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Smell & Tell: Musk: The Essence of Seduction


Wednesday April 20, 2016: 6:30pm to 8:30pm


Downtown Library: 4th Floor Meeting Room


It is easier to see animal nature as something that resides in the wild rather than admitting to the animal that lives within. This relic of Puritanical thinking is shattered by essence of Musk, which exhales unspoken desire as it evaporates on skin.

Aroma speaks to memory and emotion more powerfully than any other sense. This is particularly true for musk perfumes. Some act subtly while others incite a delirium of the senses.

At this Smell and Tell we will explore an enchanting range of musk perfumes that are deliberate expressions of memory and desire. We will also delve into the mystery of musk as a singular ingredient that traveled along the Silk Route and bridged aroma cultures in its wake.

The Smell and Tell series of lectures is led by Michelle Krell Kydd, a trained nose in flavors and fragrance who shares her passion for gastronomy and the perfume arts on Glass Petal Smoke. The Smell and Tell series debuted at the Ann Arbor District Library in 2012 and is ongoing.