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The Time Traveling Knight

Once upon a time there was a fierce knight named Christopher Jacobson. He had saved many fair maidens in his day. But this was no ordinary knight, Christopher was a very special man. As a boy his father had warned him never to go near the pa-pada plant but Christopher didn't listen.  At the age of 6 Christopher had very little friends but a strong vivid imagination.  For he dreamed of someday being the hero that his father was. He thought to himself “ If I’m brave enough to go near the pa-pada plant one day I can be a knight just like father.” So on a dark stormy night while his father slept, Christopher snuck out and draped himself in the armor of sticks he had made for himself.  He then made the 3 mile hike to where the pa-pada plant grew, finally he saw it. The pa-pada plant was red and bulged up and down like a heartbeat. This plant reminded Christopher of a shark he had encountered years ago, the plant had at least 100 teeth. Christopher broke a branch off a nearby tree to use as a sword, but as he started to attack he got the most horrible feeling. His stomach bubbled and churned like he’d had bad pig for supper. He realized this was what it was like to be around someone or Something completely bloodthirsty. Christopher was literally frozen with fear. While trying to regain control of his limbs Christopher wondered how his father could spend full days around people like this. Christopher’s father had been doing this for over 20 years, after one second Christopher could barely move. “If I can't make it through this I'll never be a knight like father.” Christopher had to use every muscle in his body to escape the grasp of this state of overwhelming fear. But being the son of a knight, though he was scrawny Christopher was very powerful. Finally Christopher broke free and he did it with a purpose.  As soon as he was free Christopher burst toward the pa-pada plant like a speeding bullet. Christopher struck the plant with all his might using the stick as an extension of his body like his father had taught him in sword training. Christopher could hear the sound of his attack meeting its target, and with a triumphant look started to assume the plant was defeated.  “What was dad so worried about” Christopher said “That was nothing.” Christopher started to walk away but before he could pass the tree he had broken the branch off of he heard a hoarse groan as if from an old woman. “Uuuuuuaaaaaaggggghhhhh.”  “I've been waiting 27 years for another human to bother me.” Christopher heard these words but had no idea where they'd come from, surely this plant hadn't spoken like a human being. “Show yourself” Christopher shouted. He was unsure of himself now. “You must know who I am to strike me the way you did.” Christopher now noticed that the plant was changing undergoing a strange metamorphosis.  There was nothing he could do except wait and let the plant complete its transformation.  Though afterwards Christopher was in no way sure what had happened here.  Now instead of the plant Christopher had originally come to slay there stood an elderly woman with a staff as green as the emerald dress she was wearing. “Now” The old woman said “Look Into my eyes.”  Christopher had no choice his head was moving without his trying to. As he looked into her eyes he fell into a deep sleep. As he passed into this sleep he saw his father running toward him with a concerned look on his face. Christopher passed out due to looking into the witch's eyes. “What have you done to my son?!” Kevin shouted. The witch struck his head with a spell and sure of her victory left with great haste. Though Kevin had been struck he was pure of heart so even In a dazed state he wouldn't be affected by the spell until it reached his chest. Using the remainder of his time wisely he was barely able to get his son to a nearby villages healer,but sadly after getting Christopher to the hospital Kevin realized he had greatly underestimated the power of this spell and took his final breath.  Christopher woke up with every memory of what happened that day, but it hadn't been any normal nap a nurse was burdened with the task of telling him it had been 3 years since that day. Also though Christopher had made it away he realized now it was only because of his father who had not made it from that encounter with the pa-pada plant. Christopher was filled with sorrow. For had he listened and stayed away his father would still be here. Christopher was to go live with his uncle Gladius Jacobson. He was a heavyset man with little room in his house but still he did everything in his power to treat Christopher like his own son. He even trained Christopher with every sharp edged weapon known to man. Finally after turning 16 Christopher said goodbye to his uncle, and remembering what had been done to his father devoted his life to helping others. Becoming a true pure hearted knight in the process. One day a maiden came to the lakeside shack Christopher Jacobson had bought and lived in for the last 15 years. She was sure he could help her because she had heard stories of his great heroics and awesome courageous actions. Her name was Maryam Gardener and she usually liked to handle problems on her own. But this particular problem was too much for her to handle. She complained to Christopher that there was an evil witch terrorizing her village that needed to be stopped. Christopher was in no way afraid,he had defeated many witches in his life. But he was not at all prepared for what would later be known as the greatest battle of his life. He went with the young woman who was clearly very distraught. Thinking he was going to defeat any old witch but when they reached the village outskirts he politely asked the woman to stay there and let him go In and handle the witch alone. She refused arguing that he needed someone to show him where the witch was hiding. He uncertainly agreed and they started into the town. But as Christopher stepped inside he felt as if he had walked through a puddle of water like a portal of some kind. Christopher wasn't sure what this feeling was but he knew he had felt It before. His stomach was twisting and turning and with that thought he passed out.   When he awoke there was a woman standing in front of him,but not the woman he had come with. It was the witch who had taken his dear departed father from him. Immediately he felt again the pain and anguish he had felt when told his father was gone. “Where's Maryam!” The witch started to change again and he once again heard the voice of Maryam. “Help me Please.” She'd said. Only now did Christopher realize that the witch she had complained about was just her in a different form. He knew now that he had to break free and get out of there. “I can read minds you know” Said the witch “Please don't bother struggling. You'll never break those restraints,there made with magic dear.” Christopher had never felt completely helpless before except the first time he'd met this witch. “I've brought you here to test my new magical invention.” “Who are you?!” Christopher shouted. “ Haven't I told you I'm emerald the witch who adores green.”  Though he still wasn't happy to be here Christopher could breathe a small bit easier knowing her name. “As for why you are here I need to test my new torturing tool. A contraption that sends people to a world where they are completely helpless.  Where there is no way for them to help anyone.” “But wait,why me?” He asked. “You live to help others you're the perfect guinea pig. Now off you go.” Christopher awoke dazed and disoriented unaware of where he had been taken. The first thing he saw was a big black and red sign. “Gam stop”  he said aloud. But no there was an E at the end of this word so altogether it made “Gamestop” Looking further into the establishment he saw an ad for something called an Xbox one. “Sounds dangerous.” He thought. Christopher was hit with a newspapers flying with the wind. He skipped past the headline to see the date. January 3, 2016. He walked into the gamestop to confi this obviously untrue information and while doing so he saw the most insane thing a man with a gamestop shirt on was talking to a small rectangular device with a circle button on the bottom. This device also had an apple on the other side.  “Siri what's today’s weather?” the man said. Christopher thought it's a machine surely this siri wouldn't answer him. “30 degrees.” Said the device to the man. Christopher Jacobson fell back in fear of this strange place the witch had sent him to. He turned and saw all kinds of strangely built trading posts. There was Tim hortons, Walmart, Dunkin Donuts and A McDonald's.  Christopher had no idea what this 2016 had to offer but he didn't know whether to be scared of overwhelmed with excitement. Though he was afraid Christopher was a brave knight and fled from no challenge. But it would help if he knew what his challenge was. Was he still battling the witch that brought him here? “My mission is to  defeat the emerald witch.” At Least now Christopher had established his mission so he knew what to look out for. For a moment Christopher thought about the witch's name and how she claimed to love green. He thought about what he had already seen in this 2016. Christopher turned and charged back into the gamestop, and once again he saw a green box with the words Xbox one on the side. “I will not be fooled so easily foul witch.” Christopher had no weapon and so decided to strike the beast with his hand, “owwwww”

Christopher screamed, he was surprised to find how hard the witches skin was. While Christopher examined the wound on his hand he heard a crash and looked up to see a rectangular black object fall onto the ground and shatter. “Victory” Christopher shouted truly believing he had won this battle. “Stay right there” said the man with the gamestop shirt on. Christopher stayed there because he believed the man wanted to thank and reward him for his bravery and valor. Unfortunately Christopher was very wrong.  For two men in blue clothes and black hats stormed into the store and said “What's the deal buddy, you causing some kind of ruckus in here?” The first things Christopher noticed were the shields on their chests. “Are you this village's knights?” Christopher inquired.  “Sir please put your hands behind your back.” Said the officer. “Oh I understand you have to see if you can trust me,I'm  very trustworthy.” Said Christopher. Christopher felt something freezing cold on his wrists. “ You have the right to remain silent , everything you say can and will be used against you, you have the right to an attorney.” “What is on my wrists is this some sort of witch craft?” Christopher said. Christopher saw one of them take an ogre sized bite out of a tan circular pastry, not long after Christopher was being dragged toward a large metal transportation system with the word Sheriff on it's side.  Once inside Christopher heard a terrible sound that filled him with fear. Like a whistle after someone trying to blow air out of a closed mouth. “ Puffffffssssss” “Excuse me” Said the police officer. Christopher thought surely this couldn't have been what he thought it was. “It's a trick, a... a ruse.” Surely this man hadn't passed gas with a prisoner in his vehicle. Refocusing his mind Christopher asked “Where are you taking me fiend?!” “To the station buddy, you can handle your business there”. Christopher noticed the vehicle had come to a stop.  The men let him out of the car and he asked “Where is the horse used to pull your carriage?” “We dropped it a while ago for you!” Both officers started to make sounds that hurt Christopher’s ears it was like the cackle of a witch but slightly muffled. The officer grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him into a large building.  They sat him in a chair and told him to stay where he was. Christopher hadn't slept in hours he decided he would take a small nap before they came back but it was hard for him to get comfortable in his chair. “Can you please remove these binds?” Christopher shouted. Eventually Christopher found a way to doze off. When he woke up there was a large man in front of him. The man had the word chief on his shoulder. “Well we can let you go but you have to pay for the Xbox one you broke.” “What Xbox one” Christopher said. “I only slayed the witch.” The man gave a surprised  look and said “Well if you can't pay the $350 I,ve got some bad news for you.” Christopher found himself in a dungeon with bars built so his captors could see him. There was no one else there and for once Christopher felt all alone. But then as quick as a blink Emerald the witch that had sent him here was in front of him once again. “Hurry shackle her now!” Christopher screamed. “Darling you're the only one who can see me.” Emerald replied. “The experiment is over I see now that this world is perfect for torture, you may now return home.” But emerald accidentally transported him to right behind her once again losing focus because of triumph. For she had meant to return him home. “Fade from existence foul beast!” Christopher screamed. He struck Emerald with all his might and she fell to her back now powerless against him. “You’ll spend the rest of your days in a dungeon!” Said christopher triumphantly. In a last desperate attempt to subdue Christopher Emerald shape-shifted into his father. “Son don’t.” Hearing the familiar voice of Kevin Jacobson he knew this was what his father would want. He shackled emerald and just as he said she spent the rest of her life in a dungeon. Christopher went on to become one of the best known knights in history, Living out the rest of his life as he had hoped… helping others.

The End.  

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