smile on my face.

She looked at me with a dead stare. “No.” she said bluntly.

Before she could close the door on me I heard a deep familiar voice come from behind her. “Send her in Gladys.”

I pushed passed Mrs. Unt. “Thank you Gladys!”

“Don’t call me that,” Mrs. Unt hollered as I closed the Commanders door behind me.

I awkwardly stood in the middle of his office. It was a decent size; it reminded me of the oval office in the late White House, minus the windows. Not a single window, but that’s what happens when you build your office in the basement of Pluto’s Capital building. Maple hard wood floor with a diamond shaped navy blue rug in front of the Commander’s black desk. The walls were bleach white with nothing to cover them except a fancy wall light here and there.

I looked from one of the wall lights to see the Commander glaring at me. “Long time no see Commander Padilla,” I gulped.

His eyes eased up. “What did you do today?” he sighed.

I immediately looked at my bare feet. “What I did wasn’t even that bad.” I paused a moment. “Okay, that’s not true, it was pretty bad, but it’s not my fault. That arrogant fool Jeremiah was speaking disrespectfully about you and I just happened to put him in his place.” I looked up to see the Commander smiling, but it vanished as fast as it had appeared.

“Asher, you can’t keep beating people up when they say something you don’t like. This is the tenth time you’ve been in my office this month!”

“Actually thirteenth,” I corrected. “You missed the three days I got called in twice.”

“That’s not the point!” The Commander fumed. “The point is this, you’re turning eighteen tomorrow and if keep acting up, I’m going to have no choice but to kick you off the planet! I can’t send you to the other seven plants, not even Mars wants an Aries that causes this much trouble. I’d have to send you to Earth, a culture of people who don’t believe in this new technology. Earth doesn’t have individual warriors, they have armies of the same genetically made made soldiers. They most definitely do not have Meraki’s. You’d never find your Eratis.” He paused, “ And I know both of those things are important to you.”

He was right, those things were important to me. I looked at him with wide eyes. “I’m sorry, Dad.”

He walked over to be and gave me a hug. “It’s okay, Love.” He kissed the top of my head and held me at arm's length away. “Speaking as your father, did you give that little asshat that beating of his life?”

He was hanging upside down by his toes tied to the ceiling fan when I was done with him,” I snorted.

He threw his head back in a grand laugh patting my back, “That’s my girl!” he chuckled. When he was done he looked at me with soft eyes, “No more fighting?”

“No more fighting,” I concurred.

“Good. Then I need your help with something, there’s a new family moving to Pluto later today. They have a son your age and I’d like you to show him around. Can you do that for me?”

“Sure thing dad. What time should I be at the loading dock?”

“Nineteen hundred,” he said sitting back down at his desk.

I walked out of his office and leaned against the door after I had closed it. I looked up at Gladys and gave her weak smile.

“Got off the hook easy again I see,” Gladys retorted.

I sighed, “Not as much as I would  have liked too.” I walked towards the double titanium doors.

“See you again tomorrow?” she asked.

“I hope not.” I winked at her before letting the door close.

I walked home which was a block away from Pluto’s capital building. I lived in a two story cube shaped house. Looking straight at the house, there were two windows on the first floor on opposite sides and the front door was in the middle. The second floor had three windows that lined up perfectly with the twos windows and door on the first floor. It was the nicest house on Pluto, not that there were a lot of houses on Pluto. It was a tiny planet and only nine families lived on it, well ten after this new family moves in. I changed into casual clothes so I didn’t look like I was Warrior Fighting obsessed. I was, of course, but I wasn’t going scare the new kid away. When I checked my watch it said 18:45. I had fifteen minutes before I had to be at the loading dock.

Walking out of my front door I saw my best friend, Scarlett Rose, walking across the street with her Eratis, Oliver. When she noticed me she smiled and waved furiously at me, “We’re still hanging out later right?” she called out.

I nodded my head in response and walked in the opposite direction. Scarlett Rose had a strong Australian accent when she spoke. She was a Leo, we made perfect friends. She was beautiful, she had pale blond hair against her fair skin tone. He hair was always down in big loose curls, unless she was working, then she put it up in a ponytail. Her eyes were chestnut brown and her freckles were only on her face but in a way that complimented it gorgeously. She had a small bone structure and she was five foot three inches. I always joked she was the size of my pinky, not that I was much taller. She always dressed nice too. At first glance you wouldn’t guess she was the smartest computer engineer on all nine planets. She could hack a government computer in five seconds flat.

Oliver, on the other hand, I didn’t know as well. I know he was a Sagittarius. He dressed like a plain Jane just like me. His hair was stick straight and black. He has green eyes and there was always a twinkle in them when he looked at Scarlett Rose. He doesn’t speak much but when he does you hear a mix between an Irish and a British accent. He was seven inches taller than her and he was muscular. To my surprise he is not into Warrior Fighting, he likes to research different galaxy’s for us to visit.

Thinking about how perfect my friends are I arrived at the loading dock with five minutes to spare. Not that I had a lot of other options, I sat on the bottom step and waited until I heard a space shuttle enter the atmosphere. I stood up quickly and watched the shuttle maneuver to land correctly. From behind me, my father and five of his security guards came walking up. When they came closer to me, two of the security guards came and stood next to me. I rolled my eyes. Was this really necessary? I looked at my father with a blank stare, as if to say, You’re ridiculous, you don’t need your security guards when you’re on the planet you own. That’s when I got punched in the face.

I didn’t realize the shuttle doors had opened but out popped this 6’3” tall guy. His skin was dark, his hair was darker, and his eyes were darkest. The two guards that were by my side caught me like they knew this was going to happen. Wait, didmy father know?! Was he testing me? I gave my father a quick glare and stabilized myself.  The two guards went back to my father and had him move farther away from the fight. I immediately realized that this guy was a Warrior Fighter. We circled around each other for a good minute;  he went for my face, I ducked and double fisted his stomach. It didn’t even phase him, without missing a beat he dropped to his hands and swung a leg around. I stepped back not realizing how long his legs were. I tripped and fell towards him, my hands hit his shoulders pushing him down to the ground as I front flipped over his head. I stably landed but by the time I turned around he was already on his feet, too. What was he, A mutant? I must have looked surprised because he cocked a smirk at me. I looked him up and down, he was standing with his legs apart. I smirked back and ran towards him head on. Before he could grab me I slid on my butt underneath his legs, locked my fingers together and hit him in the gut. Using the momentum from the slide, I stood up and looked behind me. He was right behind me and spun kicked me right in the stomach. Needless to say, I went flying backwards.

Pain rushed through my whole body as I hit the ground. I rolled over to my stomach and lifted myself onto my hands and knees trying to catch my breath. I glanced to the side and saw a about fifteen kids and adults who had gathered to watch the fight, standing about where my father and his guards were standing. I could hear the gasps coming from the small crowd. No one has ever seen me defeated and they weren’t going to start now. I couldn’t let this new guy win.

I hear his footsteps behind me and I cough to act like I’m still catching my breath. At the last second, I swing around aiming my fist at his face. He stops it without hesitation, I grunt. His grip is too tight and he’s standing too close, there’s no way out of this one. I look to the ground with defeat.

He takes my hand out of a fist and helps me stand on my feet, “That was a good fight, you really know how to punch.” He laughed rubbing his stomach.

I look at him in awe, “Yeah, you too,” I say. We stand there awkwardly holding hands for a minute, “I’m Asher, by the way, Asher Padilla.” I shake his hand since they’re still embraced with each other.

“I know,” he said with a smirk, “I’m Jai Malone.”

I’m about to let go of his hand when my Meraki starts emitting heat. I look into Jai’s eyes. They were a deep dark chocolate brown. I stutter the words, “What’s your sign?”

“Sagittarius, I guess you feel the heat too?”

I nod my head in agreement.

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